Top 5 Visitor Attractions in Scotland

Top 5 Visitor Attractions in Scotland

Road tripping around Scotland in a Rockin’van is a truly unique experience; it’s great fun, you’ll see some amazing sights, meet some fantastic people and explore some incredible attractions.

Do you picture a rugged landscape dominated by burly men with bright red hair, wearing kilts and playing the bagpipes? Well, you’d be right. We eat haggis, tattie scones and human bones too. Ok, I may have been joking about the bones. The point is that these things may be true, but it’s not all we have to offer.

Most of the top 5 visitor attractions in Scotland are derived from our fantastic culture and heritage. The rich history is still celebrated in towns and cities around the country today and is the reason Scotland is now such a popular tourist destination.

If you are planning on touring the country, there are some places that just shouldn’t be missed. Here is a rundown of our top 5 visitor attractions in Scotland.

Edinburgh Royal Mile


Don’t have any ideas of doing this mile in four minutes, more like four days. The Royal Mile is an incredibly busy and popular stretch between two major attractions in the Old Town, Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace.

You will find a multitude of gift shops selling Scottish memorabilia, but I’ll let you decide whether that’s good for the local economy or ‘Tartan tat’.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum


Glasgow may not be the Scottish capital but many people would argue it should be due to its bustling nightlife and variety of attractions. One of the most popular visitor attractions in the city is the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, which is worth seeing just to establish whether it really was built back to front.

It’s free to enter so there really is no excuse not to visit and browse around the wonderful collections of art and natural history.

Battlefield Live Dundee


The top 5 visitor attractions in Scotland aren’t just all about stuffy museums and art galleries. Oh no, this combat experience is designed to be as authentic as possible without actually getting hurt. Spend the day feeling as though you have just walked into a video game in this indoor combat arena.

LaserQuest just isn’t enough for the Scots, so for less than a tenner enjoy 30 minutes of real battle. If you want to make a day of it, there are sometimes all day passes for £25.

 Aberdeen Maritime Museum


The city of Aberdeen has strong connection to the sea, a relationship which is celebrated in style by the Maritime Museum. Take some time to explore exhibitions and interactive displays which tell the story of the North Sea industries, such as oil, shipping and fishing.

The Leading Lights Café might have you wondering whether the museum is really the main attraction!

 Go Ape! Aberfoyle


Ok, so Go Ape! May not be exclusively a Scottish visitor attraction but it’s still well worth a visit. Situated on Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, this adventure course mixes beautiful scenery with high-flying fun.

Zoom down one of Britain’s longest zip wires more than 150 feet in the air and see if you still have the energy to explore the forest afterwards.