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Escape Motorhome

Frequently asked questions about hiring this van.

What do I need to bring on the day?


Due to the paper part of the UK driving license being discontinued we now need to view your driving license information online before you travel. Viewing your information online will allow us to see:

  • What vehicles you can drive
  • Any penalty points or disqualifications you have
  • Your name
  • The last 8 characters of your driving license number

To get your licence check code please visit: www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence

You will need to bring with you:

  • DVLA Licence Check Code
  • Driving Licence 
  • Deposit Card 


We take a security deposit from you when you rent a van. Please make sure you have a credit or debit card with the following: 

  • Motorhome £1000 
  • Campervan £750 


As for everything else you might need to pack, take a look at our camping essentials page to ensure you don't forget anything - www.rockinvans.co.uk/blog-post/trip-essentials

Where can I park the camper at night time?

It’s best to book campsites in advance, particularly in high season to avoid disappointment. See the "Links" on our website to help you find the right campsite for you. We provide a Privilege Card for the Camping and Caravanning Club free with every hire, which gives you member rates at over 120 award winning UK and Northern Ireland campsites.

Where possible, hard standing pitches are the most desirable as they make parking easy. Check the facilities available with the campsite, and whether there is mains power. Also remember to ask what facilities are close to your pitch, such as a children's play area.

If you’d prefer to wild camp, please be respectful of the environment and people who live in the area.

Take a look at Visit Scotlands guide on where to wild camp in Scotland. 


Where can I find campsites?

There are lots of places you can find campsites both online and locally. However Rockin Vans recommends the following resources: 

The Camping and Caravanning Club


How do I use the control panel in the motorhome


Control / Information panel instructions.

  1. To turn water on.
  2. Exterior light.
  3. To turn lights and TV on. (Go around and press switches individually)
  4. To check interior temperature.
  5. To check fresh water level (blue) To check grey water (red R1 / R2)
  6. To check level of Leisure battery.
  7. To check level of Front car battery.
  8. Control panel on / off button.
How do I control the heating in the motorhome?

Using outside dial to slide up or down.

  1. Water temperature 60 degrees.
  2. Water temperature 40 degrees.
  3. Water and heating off .
  4. To turn the heating on.
  5. To turn heating and hot water on together.

Using inside dial numbers 1 to 5.

Select level of heating 1 being a gentle heat and 5 being a strong heat.

Green light indicates chosen number

Cut off switch located on window above exterior gas vent. Make sure window is closed when heating is on.

How to use the fridge in the motorhome

Fridge Instructions

  1. Fridge on / off button.
  2. To move left.
  3. Press and hold for a few seconds to move between 5 – 7 using arrow buttons 2 or 4.
  4. To move right.
  5. Image of a plug. Use buttons above to move and select plug when hook up is connected on a camp site.
  6. Image of a battery. Use buttons above to move and select the battery when you are driving the van to allow items in fridge to stay cool whilst in transit.
  7. Image of Flame. Use buttons above to move and select for gas to run the fridge when you are on a campsite and do not have a hook up facility or Wild camping.
  8. Level of temperature in fridge. This can be changed using buttons 2 and 4.


What do I do if I have an accident?

Accident procedure

If an accident occurs when you are on your trip please call the office 0141 404 8384 and report to a member of staff as soon as possible or when safe to do so.  Please see below for a idea of ‘Things to do’ if this does happen.

Things to do.

1.Take pictures of damage on all vehicles involved.

2. Get all vehicles involved insurance details.

3. Get name, contact number and address for any witnesses.

4. Do not admit blame.

5. Keep all parts that have come off the vehicle.

6. Emergancy breakdown / roadside assistance contact number 0800 107 5867.



How do I hook up to a campsite?

To hook up to a campsite you will need to take the orange cable from the storage compartment.

  • Budget camper - under the bed
  • VW Camper - rear box accessed from tailgate
  • Motorhomes - in the garage 
  • Midsize - rear gas box compartment

Then plug the cable into the motorhome or campervan. All of the plugs are located on the outside of the vehicle. If there is an issue with power when you are plugged into a campsite the first thing you should do is contact the site managers. They will come and test the hook-up and tell you whether the power is working. If it still does not work please contact us on 0141 404 8384.