Christmas Gifts for VW Camper Van Fans

Christmas Gifts for VW Camper Van Fans


Great Gifts for VW Camper Van Fans

While we haven’t yet reached full-festive mode, it is definitely that time of year when shops start stocking up on this years hottest Christmas gifts. You still have plenty of time to decide on what to buy your loved ones, but coming up with original ideas year after year is hard. We here at Rockin Vans are big fans of the VW Camper Van, with the two T4s being how we started our rental business. So we’ve made a convenient list of some more eccentric christmas or birthday gifts that you can buy the VW Camper Van fan in your life.

Volkswagen 3D Campervan LED Fairy Lights

Well we warned you that this was going to be a quirky list. Nothing will get you into the festive spirit like lining a small tree within your camper van with officially licensed mini VW Camper Vans in multiple colours. Powered by battery, these fairy lights are an easy way to spruce up your motorhome, or even just your living room.

A Lego Camper Van

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy lego; it’s universally loved and we all know it. The lego store offers us a couple of different options but the absolute best by far is the authentic model of the Volkswagen T1 Camper Van. This product is highly detailed; from the VW air-cooled flat four cylinder engine to the iconic pop top roof. A perfect gift for any fan of the classic VW.

Volkswagen Toaster

This one is great because it can enhance your travelling experience. It has all the features you want in a toaster; it can toast, defrost and reheat. It comes in red and blue and will give fans of the Volkswagen Camper an eye-catching accent that they’ll love having in their kitchen at home or in their camper.

VW Barbeque Hamper

With this set you get a VW branded thermally insulated cool bag that comes with a lightweight metal frame that acts as the stands and platform for a disposable BBQ. Even better, a disposable BBQ comes with it so you can use it right away. Possibly more ideal for the Summer if you’re planning on using in the UK, but a great gift nonetheless. Perfect for those wanting to go on a picnic with their campervan.

Official Volkswagen Remote Control Campervan

Everyone loves a remote-control car. This officially licenced remote control VW Campervan is the next best thing you can get next to buying your loved one the full size counterpart. Unlike a full size van, this miniature can perform tricks and maneuvers, creating hours of entertainment.

A VW Camper Van Hire with Rockin Vans

The perfect gift. Why settle for an imitation when you can have a trip around the UK in the real thing. A Camper Van Hire is the gift of giving someone the ability to have a holiday doing whatever they want in a vehicle they love. A truly unforgettable experience that will help your friends and family create memories that will last a lifetime.

To hear more about our VW Camper Van Hire please get in contact and we’ll be happy to help.