Gorgeous Autumn Scottish Locations to Visit With Your Motorhome

Gorgeous Autumn Scottish Locations to Visit With Your Motorhome

Autumn is an absolute stunning time of year throughout the UK, especially if you manage to hit the sweet spot where the leaves are in dazzling shades of gold and red. If you’re wanting a more relaxing trip in your Motorhome, Scotland offers some of the best opportunities to see some amazing displays of Autumn foliage. Here are some recommendations of places you should visit to make the most out of Autumn.

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond is a great place for a visit all year round with lot of activities; walking routes, an aquarium, mini golf, and tons of family events. However if you’re wanting to go for the purpose of seeing the best views of the Loch, Autumn is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. The trees lining the Loch start turning shades of red and orange during the latter weeks of September, and produce an incredible sight for all of those visit.

The Luss Camping and Caravanning Club is located on the western shore of Loch Lomond, a convenient location for those wanting to visit with your Motorhome.

Rannoch Moor

It’s not just the trees throughout Scotland that change colour later in the year. The Scottish Moors also transform and become a breathtaking site, with the green grass turning shades of yellow and gold. While it is a challenging trek due to the rocky outcrops and boggy terrain; it is worth it for the animals, birds and fauna that you’ll find along the way. The Rannoch area does also offer less challenging forest walks for those wanting to embrace Autumn without too much effort.

While it’s not a Camping and Caravanning Club, Loch Rannoch Forestry Commission is a site licensed by the Local Authority. It is at the heart of Rannoch, giving you the freedom to travel around.


Perth Known as the ‘Fair City’ of Scotland, it was once the capital of the country and offered the Kings and Queens of Scotland a picturesque home. It boasts a number of scenic walks for visitors to embark on. For those travelling with kids (or adults) that have a short attention span and won’t find a walk through a gorgeous forest all that interesting, Perth offers something special with it’s ‘Enchanted Forest’ outdoor sound and light show. Running annually for the month between October and November, the event changes every year so it’s worth checking out every Autumn if possible.

The Scone Camping and Caravanning Club site is very close to Perth, and also gives you access to some amazing other locations nearby.
Glen Affric If you’re wanting to view the classic ideal of Scotland’s landscape in your motorhome, you won’t find a better place than Glen Affric. It is home to a large pocket of pinewood forest, consequently displaying some fantastic autumn shades in September through to November. Visitors also have the chance to spot some local wildlife; including roe deer and red squirrels.

Glen Affric

The Loch Ness Shores Club Site is an easily manageable 11 miles away from Glen Affric, and has the bonus of giving you the option to also explore Loch Ness while you are there. Edzell While admittedly one of the more awkward places to get to, Edzell is an endearing village within Royal Deeside, that offers some stunning Autumn sights.

Particularly gorgeous, is the Rocks of Solitude River Circuit. It is a long walk 10km walk along River North Esk, offering picturesque views with vibrant foliage. For those interested in fishing, it is also a popular salmon fishing area. This is a good place to take your Motorhome in Scotland, as to get there you are limited to bus or car otherwise. The nearest site is the Feughside Caravan Park, this is a Local Authority site so unfortunately you won’t get the Rockin Vans discount, but Edzell in Autumn is really not to be missed.

So if you’re interested in travelling around Scotland in a Motorhome this Autumn, get in contact with us and our experts will help you set off on your way.