Campervan Hire England

Campervan Hire England

Campervan Hire for New Year: England 2018 Edition

We said previously that nowhere celebrates New Year quite like Scotland, and we stand by that. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t also some fantastic events throughout the UK. England has a ton of unique events for folks wanting to celebrate in style. If you manage to snag one of Rockin Van’s campervan hires you’ll be able to travel around England during the festive period without the limitations of accommodation and travel. It’s worth considering because once you see some of the events on offer, you’ll definitely want to go.

London, The Shard’s New Years Eve Party

We’ll start with the most obvious. Similar to Edinburgh throwing the biggest party in Scotland, England’s capital goes all out in their New Year’s celebrations. The cities skies will be set alight with bright dazzles of colour throughout the evening. One of the most iconic buildings in the city, The Shard, throws a truly unique party annually to celebrate the New Year. This year it’s being held between 10 pm and 2 am and will feature DJ Santero, a Ministry of Sound DJ who knows what’s what about all things music related. It is guaranteed to be a good time, with a great view of the fireworks around London. With a campervan hire in England, you won’t have to worry about paying for expensive travel and accommodation as well as the tickets, so those wanting to attend this decadent even will be able to do so without starting off the New Year with no money.

Bristol, Great Gatsby New Years Eve Party

The Square Club in Bristol was originally founded as a Private Members Club for folk in the creative industries. Members have access to a great workspace to get their own work done, and a venue they can use for personal parties. However, everyone is invited to attend their annual New Year’s Party. It’s always an extravagant themed affair, with 2017 being titled “Parisian Nights.” The 2018 party is themed after “Great Gatsby.” It promises a dapper evening full of dancing and fine dining. For those out there who like a drink or two, the bar promises free alcohol all night, so it’s highly advised that you pick a friend or family member to be the designated driver of the campervan for the night if you attend this event.

Northumberland, Allendale Tar Bar’l Ceremony

It wouldn’t be a UK list of New Years eve event without a fire event. Believed by some to have begun in back in the Middle Ages, Tar Bar’l is a tradition that goes back centuries in the town of Allendale, Northumberland. The quiet village springs to life every New Year eve, as 45 men, known as ‘guisers,’ carry whiskey barrels full of burning hot tar. The barrels are used to ignite the ‘Baal Fire,’ a ceremonial bonfire. Why this is done is not entirely clear, the general consensus is that it is Pagan in origin. People flock to watch the processions every year, and it’s a popular quirky event that you can easily access with your campervan.

Cornwall, St Ives Street Party

The small town of St Ives has established a reputation for being one of the best places in England for New Year’s Eve celebrations. The party floods the streets and overflows out onto the beach. The party atmosphere, fireworks and fancy dress provide an evening full of delights that the entire family will love. However, even if a street party isn’t quite your thing, Cornwall has a number of exceptional campervan sites available for you to spend a quiet New Years in. Most sites will host their own more sedate parties that you can attend if you desire. If you book one of the many Camping and Caravaning Club sites available in Cornwall, you’ll be able to take advantage of The Clubs privilege scheme that Rockin Vans is part of.

To book a campervan hire to explore England during the festive period, get in touch with us today! We can’t wait to introduce you to the many benefits that having a campervan can give you.