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About Us


Our aim at Rockin Vans is simple: to help customers create their own memories, go on their own adventures, get off the track and experience the best that our country has to offer. Rockin Vans is a company inspired by the desire to see what's over the hill or around the bend in the road. Its purpose is to aid and enhance the curiosity of people from near and far. 

Giving people the "Freedom To Sleep Around"


Rockin Vans was founded by two brothers who share a love for getting out there and experiencing the world. After years of traveling through North America and Australasia in many a different campervan, both have found themselves back home in Scotland with a desire to share their passion with like-minded people.  Their love of road tripping can probably be credited to their parents, who drove the family throughout Europe during the 80s in the back of a bright orange classic VW camper van. 

Since humble beginnings back in 2008, Rockin Vans has grown from just the brothers to a team, located across the UK of people who are passionate about travel and campervans. 2009 saw the launch of Rockin Vans Conversions. The camper conversion side of the business focuses on building high end bespoke camper conversions for the public, as well as building Rockin Vans VW Camper hire fleet. In 2017 Rockin Vans launched The RV Store, where we sell all things camper related. The business is ever changing and growing now employing over 50 staff across 2 locations in Kilmarnock and London


ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE: There are no hidden costs involved when you hire from Rockin Vans. Your hire includes unlimited miles, insurance for one driver, access to The Camping and Caravanning Club. So no scary bills at the end of your hire. 

MODERN, CLEAN, WELL LOOKED AFTER CAMPERS: We only keep our camper vans for no more than 18 months. So no turning up and getting the motorhome from Breaking Bad. If something goes wrong we fix it on site with our team of camper lovers.  

MADE BY ROCKIN VANS: Our VW Camper Vans are all made onsite by Rockin Vans Conversions in Scotland. We are one of the most respected Camper Van Conversion companies in the UK, we have a waiting list of over a year for our vans. But lucky you gets to skip the que. 

TRUSTED MANUFACTURERS: The motorhomes we buy from other manufacturers only come from companies we trust. Which means we only have campers and motorhomes we know inside out. 

OUR VANS ARE OWNED BY ROCKIN VANS: There are lots of companies out there acting as middle man. You hire a camper which is actually privately owned. The problem with this is that you can never guarantee what you are going to get. By owning our full fleet we can monitor and control quality, meaning you get the best camper van or motorhome possible. 

THOUSANDS OF HAPPY CAMPERS: Over the past 10 years we have helped thousands of people from all over the world explore the UK in a camper van or motorhome. 

REVIEWS: Don't take our word for it. Check our Customer Reviews on Google.