A guide to the Lake District

A guide to the Lake District

A guide to the Lake District The Lake District is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK. Visitors can experience majestic views, rolling green countryside and some of the most beautiful scenery within the UK.

There’s even a fantastic National Park that’s been protected from as far back as 1951. If you’re a lover of the great outdoors, this is definitely the location you want to head to.

About the area

Situated in the North West of England, the Lake District is also commonly referred to as Lakeland or The Lakes. While mostly famous for its varying woodland, lakes and mountain landscapes, it’s also well known for its links to William Wordsworth. He wrote several well-known poems back in the 19th century.

An interesting fact about the Lake District is that it contains the only land within the UK that is situated more than 3,000 feet above sea level. It is home to Scafell Pike; the largest mountain within the UK. The Windermere and Wastwater lakes are also known to be two of the longest and deepest lakes within the country.

If you do plan on heading to The Lakes for your holidays, keep in mind it’s the dampest part of the UK. This is thanks to its mountainous location. It gets more than 2,000mm of annual precipitation as recorded by the MET Office. So remember to take a mixture of clothing to suit all weathers no matter what time of year you visit.

When and where to go

It’s definitely a good idea to head to the Lake District in spring/summer time. While heavy rainfall can occur at any time during the year, in winter you’ve also got the added threat of snow. Some of the rural roads actually become impassable if you visit between November and February. So unless you fancy a true ‘at one with nature’ experience, it’s best to head there in the summer months. It will of course be more crowded then; particularly in June and August. The prices will also be a lot higher. So if you want to avoid excessive charges and crowds of people, April and May are the best months to go.

As for where to go, there are plenty of great choices. Coniston Water, Langdale Valley and Windermere are just three of the best parts of the Lakes.

Activities and Attractions

Walking is the number one activity to partake in on your visit. With so many glorious sights to see, it’s a good idea to take your camera. It’s worth pointing out that some trails are best suited to more experienced walkers. However, there are routes available to suit all abilities.

There are also plenty of guided walks available and you can check out the schedule on the website. There are even walks suitable for those in a wheelchair which avoid any stiles and steep climbs. Don’t worry though, you won’t miss out on spectacular views – you really don’t have to climb the highest fells to experience breath-taking scenery. There are lots of different walking routes available so be sure to check them out before you go.

Perhaps you’d like to teach your children some useful navigating skills? There are great short classes available such as ‘Map Quest for Kids’ and ‘Navigation skills for beginners’.

As well as on-land activities, you can also choose to get on the water. Why not hire a boat on any of the lakes? You can hire rowing boats and electric boats. There’s also a great choice of water sports available. Try your hand at canoeing or rafting from just £7 for a taster session.

Explore the coastline while you’re there. There’s a total of 26 miles of coastline to be enjoyed. As well as witnessing incredible scenery, you’ll also get to spot various wildlife. You’ll particularly see a lot of birds so if you’re a keen bird watcher this is an ideal place for you.

If you’re travelling with the kids there are a few great attractions you won’t want to miss. The Coast Aquaruim provides a fun and interesting day out. There’s also the fantastic Lakeland Wildlife Oasis. This is a pretty small zoo but it does offer a lot of activities for the whole family.

Food and drink

Many people have a misconception about The Lake District. They assume there’s nothing but open spaces with very little around in terms of dining out. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that there’s a good amount of choice when it comes to eating out.

Of course, self-catering is one of the best ways to enjoy your lakes experience. It’s also the cheapest option. However, for a treat you could head to The Grasmere Hotel restaurant, The Old Stamp House Restaurant or Hooked located in Windermere.

There are also plenty of small pubs in the towns and villages throughout the Lake District, so you’ll be able to get a bite to eat and dram o’ whiskey, wherever you stay.

Where to stay

Accommodation wise you’ll find there are a number of boutique hotels and quaint guest houses available. Camping tends to be one of the most popular options for visitors to the Lakes. If you are looking for a good campsite, there are quite a few you’ll want to check out. The Syke Farm Camping Ground, Gillside Farm and Great Langdale National Trust Campsite are all worth looking into.

Overall, the Lake District is a fantastic place to visit; particularly if you plan on taking a campervan holiday. There’s plenty to keep you entertained and it’s a great destination to head to if you’re looking to forget your everyday stresses. It helps if you do a little research before you go to figure out which part of the lakes is bested suited to your needs.