Scottish Sheep

Scottish Sheep

10 facts about Scottish sheep

Scottish sheep with massive fro


With the recently released warning against pregnant women coming within close range of sheep at this time of year i.e. lambing season, BBC News has compiled a very interesting, and odd might we add, list of peculiar facts about sheep native to Scotland. Here’s what you need to know:

1. There are more sheep than people in Scotland

This is quite creepy if you think about it. I’m picturing a national sheep take-over with humans as servants. Anyway, in June 2013 there were 6.57 million sheep compared to 5.3 million people according to the stats.

2. Pregnant women are to stay away from sheep during lambing season

Chief Medical Office for Scotland, Sir Harry Burns issued a warning recently that pregnant women should steer clear of sheep, cattle and goats in order to avoid infection. So if you’re pregnant and live on a farm, you’re basically screwed.

 3. Female sheep-shearers are on the rise

And why shouldn’t they be? Back in 2008 the Scottish Shearing Association (yes, that is a real thing) started an initiative to entice new workers to the profession. The result, nearly half of the enrolled students on their sheep-shearing course were women by 2011.

 4. Scotland hosts the biggest ram sale in Europe

According to the Border Union Agricultural Society, the biggest one-day ram sale in Europe and possibly the world is held in Scotland. You know where to go if you fancy buying a ram then…

 5. Buying rams is very expensive

However, be warned, a tup lamb was bought for a staggering £231,000 in 2009. Ouch! Maybe I won’t be buying that ram then…

 6. Some have sheep as pets

Forget the crazy cat lady, this is the age of the crazy lamb lady! Farms and families often take in lambs rejected by their parents. Anna MacDonald from North Uist had 18 lambs in her care at one point.

 7. Scotland may have the world’s oldest sheep at 25

This is clearly a very controversial topic since the official named record holder was residing in Australia at the same time, but was 2 years her junior at 23.

 8. Sheep-racing is a popular sport

Betting cards at the ready! The town of Moffat in Dumfriesshire hosts a racing competition in its town centre, complete with mock jockeys made of wool on the backs of the sheep.

 9. Sheep are blamed for family clearances

So that sheep production could take place on a larger scale in the Highlands, it is thought that families were cleared off the land in the 18th and 19th centuries. Surely people can’t still be mad at sheep 200 years later though?

 10. They live where people don’t

This is surely evidence of the great sheep take-over I was talking about… The islands of St Kilda only provide a temporary home for scientists; otherwise they have been uninhabited since the 30s. Wild sheep of the Soay type live there though.

Visit the sheep of Scotland – that is as long as they haven’t pushed the humans out by the time of your visit – and if you hire a campervan for your sheep-spotting trip, you can even invite one in for a cup of tea.

Top 5 Scottish Wedding Venues

Top 5 Scottish Wedding Venues

Top 5 Scottish wedding venues

Scotland is one of the most romantic places you can get married. With a wide range of beautiful wedding venues to choose from, any type of wedding can be catered for in this picturesque country.

One of the main advantages of getting married in Scotland is the fact that the law states you can get married almost anywhere, from an isolated beach to luxury hotel.

Discover some of the most romantic wedding venues the country has to offer.

1. Boturich Castle

Set on the bonny bonny banks of Loch Lomond Boturich Castle has the most spectacular view of Loch Lomond that Rockinvans has ever seen.  Set in the beautiful castle grounds with a semi-permanent marquee that over look Inchmurrin.

2. Edinburgh Castle

If you dream of a fairy-tale wedding, Edinburgh Castle could be the ideal venue. The ceremony will take place in the intimate and beautiful St Margaret’s Chapel. Outside the chapel you get amazing panoramic views over the city.

If you’d rather not get married in the chapel you still have a number of options. There’s the Gatehouse Suite which is a beautiful wood panelled room, the Queen Anne room which has a simplistic, classic design and the Jacobite room which has an incredibly beautiful and romantic setting.

3. Knockderry House

Located on the west coast, Knockderry Country House House is by far one of the most picturesque venues around. It’s the ideal option for small wedding ceremonies and provides you with amazing views over the Arrochar Hills and Loch Long.

4. Pollok House

One of Glasgow’s National Trust properties, Pollok House is outstandingly beautiful. It is best known for its exquisite architecture and its collection of fine art. Humanist, civil and religious weddings can be held in this stunning location. Everything about this house is stunning and it provides the perfect backdrop for any romantic wedding.

 5. Mansfield Traquair

Another one of Edinburgh’s hidden gems is the Mansfield Traquair. This breath-taking venue helps you to have the wedding of your dreams. The beautiful ‘Sistine Chapel’ is the perfect place to host your ceremony. The staff will be on hand to make sure your every need is met.

5.1. Leith Hall Gardens & Estate

Located within the Aberdeen countryside, Leith Hall Gardens & Estate is the ideal wedding venue for those looking for a secluded getaway. The house itself has a very similar style to a French Chateau and it will look absolutely fantastic on your wedding photos. The Music Room is one of the best places to hold the ceremony as it features fantastic views and a very intimate setting.

When trying to choose the perfect venue, consider your theme; do you want a fairy-tale wedding or are you looking for something a little more simplistic?

Other things to consider will be how many guests will be attending as some of the venues listed will only have room for a small amount of people, and how you’re getting there. Why not do something special and hire a luxury campervan?

Blessed with good weather more often than not, Cornwall is a great place to get involved in some of the many outdoor persuits available. From stunning coastal walks to picturesque cycle trails and and golf courses, there are plenty of opportunities to get a tan without ever leaving England.

5 great dog walks

London to Scotland in a VW Camper Van

Man’s best friend: 5 great things to do with your dog

Dog walks in Glasgow


Dogs have been considered man’s best friend for decades. Always happy to see you, faithful and devoted to their owners; they can really bring a lot of joy into your life.

Taking them out on a day trip is a great way to reward them for the happiness they bring. If you’re lucky enough to live in Scotland, there are plenty of places you can take your faithful companion.

Here are our top dog-friendly Scottish destinations.

 1.  Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park

This is actually Scotland’s first National Park and it’s a fantastic place to take your dog. There’s plenty to do if you plan on staying there for the whole day. Land activities include walking, camping, cycling and wildlife watching. Each of these things can be done with your dog. There’s also a great selection of water activities available too. The only thing you need to remember is to keep them on under control.

2. Seton Sands beach

This is one of the best beaches in Scotland for dog owners. Featuring an exclusive dog exercise area, you don’t have to worry about which parts of the beach you can take your dog. Just 30 minutes from Edinburgh and with a campsite nearby, why not hire one of our Rockinvans and stay for the weekend?

3. Kelvingrove Park

Glasgow is one of Scotland’s best loved cities. Kelvingrove Park is the perfect place to head to with your dog and it’s situated along the River Kelvin. This beautiful Victorian Park leads all the way to Argyle Street where you can stop at the Pelican Café. It is dog friendly and what better way to end a walk than with a nice little refreshment for you and your dog?

4. The Castle & Gardens of Mey

Once home to the Queen Mother, The Castle & Gardens of Mey features a shaded park area for dogs. It’s a beautiful home and it has managed to gain a 5 star quality assurance rating every single year since 2007. This is a perfect Sunday afternoon activity that you and your dog will both enjoy.

5. Hermitage & Black Linn Falls

Situated in Dunkeld, this is one of the more beautiful walks on the list. You’ll get to witness leaping salmon and walk amongst the tallest Douglas Fir in the whole of Britain. You could easily spend a good few hours here.

These are five of the places considered to be the most beautiful for dog walkers. It’s advisable to check the dog policy of any place you are thinking of visiting – you may need to keep them on a lead for some parts of the walk.