Spooky Scottish Locations To Visit With Your Camper This Autumn

Spooky Scottish Locations To Visit With Your Camper This Autumn

The leaves are dying and falling off of the trees, and there is a distinct chill in the air.  While you don’t have to wait until Autumn to get into the spooky spirit, it certainly does help. We at Rockin Vans feel that the best way to take advantage of Scotland’s scariest locations is to take advantage of our VW Camper Van hire and see them for yourself. With a Rockin Van hire, you are free to travel around Scotland and see the best horror locations that this mecca for the paranormal has to offer.


The capital city of Scotland has a dark and twisted past that makes it an attractive location for horror fans all year round. From plague to poverty, the cities grim past features many tales that will keep those interested in the occult highly entertained. Whether you are wanting to take part in one of the more flamboyant scary tours that take you around the city, or take a trip down to the genuinely creepy historical locations, there is something for everyone looking to get into the spirit this Autumn. You can take a trip down Mary King’s Close, a haunted lane that was bricked up due to a plague outbreak and one recently reopened, or a guided walk to Greyfriars cemetery. For those interested in a more ‘sedate’ scary experience, Edinburgh’s museums feature many horrifying historical artifacts for your perusal; from a pocketbook made from William Burke’s skin, to the bloodstain left from where David Rizzo (Queen Mary’s secretary) was stabbed 56 times.

With every Rockin Van’s VW Camper Van hire you get access to the Camping and Caravanning Club Privilege Scheme. The Lauder Campsite is just a short drive from Edinburgh.


There is no doubt that Glencoe is a gorgeous place to visit. Idyllic to the point of stereotype, it’s the place that everyone outside of Scotland pictures the entirety of Scotland to be. Magnificent hills, wildlife and stunning views. However, Glencoe has its own bleak history. In 1692, an estimated thirty-eight men, women and children were massacred while sleeping in their beds. To make the story even more grim it is said that the MacDonald clan hosted their murderers in the days following up to the event. To this day, “No Campbells” signs can still be found throughout inns in Glencoe. It is said that towards the anniversary, screams can be heard throughout the Glen. While still gorgeous, there is no doubt that the grim history makes it an eerie site to visit.

There is a Camping and Caravanning Club Site situated right at the foot of the mountains.


Stirling is a city every fan of the uncanny has to visit at least once with their VW Camper Van hire. This is because Stirling Castle, home to many of the Kings and Queens of Scotland, was the site for countless sombre tales. Wherever there is a ghastly story, there is of course accompanying reports of hauntings and ghost sightings. One of the most popular ghosts that live in the castle is the Green Lady. It is believed that she was burned to death while attempting to save Queen Mary from a fire in her bed chambers. Ever since, visitors have reported seeing her wandering throughout the castle. With frequent ghost hunts, and less spooky activities for those who are just interested in Scottish history, there is something for all the family making it a worthwhile trip.

Stirling Castle is just a small drive from the Camping and Caravanning Club, Milarrochy Bay Campsite.


Angus is a local government council area that borders Dundee, Perth, Kinross and Aberdeenshire. The location of particular interest is a village situated within Angus, Glamis. Glamis Castle is famous for being widely considered the most haunted location in Britain. A combination of a high volume of sighting reporting, and the folklore that surrounds the castle has led to it receiving this highly coveted occult honour. Arguably the most chilling ghost that can be encountered is ‘The Woman with a Tongue’, an apparition that can be seen wandering and gesturing towards her grotesquely wounded face. For those really interested in folklore, they can try and find the supposed hidden room in which the ghost of Earl Beardie can be found eternally playing cards with the Devil.

The Scone Club Site is just a short drive away from Glamis. It is only 23 miles if you go via the A94.

While you don’t have to wait until Halloween to visit Scotland’s spookiest locations in a Rockin Vans VW Camper Van hire, but it’s certainly a good excuse. For more information please get in contact with us.