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We know that when planning your campervan trip round the United Kingdom you don't want to waste time. Wherever you collect your vehicle from London to Glasgow we have the perfect route for you! Start planning your holiday with our collection of recommendations for your holiday.

Ireland the Magical


Take in the lush, green beauty at a lesiurely cruising speed from your VW camper van as you traverse the Irish country side, coast and towns.

Scotland the Wild


Scotland has everything you need from a holiday: from hill walking and mountain biking to paragliding and snowboarding and ofcourse...a wee dram. 

Wales the Wondrous


Getting farmiliar with the natural beauty, stunning landscape, unqiue culture and breath taking sites steeped in history in our very own Welesh quarter.

England the Beautiful


Your VW camper van guide to the best spots in England. From major historical and cultural sites to the best coastlines, mountains and national parks to explore and experience on four wheels.

The Ultimate 1200

A not-so-straight road from Edinburgh to London

A compliation of the best driving routes from Edinburgh to London from the luxury comfort of a Rockin Vans VW camper van. 



A VW camper van excursion through the beautiful county of Cornwall, Southwest England. 

The Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic Coast

Discover England's south coast in true road trip fashion from the comfort of a VW camper van.

North Coast 500

North Coast of Scotland

More than 500 miles of the best that the Scottish highlands has to offer. The North Coast 500 is breathtaking, it is the perfect way to explore Scotland in a motorhome or campervan. 


West Coast, Scotland

The length and breadth of the England, Scotland and Wales there are hundreds of different sports on offer to try. We have listed some of the best activities to try during your motorhome or camper trip. 


Top 2 Tip for a Tip-Top Trip

John O Groats to Lands End

An exquisite journey from the top of the United Kingdom to the bottom in a Rockin Vans VW Campervan.