Family Camper trip to South Coast of England

Family Camper trip to South Coast of England

Helener Rayner and her family rented two of our Pet Friendly VW Campers from our London Depot to explore the South Coast of England. Read about her journey below.

When you are asked if you would like a weekend away to photograph a couple of VW Campervans – well- you’d be daft to say no! I thought I would write a bit about it as we had so much fun in the vans and thought you need to know!

Budget VW Camper for Hire
Budget VW Camper for Hire

We hired two 2017 VW converted Transporters, one manual and the other automatic. There are six of us in our family so we had a boys van and a girls van and off we went to the south coast in February half term. Now I packed thick fluffy socks and blankets, warm pyjamas and lots of layers totally expecting not to get a wink of sleep because of the cold.

We decided to head down to Devon for our little adventure, it was a good time of year to do this as it was not too busy on the windy country lanes leading into Salcombe town. Once we found somewhere to park we headed into the quaint and atmospheric centre and indulged ourselves with the traditional ice-creams!

This was the icing on the cake for children who were still enjoying the excitement of the vans and an impromptu weekend away let alone Lime Cheesecake ice-cream by the sea!

We talked a lot while we were all snuggled up in our vans about how they work really well for all ages and circumstances – my husband and I were talking about how we would like to adventure away together, just the two of us and do some romantic wild camping – and the children mentioned how lovely it would have been to have had the opportunity for this when they were smaller as they would have felt like proper little campers on an intrepid journey. Every which way you look at it, it works brilliantly. Rockin Vans we can’t wait to do it again!

How naive was I?

I had totally underestimated the 5* quality of the vans! Once we arrived at Twelve Oaks Campsite and plugged into the electrics it all came alive – the spotlights came on, the efficient heating system worked immediately and we cooked our tea as cosy as can be.

We turned the passenger seat round and set up the table and ate in a very civilised manor feeling rather smug that the others campers on the site were not enjoying such luxury!

The roof pops up to give room for 2 to sleep up top and then we converted the back seats into a super comfy and cosy double bed.

Hot chocolates anyone?!

Our four children, 14, twins that are 13 and Ben who is 9 all enjoyed the vans for different reasons. The sense of adventure, the cosiness, the sleeping arrangements, all added to the enormous bank of memories we brought home with us. Most of the conversation on the way back past Stonehenge was about when would it be possible to hire the vans again!

Rockin Vans was the perfect experience for us, the driving was easy, the vans being very responsive and so easy to drive, fitted with reversing cameras as well as sat nav and all the mod cons that make for a very pleasurable journey, so really all we had to concerntrate on was enjoying ourselves!

Helen Rayner is a photographer who lives with her family in England. She rented two of our VW Campers from our London Depot.