Photographer explores the Scottish Highlands in a campervan

Photographer explores the Scottish Highlands in a campervan

James is a very talented photographer based in Scotland. He likes to work with both film and digital recording mediums. He is a member of the fantastic Highland Collective. When he contacted us to ask if he could use our VW campervan to shoot, we could not resist!

Above Kishorn

The snowstorm arrived with no warning as we were driving between Loch Carron and Shieldaig. It was the first snowfall of the trip and the snowflakes were big, wet and heavy. We stopped to make coffee and observe the landscape transform from auburn to white.

Glen Carron 2

Days are short and nights are long at this time of year. We had planned to drive all the way to Torridon however we found ourselves exploring a beautiful forest until after sunset. We drove part of the way and then pulled over to wild camp somewhere that looked like it might be interesting at dawn. Love this kind of flexibility you get from a campervan.

Glen Torridon 1

Glen Torridon. One of the great sections of road in Scotland… especially when it isn’t green. What a place to wake up in.

Glen Torridon 2

Glen Torridon. Small van. Big landscape.

Glen Torridon 3

The Torridon Mountains have the most incredible texture to them. Layer upon layer upon layer of rock. The look different every time I pass them. I had never seen them with a dusting of snow though.

Glen Torridon 5

Glen Cottage in Glen Torridon. It’s rentable but it’s not fun to drive on these roads. Our T5 was lots of fun.

Glen Torridon 7

Liathach in Glen Torridon. 1055m of climbing that is not for the faint hearted at any time of year. One day I’ll make it to the top.

Slains Castle

Slains Castle. We were unlucky with the weather and got stuck with blue skies. Like any normal people we much prefer cloud and mist. It was still incredible to see this place though. The cliffs here are crazy. Apparently the location inspired part of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. He must have seen it in more interesting conditions.

Trust Boat

Burghead. After driving through Elgin on our way west we decided to explore a grid pattern village on the end of a peninsula. We ended up cooking and eating dinner by the harbour on a whim, the joys of a camper.