Explore the Home of Golf

Explore the Home of Golf

Explore the Home of Golf

The home of Golf


Scotland is home to some of the world’s best golf courses (no real surprise considering we have over 500 of them). We may not be able to compete with England and Wales in the Six Nations and don’t even mention the football, but golf is one thing we are good at… sort of.

Our nation is going to become the focus of the sporting world next year, as not only is Glasgow hosting the Commonwealth Games, but the Ryder Cup will also be held at Gleneagles.

Origin of golf

The term ‘golf’, the rules of the game and the first course were all originated in Scotland. In 1552, the Archbishop of St. Andrews John Hamilton,  gave the people the right to play golf at St. Andrews Links. The oldest playing course in the world is thought to be Musselburgh Links, where Mary, Queen of Scots played in 1567.

Golf getaways

If you were thinking of something to do this summer, how about hiring a campervan and explore the world-class facilities on offer in Scotland. After a day out on the fairway, you can always head back to the club for the 19th hole.

A golf getaway is a relaxing way to spend a few days away from the grind of daily. A campervan doesn’t just give you the freedom to visit a number of courses without worrying about accommodation, but it provides adequate space to store your clubs.

St. Andrews Links

Although Scotland as a whole has plenty of excellent courses, Royal Troon is just one of many that spring to mind. However, it’s St. Andrews that is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. After all, this is where the game first started. It has now been developed into Europe’s largest golf course.

 There are seven public golf courses in total, including one nine hole course. The most prestigious of them all is the Old Course, but there are other courses suitable for both families and beginners.

 If you are planning a day out to St. Andrews Links, make sure you dress appropriately because you won’t be able to step out onto the course in scruffy gear. It’s not quite as formal in the clubhouse, but you’ll still be expected to dress smart casual.

 Where to stay

If you’re planning a trip to St. Andrews to discover the home of golf and take in the spectacular scenery, you’ll need somewhere to stop over. You could just park up somewhere suitable, but if you would like access to facilities a campsite might be a better option.

Take a look at Clayton Caravan Park, Mount Melville and Kinkell Braes as they’re some of the best sites in the local area.

If you want to hire a campervan, but are unsure of what Scotland has to offer, contact us here at Rockinvans for some unique ideas.