Guide to Inverness

Guide to Inverness

Guide to Inverness

The River Ness

Inverness is known as the capital of the Scottish Highlands and is a definite ‘must-visit’ if you’re travelling around the country. It differs from most tourist hotspots due to the lack of conventional attractions, but that somehow makes it all the more appealing.

Despite being one of the most popular spots in the Highlands, Inverness is home to just 550,000 people, helping it retain the feel of a market town, rather than big city. At the heart of Inverness is the River Ness, which flows from the infamous Loch Ness into the Moray First.

Things to do

One of the most obvious things to do is a spot of Nessie-hunting. Legend would have it that a giant loch monster lives at the bottom of the loch. There have been numerous ‘sightings’, but nothing has ever been confirmed. Visit the loch to see for yourself and take in the spectacular scenery while you’re there.

If you’re something of a history buff, you might be interested in the Highland Aviation Museum, just opposite the airport on Dalcross Industrial Estate. Look around the various aircraft components, learn a bit about them and even jump in the cockpit!

Brodie Castle, a 16th century tower house is one of many National Trust properties in Scotland. It was built by the Brodie family after King Malcolm IV gave the land away. Learn more about it’s past and take a look at the fine daffodil collection.

Where to shop

The great thing about Inverness retaining some of that small town charm is that there are still plenty of smaller independent retailers. You can enjoy the big high street names and department stores, but also get a taste of the local flavour. For a large selection of independent traders, head over to the Old Town, but for a more modern shopping experience, the East Gate Shopping Centre will be the best bet.

Where to eat

Inverness is a vibrant city with plenty of restaurants and cafes to dine in, but also pubs and bars to stop for a quick pint. If you’re fed up of eating in the van every night, treat yourself to meal out at one of these top eateries:

Where to stay

As Inverness is such¬† a small city, it’s worth getting out and about so you explore the rest of Scotland. The best way to do this is to hire a campervan, so you can park up and spend the day seeing the sights or hitting the road to another Scottish destination.

Whilst it is legal to wild camp in Scotland (provided you abide by the Outdoor Access Code), there aren’t too many suitable spots near the city. Take a look at these top campsites for campervans: