Wild Camping

Wild Camping

Wild Camping: Where can I pitch a tent?

Camping under the stars


At one time, wild camping was all people knew. You could go practically anywhere, pitch a tent and enjoy a night under the stars. These days however, wild camping is somewhat of a luxury.

It’s actually illegal in most parts of the UK, with Scotland offering the only legal wild camping areas. However, while it is legal in most parts, you still need to follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

 Where NOT to camp

While most areas in Scotland are unrestricted, there are places you definitely shouldn’t camp.

Enclosed fields are areas to avoid. There are also a few seasonal restrictions placed on the shores of East Loch Lomond. From March 1st 2012 byelaws were introduced to restrict wild camping in the area. You can’t camp in a tent or vehicle in East Loch Lomond from March 1st right through until the end of October.

You should also avoid historic buildings, houses and near roads. If you’re unsure as to whether you can camp somewhere, seek the owner’s permission.

Camping responsibly

Wherever you choose to go, it’s important to follow a few simple rules. Tidy up after yourself and if you do create a campfire, make sure you remove all traces of it before you leave. Also make sure there aren’t too many people already camping in your chosen spot. Overcrowding should be avoided.

Hiring a campervan is an ideal way to enjoy wild camping in a little more comfort. One of the main advantages is the fact you can travel around in them. So you could potentially experience wild camping in different parts of Scotland in the same trip.