A Scottish Guide to Winter Camping

A Scottish Guide to Winter Camping

A Scottish Guide To Winter Camping


Newsflash: you don’t have to wait until summer to go camping!

Winter Wonderland


Here at Rockinvans, we just don’t understand why more people don’t take advantage of the off-peak season and go camping in the spring, autumn – or dare I say it, winter.

Being north of the border, we are used to the bleak wintry weather – we deal with it for 11 months of the year. If we were to let a few drops of rain get in the way, we’d never hit the open road. Plus, winter in Scotland is pretty spectacular.

We’ve put together something of a winter survival guide for campers, so if you relish the thought of a few days campervanning in Scotland, but don’t want to wait until summer, take a look.

Wrap up warm

It might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of people that don’t think to take appropriate clothing. Make sure you pack enough to wear a few layers and a couple of pairs of socks each day. Also throw in hat, scarf, gloves, a warm coat and a rain jacket.


A dog that’s feeling the cold




There is nothing worse than climbing into a freezing cold bed at night, so make sure you are prepared for the cold night ahead. Don’t use the same sleeping bag you use all year round, get one with 3 or 4 season rating.


Everyone has to keep warm

Tip: fill a hot water bottle and allow it to lie in the sleeping for 15 minutes or so before you jump in!

Check the weather

If it’s the middle of winter, you have a pretty good idea that it’s going to be cold, but what about wind, rain or snow? Make sure you know the weather forecast, particularly freezing temperatures and storms.


Scottish Weather

Search for campsites in advance

Some people like to just hit the road and see where they end up, whereas others will have a plan set in stone. If your camping in winter, you don’t need to have a strict itinerary, but make sure you check out campsites in advance because many close for the winter season.


Searching for a campsite, best to pre-book


It’s really difficult to find suitable firewood throughout the winter so the best bet is to stock up before you leave. Lighting a campfire will keep you warmer and allow you to rustle up some delicious hot meals.


Firewood covered in snow

Cook hearty meals

In the summer it’s pretty easy to get by on sandwiches and salads, which can be knocked up in the van, but during the winter you’ll want something warm and tasty. Make sure you take plenty of tinned soups and enough tea and coffee to get you through the cold days.


Eating in a campervan


The winter nights are much longer than the summer ones so you can forget staying outside until 11 at night. To make sure you don’t get bored in the evenings, take plenty of things to keep you occupied – books, magazines, board games, playing cards etc.


T in a campervan

Campervanning doesn’t have to be restricted to the summer, so why not take advantage of the crowd-free campsites and jump in one of our vans this winter?