Spring Break in Kent for as little as £350!

Spring Break in Kent for as little as £350!

Escape the city for the a few days of chilled adventuring through the historical and picturesque county of Kent in a VW campervan or Motorhome. With Spring in full swing by April hiring one of Rockin Vans camper vans from our London Depot couldn’t be easier.

A mere hour’s drive away in your nifty, swifty, cosy camper van, start your driving tour of Kent at the All Saints Church in Tudeley, Tonbridge. Dating back to the seventh century, this church has huge historical significance, however, its crowning jewel is undoubtedly it’s breath-takingly beautiful windows designed by Russian-French artist Marc Chagall in the 1960s. Drive through the windy roads of the near by wooded areas and park up to appreciate the sea of bluebells in the height of their bloom intermingled with carpets of primroses and orchids all beneath a shady, cool canopy of towering treetops.

“C’est magnifique! Je les ferai tous”, Marc Chagall on seeing All Saints Church.

After your nature trails in Tonbridge, take your journey south with Bayham Old Abbey in your sights. An exquisite English Heritage site dating back to the twelve century, these structures give you the chance to walk through time. Boasting impressive examples of remarkably well-persevered ornate capitals and carved stonework including stone frameworks from the three large windows comprising the nave, making this a stop on your VW road trip is essential.

Bayham Old Abbey Ruins.

A short drive away is your next stop at Scotney Castle. Widely accepted to be one of the finest kept gardens in the world, it is the perfect place to lose yourself once again in the natural beauty of Spring. An excellent example of Tudor Revival architectural sitting on a moated lake like a fairytale island it is both scenic and historical. Surrounded by sloping, wooded gardens with floral armies of rhododendrons, azaleas and kalmia at full strength for your Rockin Vans Spring break.

Scotney Castle in Spring Bloom.

Spend the night camping beneath the stars at Bewl Water campsite, spotting lakeside wildlife and toasting marshmallows til the early hours. Brave the water for a morning dip before whipping up your breakfast in the warmth of your cosy camper van. With everything you need in-tow, you can enjoy this beautifully secluded spot for as long as you want.

Hitting the road again in your luxury VW campervan, Goudhurst and Sissinghurst Castle are next on your travel itinery. Whether you want to park up in the dark woods of Goudhurst and do some gentle exercise hill walking or try the local cuisine in one of the many homely inns or pubs a day spent gallivanting here is well worthwhile.

Sissinghurst Castle, managed by the National Trust is a serious horticultural and historical treat to add to your VW road trip adventure. The gardens were created in the 1930s by Vita Sackville-West, a famous poet and gardening writer of her time and are truly exceptional in their perception of different themed ‘garden rooms’. These gardens show the true passion and understanding of botany that the green-fingered Sackville-West had.

Sissinghurst Castle and Gardens.

Finish your up your campervan trip at Hever Castle during the Annual Tulip Festival (18th – 27th April 2018). The childhood home of Anne Boleyn, now home of over 20,000 tulips is a sight not to be missed. The festival is a celebration of the Elizabethan horticultural boom when gardening in England began to incorporate plants and flowers from the far reaches of the world as well as mainland Europe including the tulip bulb from Turkey. Suitably named, the River of Eden runs past this colourful castle making it all the more scenic for the botany enthusiasts that come from near and far to see this remarkable gem in the English countryside.

Hever Castle Tulip Festival.

With Kent on the doorstep of Rockin Vans London branch, it’s easy to give your loved ones a Spring break that will brighten their whole year.

The South West 300

The South West 300

Synopsis of a two-week camping holiday on (and off) the South West 300 route, Galloway in a T6 VW Camper Van or Motorhome.

The South West 300 is a relatively quiet and very family friendly route in the south west of Scotland full of stunning natural beauty and historical sites. Driving around this part of the country was really enjoyable in one of Rockin Vans camper vans. With two small children, we opted for a VW camper van for its ease of driving, parking etc and its spacious interior. A short distance from the Rockin Vans main office in Kilmarnock, this route was close enough to get a full day of adventuring in from the get go.

St Ninians Chapel, Galloway

Driving this loop was perfectly suited to us as we don’t like sticking to the main trails. With picturesque villages and beaches in abundance you can veer off at any point and find a beautiful spot to set up for the night. Galloway Forest is situated roughly in the centre of this circular route. With great facilities and gorgeous surroundings, a night or two here is well worth a stop. Searching for magical forest creatures with our two youngs sons was easy in this enchanted forest. Home to the ‘The Galloway Forest Dark Sky Observatory’, moonlit camping felt very authentic. We even managed to see some shooting stars.

'The Dark Sky Observatory', Galloway Forest.

The coastal drive from Ayr to Girvan and on to Ballantree is peppered with lots of lovely coffee shops and small, quiet beaches to take a break from driving and dip your toes in the sea. With two little kids who regularly need bathroom breaks (not necessarily at the same time) it was easy to manage with plenty of facilites along the way.

On reaching Stranraer, we decided to explore the Portpatrick Peninsula which ended up being our favourite part of the trip. A real highlight for us was visiting the Mull of Galloway Lighthouse where we managed to catch a stunning, blood red sunset on a calm night followed by an equally gorgeous sunrise (being awake at the crack of dawn is just one of the many perks of having a two and four-year-old).

The Mull of Galloway Lighthouse.

Our boys are a little too young for mountain biking at this stage but we did notice some excellent bike trails in the Forest of Ae, Maybe Forest and Dalbeattie Forest – Something we will keep in mind for future visits. The forests are also home to lots of very friendly red deer waiting to be fed by passer bys!

Exploring the beautiful town of Portpatrick and the local surroundings was so easy in the camper van as it allowed us to camp where ever we ended up stopping and eliminated the worry of organising accommodation. With everything we needed in-tow it made the trip stress-free.

The kids favourite part of the trip was without a doubt the Cream O’ Galloway ice-cream parlour and amuesment park at the Gate House of Fleet. Complete and utter silence dominated the entire duration of ice-cream eating time and I can say with confidence that it wasn’t just the kids who were heavy impressed by the flavours.

Cream O Galloway Ice-cream.

The Fleet Islands at low tide made for another fun adventure, running across the wet sand to the scattering of small islands. Wild camping looking out over the habour in the Isle of Whithorn and dingy sailing on Loch Ken were two more things I would reccomend for anyone thinking about exploring the South West 330 route. Being a rather sheltered loch, our amateur level of sailing was absolutely fine for the conditions. For a more relaxing day, walking around the Logan Gardens or the historical town of Newton Stewart both proved to be good ways to get a full day of gentle exercise whilst seeing the sights of the area.

Loch Ken, Galloway.

Taking full advantage of the sunny days we were lucky enough to get, we cooked most of our own meals in the camper van and ate on the beaches. On one particularly lovely day, we parked up near St Ninians Chapel and had a barbeque looking out over the water.

St. Ninians Beach.

A simple, affordable and fun trip for all ages, I will definitely be back to this part of Scotland in another VW camper van soon.