Honeymooners Delight

Honeymooners Delight

Are you in love? With the British Country Side?  So are we.

If you’re looking for a genuinely lovely, intimate and adventurous way to spend your honeymoon why not hit the road for some exploring in a VW camper van or motorhome?

As with many things, keeping it simple is always a good idea. Honeymoons are no different. Get back to the basics by packing up the bare essentials and hitting the road to explore some of the country’s finest and most remote spots together.

By travelling in a Motorhome or Campervan you have the freedom to move around at your own pace. Meander the length and breadth of the country whatever way takes your fancy. Take the scenic route, follow the road around the coast, find that quiet, forgotten spot in the middle of nowhere to enjoy each other’s company.

Pull over to catch the sunset in Cornwall or watch a herd of wild deer thunder across the road in the highlands of Scotland. Sit back and enjoy the silence of a quiet bay or set up camp where the only sound is that of the running stream beside you and Leonard Cohen playing softly in the background.

Romancing the wilds of Scotland from the comfort of your camping chair can only be improved by the presence your new spouse. Wouldn’t you agree?

With a full fridge and a full tank, you can disappear into the wilderness for as long as you want. Sound romantic? That’s because it is.

Make your honeymoon one to remember with Rockin Vans camper and motorhome hire.