Go Green with Rockinvans

Go Green with Rockinvans

Go Green With Rockinvans

The pollution caused by air travel


Is a campervan trip eco-friendly? Well, compared to a week in a tent, a campervan trip looks like the evil almighty, but up against a European city break or week in Spain, it’s an eco-gem.

A return flight from Glasgow to Malaga produces approximately 470kg CO2 per person, whereas you could travel from Kilmarnock to Fort William, to Inverness, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and back to Kilmarnock in one of our Rockinvans and only produce around 100kg CO2, regardless of the number of people travelling.

Doesn’t sound so bad now does it?

However, if you’re still conscious about your impact on the environment, there are plenty of ways that you can make your camper trip ever greener.

Carbon Offsetting

If you can’t reduce your carbon emissions any further, you can donate to one of the many carbon offsetting schemes, such as CarbonFund.org. This scheme invests in renewable energy, reforestation and environmental clean-up using donations. By paying just $20, you could offset a couple of tonnes of CO2.

Stay Local

Scotland is a beautiful country and perfect for exploring in a campervan, but you don’t have to travel far to see what it has to offer. Rockinvans is situated in Kilmarnock, just a few miles from the spectacular west coast, so it’s easy to spend a week in a 20 mile radius of our base.

If you’re looking for a camper-friendly site near Kilmarnock, take a look at Catrine House in Mauchline and St. Meddans in Troon.

 Used Gear

Carbon emissions aren’t limited to vehicles, absolutely everything you do produces emissions, from cooking dinner to watching television. It’s easy to get carried away when planning your trip, but take used camping gear on your trip instead of buying brand new stuff all the time.

Leave Gadgets Behind

It might be a struggle, but try to leave any unnecessary gadgets at home, apart from a mobile phone. Forget about portable DVD players, radios, computers and the like as they will likely have to be hooked up to an electrical supply or eat their way through batteries.


If you’re wild camping in Scotland, the Outdoor Access Code does allow campfires, as do certain campsites. To prevent any unnecessary harm to the environment, there are a few ground rules for a ‘green’ campfire:

  • Don’t use chemicals or petrol
  • Always use old dry wood
  • Do not chop down trees or branches
  • Use a match to light the kindling
  • Make sure you’re campfire is completely extinguished before leaving.


Park Appropriately

If you’re wild camping, be sure to park up in an appropriate place. Grassy woodlands, fields and river banks can easily be destroyed by your camper. For minimum environmental impact, try parking up on gravel, rock or packed dirt instead.

So, whilst road-tripping for hundreds of miles around the country might not initially sound like the ‘greenest’ holiday, there are things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment.

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