Honeymoon in a Campervan

London to Scotland in a VW Camper Van

Scotland Voted Top UK Destination for Honeymooners

honeymoon in a campervan


Places like Gretna in Scotland are traditionally known as spots where young couples elope to. But it seems that not only do people want to get hitched in Scotland, they want to spend their honeymoon there too, as a recent YouGov poll has shown.

Scotland beat out other British countries to claim the top spot gaining 26% of the vote, with England coming in at a close second with 24% and Wales receiving a dismal 7% – sorry Wales!

The poll also revealed several further interesting statistics, in that the majority of honeymooners would rather stay close to home than go abroad.

Approximately 60% of Britons, in fact, would rather stay in the UK than jet off to some exotic land. The Scots questioned were particularly keen on remaining in the country. 77% of the Scottish people questioned would stay in Britain for their honeymoon, while 46% would stay in Scotland. This is a very intriguing and, well, baffling trend, so why do Scots want to stay in their home country for their honeymoon?

Approximately a third of Scottish respondents explained that the main reason was costs. I guess, it’s better to go on a honeymoon at home than no honeymoon at all if things are a bit tight. 30% held that they preferred to spend less time travelling. Now that’s just lazy!

Or perhaps they just can’t wait to get to the bedroom – there were some sexy stats gauged by the poll, but I’m not going to go into it.

The number one reason why Scots wanted to keep it close to home was the desire to explore a new part of the UK. This makes a lot of sense, since Scotland has such a vast array on offer and it’s easy to live somewhere all your life and still not see all of it.

What kind of holidays would Scottish residents like to take? The most popular kind of holiday for the Scots was a luxury break or a stay in the countryside, so at least they still want to make it a bit posh.  A honeymoon in a campervan though would surely be the best way to see Scotland.

Next on the list were coastal holidays, proving a large amount of beach bums in Scotland. And in third place was a city-break. The thing is with Scotland though; a city break still means beautiful scenery and historic surroundings. It wouldn’t be like going to somewhere like Slough for your honeymoon.

Thinking of spending your honeymoon in Scotland? Why not be totally unique and hire a campervan for the duration of your stay? It’ll give you and your other half an opportunity to travel wherever you want to whether you’re opting for a countryside, coastal or city break. You may even want to stick a ‘Just Married’ sign in the window.