Scotland voted 3rd on Lonely Planet Top Countries List

Scotland voted 3rd on Lonely Planet Top Countries List

Scotland voted 3rd on Lonely Planet Top Countries List

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Scotland has pipped exotic lands such as Macedonia, Malaysia and the Seychelles to the post in being voted the 3rd best place to visit in ‘Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2014’.

This is quite a feat considering the only two places which beat Scotland were Antarctica coming in at number two, and Brazil owning the number one spot. Lonely Planet is encouraging readers to put their explorer hats on and visit the icebergs and penguin communities in an expedition across the continent.

But, if you think Scotland’s cold then you’ll certainly be freezing your bits off if you holiday in this destination. It’s also easy to see why Brazil was voted number one on the list; they’re hosting the 2014 world cup.

Scotland achieved its spot on the top ten, as it’s due to have ‘an eventful year’. And they’re not wrong. As you all know, Glasgow will be hosting the XX Commonwealth Games in the summer.

Lonely Planet also mentions Scotland’s plans to have 2014 as Year of Homecoming, meaning a celebration of Scottish heritage, tradition and food and drink in a bid to lure expats back to their homeland.

It’s clear that 2014 will be the year to visit the country then, even if you don’t get tickets for the games. 2014 will be all about celebrating the native culture and so you’ll have a real Scottish experience (kilt optional). Why not hire a campervan for the duration of your trip?

Another reason why it’ll be an eventful year according to Lonely Planet is a matter of politics. They’re asking,’ to be or not to be independent, that is the question.’

On 18th September 2014, the Scottish government will hold a referendum on the issue, after not achieving enough support to hold such an event until now. According to Wikipedia, issues to be discussed are ‘the economic strength of Scotland, defence arrangements, continued relations with the UK, and membership of supranational organisations, particularly the European Union and NATO.’

No matter where you stand on this issue, 2014 is sure to be an interesting and potentially even an historic year for Scotland.

Lonely Planet has been a trusted provider of travel guides for over 40 years. But, if all of that hasn’t sparked your interest, then there are heaps of further reasons to visit the beautiful regions of Scotland. Wildlife, attractions, culture, castles, lochs, scenic settings and even skiing attracts visitors every year. But the atmosphere and buzz of the Commonwealth Games is sure to bring an influx of visitors in 2014.

Have a gander at the full list, which also includes, Sweden, Belgium, Malawi and Mexico, here. Don’t forget Scotland’s high ranking though!