Collecting Your Camper Van or Motorhome Rental: What to Expect

Collecting Your Camper Van or Motorhome Rental: What to Expect

Before You Arrive

We ask for driver details: including driving license number, in
Please let us know your flight, ferry or train information. Including flight number etc. This is so we can track your arrival.
If you want to add extras to your booking please let us know before hand so we can make sure they are available on the day.
We offer free membership to The Camping and Caravanning Club for the duration of your trip. If you need information on how to book with the Privilege Scheme please get in touch.

On The Day

Collection times are from 2pm, unless you have arranged a different time prior to collection.

The office is located: Rockin’ Vans, 62B Galston Road, Kilmarnock, KA1 5HY

When you arrive our offices park anywhere outside our compound, if you are leaving your car with us we will move it once you have taken your camper or motorhome.

Once you are parked up come inside to our office, bringing with you your reference number, driving license and deposit card. This will be released to you when you bring the camper van or motorhome back in the same condition it was

We will then go through the contract with you and take your security deposit. (£500 for camper vans or £750 for motorhomes)

We have to run a driving license check with the DVLA, this lets us see how many points you have on your license.

We take a copy of your driving license and passport. Please bring originals with you.

Motorhome or Camper Van Demo

Once the contract and the deposit have been completed we then go out to your van or motorhome.

One of our rental assistants will then talk you round the van, showing you how everything works. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions, we want to send you away totally confident with your motorhome!

We start with the interior of the van, showing you how to use all the functions including the power system, the bathroom and the kitchen.

Then we step outside going through the gas, water and waste system. As well as the fuel tank and hook up location.

Moving In!

Once you are happy you can then start moving in! Your rental assistant is there if you need any help. Once you are all moved it is a good time to have a quick look around the van or motorhome to make sure you are happy with how everything works.

Finally you are ready to go! Just make sure you get in touch if you have any questions while on the road, we are always happy to help!

Rockin Vans Fleet Expands

Autoroller 696 motorhome

Rockin Vans Fleet Expands

2016 is an exciting year for Rockin Vans! We are adding 3 new van types to our ever growing fleet as well as 5 brand new Rockin Vans VW Camper Vans.

Check out the newest additions to our fleet…


The Tribute is sized between the largest motorhome and the VW Camper Vans. This makes the Tribute the easiest motorhome to drive – perfect for those who are used to closing their eyes and hoping for the best every time there’s a tight corner or oncoming bus. The 669 combines this ease of use with the luxury of a motorhome, providing campers with a fixed double bed at the rear of the vehicle. An additional double bed straight above acts as a late night storage rack for children or friends, meaning the Tribute can comfortably sleep up to four campers. The cabin also includes a forward lounge-diner for entertaining the many friends you make along the way. One of the major perks of having a motorhome over a campervan is the on board toilet to save you from any unnecessary danger squats in the great outdoors.

Perfect for those that want something larger than the camper but still want the luxury of motorhome.


Next we would like to introduce the 747, brand new for 2016, this state of the art van seats and sleeps six intrepid explorers. By far and away the most exciting feature of this van is the electrically lowered double bed which descends from the ceiling in a particularly “Raiders of the Lost Ark” fashion. This gives you extra space during the day and means you don’t have to avoid those low bridges, as it removes the need for a bed above the cabin. Beneath this veritable magic carpet is a full double dinette, complete with belts to safely accommodate up to four passengers. This can be transformed into another double bed if required and provides easier access to the fridge and kitchen area for those of you who like a midnight munch. The kitchen and washroom areas proceed a 6ft U-shaped lounge area that converts to two single beds or one huge double. This occupies the entire rear of the cabin and is enclosed by three windows giving a much more panoramic view. This makes the feel very open when entertaining or alternatively, is great for a spot of casual voyeurism.

Autoroller 696 motorhome
Autoroller 696 motorhome


Finally Rockin Vans is pleased to welcome the 707. One of our larger vehicles and is perfect for families as it can comfortably sleep up to seven people. In addition to the super high tech double electrically lowered bed situated above the cabin, the 707 also has a large dinette area featuring a unique ‘double L’ layout, possibly stolen from the classic 80s procrastination tool Tetris. This can be converted to a large double bed and two bunk beds at the rear of the cabin provide yet more sleeping space. The bottom bunk can be conveniently stored away to create a garage area underneath which is accessible from the outside of the vehicle. This is perfect for transporting your outdoor equipment such as chairs, bikes and barbeques, but could potentially be used as a secret laboratory where you develop your Tetris winning strategy. Your call.

VW Camper Van

By far our most popular van, the 2 berth camper is ideal for duos looking to make a well deserved escape from normality. You know that brilliant idea you always had about moving the fridge into your living room so you would never again have to make that oh-so-difficult journey to replace your beverage? That’s the genius of our panel van conversions and essentially what we’ve done here. Complete with a fridge, stove and double bed all within a one metre radius, you’ll spend you’re entire trip wondering why you hadn’t done it sooner.