10 essential tips for your Scottish campervan getaway

10 essential tips for your Scottish campervan getaway

10 essential tips to prepare for your Scottish campervan getaway

Packing nightmares

Campervan holidays can be fun, affordable and a great way to explore all that Scotland has to offer. However, before you set off on your trip, it helps to properly prepare.

There are some excellent tips you can follow to ensure you are properly prepared for your journey and you’ll discover the top 10 tips below.

1. Compare your options

When you’re hiring a campervan, it’s important to compare your options. There are many different models out there. Some come with more advanced features than others. Think about how basic you want the holiday to be and consider the features you’ll need.

2. Know what to pack

Packing for a campervan holiday is pretty straight forward. Remember, Scotland isn’t known for its predictable weather conditions. Therefore you should pack a variety of clothing to suit all weathers. Wet wipes, butane gas canisters if you have a gas cooker and a torch with additional batteries are all essentials you’ll need.

3. Research local road rules

Scotland doesn’t differ too much from the rest of the UK, but it’s worth taking a look at local rules before you set off. Bilingual road signs are just one thing you need to be aware of.

4. Don’t forget a map

While GPS is an excellent tool to use, sometimes you just can’t beat old fashioned maps. If you’re travelling to the rural parts of Scotland, an updated map could be your best option.

5. Create an itinerary

While ‘winging it’ can often provide you with the most spontaneous and exciting adventure, it can sometimes be a little stressful. Creating an itinerary before you go will help to ensure you see everything you want to see. You’ll also be able to plan in advance where you want to set up camp.

6. Consider fuel top ups

One thing you have to think about when going on a campervan holiday is fuel. Do you know where the cheapest fuel stations are? Are there plenty along the way? If not it’s worth planning where you should top up along the way. The last thing you want is to be stranded in a rural location with no fuel.

7. Look up free car parks

If you fancy a spot of wild camping, it’s worth looking out for free car parks. If you park in the city it can be quite expensive. Free car parks are often quite a distance away from actual towns and cities. However, the views are often well worth the trip.

8. Don’t forget your chargers

Yes you’re going camping, but you likely still want to be able to use your phone and/or laptop every now and again. You should be able to plug your chargers into the campervan. Not all models will allow you to do this however so keep this in mind when hiring one out.

9. Consider applying for National Trust Membership

Scotland has some of the best National Trust attractions in the UK. If you want to save money and visit a few of them, it’s worth getting National Trust membership before you set off.

10. Do you need a dongle?

If you’d like to use Wi-Fi services while you’re on the road, a dongle can come in useful. This will particularly help you to stay connected in rural parts of Scotland.

The tips above will help to ensure you have a more relaxed campervan holiday. Why not take a look at the different models available and plan ahead today to make the most of your trip?