Local Hero

Local Hero

Celebrate 30 years of Local Hero with Rockinvans

Local Hero


Perhaps, one of the best Scottish comedies of all time, Local Hero, celebrated it’s 30th anniversary earlier this year. With beautiful scenery and a traditional Scottish backdrop, this movie was loved by millions and proved to be great advert for the country.

If you’re a fan of the Bill Forsyth film, as so many of us are, why not tour the locations? You’ll notice that was locations – plural.

Local Hero was set in Furness, but that’s an imaginary place; it was actually largely filmed in the village of Pennan on the Moray Coast. Despite the Moray Coast being voted the 11th most scenic beach in the world by the National Geographic magazine, the beach scenes we filmed 140 miles away in Arisaig!





So, if you want to celebrate 30 years of Local Hero in style, you could hire a campervan and tour the film locations.


Moray Coast

Despite the Moray Coast being one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world, the Local Hero beach scenes weren’t actually shot here. Saying that, Cullen beach is still definitely worth a visit, so make it your first stop before moving on to other areas. Keep an eye on the weather, you should manage to get a glimpse of the sunshine as it’s actually one of the sunniest parts of Scotland!

Remember the red phone box? You’ll be able to spot it at soon as your drive down into the village of Pennan, which portrayed Furness in the film). Although the phone box is popular with visitors to the area, the actual one from the film was made from wood and is situated down the coast (shhh… don’t tell anyone!) Stop off in Banff too, if you fancy a pint in one of the pubs.

Before moving on to the other locations, find a suitable place in Cullen to get your head down in the campervan. There aren’t many campsites in the area that cater for the van or tents, so wild camping might be your only option unless you’re willing to travel a little further.

Arisaig & Camusdarach


What appears to take two minutes in the Local Hero movie, is actually a 3-4 hour drive from Aberdeenshire over to the west coast of Scotland. The drive will take you through Speyside so it’s worth stopping off for a dram of whisky. Depending on how much time you have for your journey, you might want to make the most of it and spend a couple of days in the Highlands.


When you arrive at Fort William, you’ll then come to the “Road to the Isles”, which perhaps unsurprisingly leads you to the coast and the western isles. After a short journey down here, you’ll come to Arisaig. You’ll know which beach was used for filming when you spot Rhum and Eigg in the distance. Again, these are a great place to visit if you have time on your side.

If you like the sound of celebrating Local Hero in a campervan, hire one of our Rockinvans today!