Photographer Explores Scotland in T6 Campervan

London to Scotland in a VW Camper Van

Laurie and Dave are a photographer couple who take truley amazing images. They went out in our brand new T6 orange campervan.

So it’s the week before Christmas and we are parked beside the Loch Ness in the Highlands of Scotland in a bright orange VW campervan. Adventures are the best!
This is no ordinary VW. It’s a brand new T6 which has been converted by the very talented folk at RV Campers.

It’s one of those dream machines that every adventure thirsty person drools about. It’s the possibility to take to the road with no real plan, no set destination and no strict time schedule.. and this is exactly what we did!

When we got in touch with Rockin Vans and told them the plan for this trip they really got behind our vision and provided us with an amazing piece of kit to travel & photograph all around Scotland. This is a trip we have thought about for a long time and getting to do it in such a perfect vehicle was a real bonus!

So as we sit here by the Loch Ness we take a moment… It’s 6pm, its pitch dark outside and the water is running up and down the slipway in front of where we parked. The van is toasty warm and a map filled with endless options of where tomorrow might bring us is laid out on the table. We are going to stay here tonight, wake up to the sound of the lake and a view that seems too good to be true. It’s hard not to think.. this ain’t a bad way to travel.

We can let the photographs do most of the talking for this one but to give you a rough idea of locations. We traveled from Glasgow – Fort William, across the boat at Mallaig to The Isle of Skye, did a loop of that then headed east over the high mountain road to Inverness. We then headed down the Loch Ness and through the beautiful Glencoe on the way back to Glasgow.

View the images here