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The hustle and bustle of everyday life can get to us after a while. Sometimes we just need an escape from reality with some quality time with the one we love.  We’ve all heard about the ‘romantic city breaks’ that are on offer, but often couples return feeling more tired than they did before they left because their time away has been hectic and jam-packed full of activities. A campervan holiday can be just the idyllic escape that you are looking for. Rockin Vans provide VW campervan hire across Scotland, giving you the quality time that you deserve.

With a Rockin Van campervan you can have total privacy as you cosy up each other every evening and awake to the fresh, crisp air of the Scottish countryside. There is an endless amount of possibilities for romantic retreats throughout Scotland, which are perfect to visit in a campervan. Rockin Vans have handpicked its three most favourite romantic spots in Scotland, which will fill your hearts with a newfound bliss, creating the perfect romantic retreat.

A convenient, yet stunning location for couples to explore is Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. Without reason, Edinburgh is the most popular destination to visit in Scotland, offering its visitors an abundance of beauty, history and culture. Couples can pick up their Rockin Van VW campervan from Edinburgh Airport or Edinburgh Central after exploring the city and heading to Arthur’s Seat, arguably one of the most idealistic views in Scotland. From here, the rolling hills of the Lothians can be seen, providing an atmospheric backdrop for couples to begin their romantic retreat. Rockin Vans recommends heading to the top to view the glorious Scottish sunset and to take some romantic snapshots for keepsake.  

Loch Lomond
Deemed a must-see landmark in Scotland, Loch Lomond offers couples with endless amounts of romance with its heather-covered, snow-capped mountains, and panoramic views. Loch Lomond is sure to take your breath away and make you fall back in love with nature. There is something to do for everyone at Loch Lomond. From cruising the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond by boat, exploring the beautifully green grounds of Balloch Castle Country Park or tucking into some fantastic local produce at a local pub, Loch Lomond offers couples the perfect place to take in the great Scottish air, whilst sinking their teeth into Scottish culture.

Northern Lights
A natural wonder of the world that is guaranteed to amaze you is the beauty of Scotland’s Northern Lights. Surprising to many, Northern Scotland lies at the same latitude as certain places like Norway and Alaska, leaving you with a good chance of seeing the those famous ‘amber’ lights. And what could be more romantic than parking up your Rockin Van campervan for the night and snuggling up with your other half, watching the ‘Mirrie Dancers’ right before your eyes? We couldn’t think of anything better. Some of the best places to view the Northern Lights include Aberdeenshire, Shetland, Orkney and the most northerly tip of Skye.

A romantic retreat with a campervan offers couples an unconventional and free-spirited way of rekindling their love for one another. Stripping back to the basics of just two people, a campervan and the open country roads gives couples the sense of freedom and adventure. With locations across Scotland, including Glasgow and Edinburgh, Rockin Van’s VW campervan hire offers couples the perfect romantic retreat that they have been dreaming of, with no extra stress. With Rockin Vans, there is no need to think twice about your next romantic retreat.