Christmas in your Camper Van: 2018 UK Events

Christmas in your Camper Van: 2018 UK Events

We here at Rockin Vans feel there is no better way to spend Christmas, than at a nice spot in the UK with a camper van or motorhome.

You can still have all the traditional fun of Christmas, combined with the freedom to access some amazing locations throughout Britain. Throughout the UK there are a number of events over the christmas season that you can attend and campout near to make the most of your travels over the holidays. From Christmas markets to seasonal craft workshops, there is guaranteed to be an event that everyone will enjoy. Hiring one of our camper vans this winter means that you can make the most of the events that the UK has to offer. To get you started on finding an event that will suit you, here is a small list of some of our favourites.

Candlelit Dartmouth (30th November – 1st December)
Candlelit Dartmouth is an annual event that launches the start of Dartmouth’s Christmas Market. Alongside the market that can provide you with a variety of gift ideas, Candlelit Dartmouth boasts a wide array of musicians and entertainers to keep the full family entertained. Also included on the Saturday (the 1st) is a “Candlelit Kids” event which includes a Santa’s grotto and a craft workshop. Concluding with a lantern procession through town, Candlelit Dartmouth is an event not to be missed. For those wanting a convenient mode of travel while keeping their camper van at a site, there is a free minibus shuttle service.

Edinburgh Christmas Market (16th November – 5th January)
Edinburgh’s Christmas Market is world-renowned. People travel all over to go to this event at the heart of the city, and you should be no exception. Alongside a market offering a diverse range of gifts and food items from around the globe, the Edinburgh market prides itself on having a wide range of events and activities that everyone can get involved in. From an 100ft ferris wheel, to circus shows, and ice skating, the Edinburgh Christmas festivities is a variety-packed event that isn’t to be missed. For those looking to get easiest access to the city, it is best to leave your camper van or motorhome at the site near the Firth of Forth.

The Dickens Christmas Festival (30th November – 2nd December)
The Dickens Christmas Festival is a truly unique Christmas experience for those who appreciate history, particularly the Victorian era. Set at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, The Dickens Christmas Festival is a celebration of Dickens and features many of the characters that he created; from Scrooge to Oliver Twist. This event offers a true traditional Christmas experience, with a traditional green Father Christmas to accompany Dickensian street performance. For camper van owners or renters, the Southsea Leisure Park is the best option if you’re looking for easiest access to the city centre.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland (22nd November – 6th January)
A spectacular seasonal event, with a variety of unique attractions. If you can only make one trip with your camper van this holiday season, the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland should be at the top of your list. From ice sculpting workshops, to ‘The Enchanted Forest in The Magical Ice Kingdom,’ to a gigantic ice-skating rink, this event is a lot more pricey than the others on this list but it is definitely worth it. Having the camper van to cut the costs of travel and hotel expenses will be a bonus if you are looking to attend what is one of the best Christmas events in the UK. The Crystal Palace Caravan Club Site, sits just 7 miles away from Hyde Park. If you’re looking to attend any of these fantastic UK Christmas events and are in need of a camper van or motorhome, please feel free to contact Rockin Vans.

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