I want my Doubleback, Doubleback, Doubleback

I want my Doubleback, Doubleback, Doubleback

I want my…Doubleback, Doubleback, Doubleback.

Thirty years ago, camper vans with elevating roofs were born into the world, and here at Rockinvans we are delighted to have two of those babies within our ever expanding family fleet. Thirty years on however, VW have (quite literally) kicked the a**e out of those designs, with the beautiful monster that is…the DOUBLE BACK. Pictured below, the Doubleback is the weird, rebellious but bloody brilliant lovechild of a traditional Daddy Transporter, and a big ass Mummy Motorhome: providing a refreshing hybrid of practicality and space.

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This new addition to the campervan world is based on the VW Transporter 2.0TDI 140PS Long Wheelbase but has mutated to include an electrically extending pod: creating almost two additional metres of functional space when stationary. The durable Doubleback is created from aircraft industry standard materials – and boy do we love it when things are created from aircraft industry standard materials, it makes us feel butch.

Spacious interior

Want lots of space but don’t fancy navigating a chunky motorhome around country roads, or parking it in the city? Boom. Doubleback. This beautiful revolution seems to answer the road-trip enthusiast’s prayers: merging a genuinely spacious and comfortable camper with all the benefits of a smaller vehicle.

Interior of Doubeback


Upon arrival at your destination, the pod can be slid out electronically in a slick 45 seconds, creating 2 usable rooms. Now you can lie back in bed while your camping companion fries the bacon. Hello luxury. If you like bacon but love sports, the Doubleback just keeps on giving. This jumbo camper can internally carry 4 bikes or a scooter or a full set of longboards, and parking them inside means added security and peace of mind.

So, how do we feel about this new creature (as if it isn’t clear already)? The creators of the Doubleback have dubbed the slogan: “Revolutionary design, Revolutionary functionality”, but at Rockinvans, our sentiment is simple: