Campervanning vs Camping

Campervanning vs Camping

Campervanning vs. Camping

Camping in the rain


Are you dogged by horrible memories of being forced to go camping as a child? Well, if you’re looking for a family-friendly holiday right here in the UK, how about hiring a campervan instead?

Here at Rockinvans, we love campers (obviously). We don’t mind camping in a tent, but we’d much rather spend our evenings curled up in the van. We’re going to try and tell you why we think campervanning is a million times better than any smelly old tent.


Camping can seem romantic. The thought of relaxing under a moonlit sky full of bright stars with the sounds of the crickets chirping in the background… this pleasant scenario can soon be scuppered by the thought of sleeping on hard ground with the midges buzzing around you. A campervan allows you to have the fun of camping, but without all the negatives. Enjoy a night under the stars before retiring to the comfort of your van.

Peace & quiet

You might fancy a family holiday, but if all of you are packed into a cramped tent for days on end, relationships can start to become strained. Instead of suffering with the little blighters for a week or so, you could just escape into your bedroom for some ‘me’ time if you’re travelling in a camper. Family holidays are great fun. They’re an awesome way to spend quality time together, but without a chance to escape, you’ll be fed up of the whining and complaining within a couple of days.


Picture the scenario… it’s the middle of the night. You wake up desperate for the toilet. You think about holding it until the morning, but know that’s not really going to happen. So, you unzip the tent, scramble around for a torch and trek down to the communal toilets. Sounds like a right hassle, doesn’t it? If you’ve hired one of our awesome Rockinvans, you won’t have to think about a thing. Just pop to the loo in the van and be back in your bed in minutes.


Forget about eating cold baked beans out of the can for your breakfast, if you’re staying in a camper, you can cook right out of the van. Although you might want to treat yourselves to a nice meal in a restaurant a couple of times, the ability to cook from the van is a real bonus- especially for breakfasts and lunches.

Freedom to explore

Forget about booking B&Bs or campsites for every single night. In a campervan, you can explore the whole country in a week. The freedom to drive around and stay wherever you like will give you a real sense of adventure. Many places will allow you to park up by the side of the road or in a car park, so you don’t have to worry about pre-booking all the time.


If it rains on your trip – which is highly likely in Scotland! – what are you going to do in a tent? Sit there in the cold and try to stop your bum going numb? It’s not really a pleasant thought. Obviously, you’d rather it didn’t rain at all, but if the weather is bad, at least you can relax in the van and catch up on a bit of TV in a campervan.