The Future of Campervans

The Future of Campervans

How future gadgets might shape campervan holidays

Where the future in campervans lies


Where does the future lie with Campervan and Motorhomes? Campervans and Motorhomes have been around for nearly a century now; from the first time someone thought it would be a great idea to add an extended body to their Ford Model T in 1915.

If you’re a campervan lover, but struggle to live without your phone, tablet or laptop for more than a couple of hours, you might like what campers are doing to keep up with modern life.


As internet addicts, it would be ridiculous to think that we could spend any time at all on a campervan holiday without Wi-Fi access. We use this to chat to friends on Facebook and Twitter, but also even to text these days, with apps such as Whatsapp overtaking SMS.

The internet is also used for anything from directions to listening to music. It only seems logical that the next steps for all campervans is to have Wi-Fi connectivity.

 Alternative power

We’ve seen electric cars starting to penetrate the market, but there is still a lack of power stations. How long do you think it will be until we start waving goodbye to the traditional combustion engine found in campers? ¬†Volkswagen’s new electric van is called eT. This van can even drive itself. ¬†Perfect for our International visitors, “Skye Please”


Electric Van Concept

Battery power might be more economically friendly than diesel, but it does have some disadvantages. In order to produce enough power, the camper would need quite a few batteries, which take up valuable space and add unnecessary weight.


eT Concept van

A more viable option might be hydrogen fuel cells, as the only emission from these is water!

RFID tags

You may have heard of Radio Frequency Identification tags, you may not. Either way, you probably will in the near future. This technology was once seen as only useful for tracking farm animals, but it is now being incorporated into just about everything, from how much you spend in the supermarket to our preferred driving position.

Campers might start utilising this technology to personalise each holiday, so that every single campervan hire is completely unique to the renters. Crazy, huh?

Is there any technology that you would like to see incorporated into campervans in the near future? Do you think that tech will change how you travel?