Best Scottish Restaurants to Visit With Your Motorhome Rental

Best Scottish Restaurants to Visit With Your Motorhome Rental

Best Scottish Restaurants to Visit With Your Motorhome Rental

If you’re from a busy city like Glasgow, you may think that you’ve seen the best culinary delights that Scotland has to offer. There are a variety of top-quality restaurants, with a range of cultures represented, so it is easy to see why you would assume that one city can give you all that you need to try. However, to taste the best food around Scotland, you need to be willing to travel. With a motorhome rental in Scotland from Rockin Vans, you can explore some of the best Scottish eateries that serve traditional Scottish foods. We don’t claim to be food experts, but we do have a couple of favourites that we recommend you try out.

Loch Bay Seafood Restaurant, Isle of Skye

If you search for the best Scottish restaurants, Loch Bay Seafood Restaurant is at the top of many lists. Ran by Chef Michael Smith and his wife, this stunning restaurant makes use of its surroundings and uses only the freshest seafood for his menu. The contemporary Scottish restaurant with a French twist is a bit of a trek away, being that it is located within the Isle of Skye, but a motorhome rental in Scotland can help you get there, and it is definitely worth it.

Glen Nevis Restaurant, Fort William

Featuring a fusion of traditional Scottish dishes, pub classics and Asian seafood dishes, the Glen Nevis Restaurant is a real find. The food is fantastic, but the real bonus is that you get to dine with a gorgeous view of Ben Nevis. It’s just a few minutes away from the Glen Nevis Visitor Centre which has ample room for you to leave your motorhome rental. The food and service here are widely regarded as being some of the best in the area, and it is for sure worth trying.

Inver Restaurant, Strachur

Based upon the shores of Loch Fyne, the Inver Restaurant is an eccentric little establishment that has delighted clients since 2015. It is admittedly in the middle of nowhere, but the food that they serve more than makes up for the journey. If you’re looking for a hearty meal with locally sourced ingredients, the Inver is the place for you. With steaks, lamb and seafood to choose from, there is something that everyone will enjoy. As a bonus, by going to the Inver, you get to see the sites of Loch Fyne.

Wee Lochan, Glasgow

Located within the city centre, Wee Lochan is well known for being a relaxed and laid-back restaurant. They offer a fantastic menagerie of cultural dishes, ranging from the Far East and the Mediterranean, but merging them back to Scottish recipes. Even if you’re from Glasgow, this is still a good shout for a place to try. As we have a Rockin Vans motorhome rental based in Glasgow, it can be a great place to start off a longer road-trip around Scotland.

Pibroch, Edinburgh

The Pibroch is unapologetically Scottish. As soon as you walk in the doors, you are bombarded with bagpipes, thistles and Scottish music blaring through the sound system. The menu matches this heavy theming, as you’ll be treated to a range of traditional Scottish dishes; everything from haggis to haddock. If you’re heading to the capital and want to embrace the Scottishness of it all, you won’t find a better restaurant than the Pibroch.

The Ship Inn and Waterfront Restaurant, Dundee

With a giant panoramic window framing a stunning sea view, The Ship Inn and Waterfront Restaurant is a fantastic establishment located in Dundee. The nautical-themed restaurant serves some of the best seafood in the country. The fish is renowned for being both well portioned and delicious. With a motorhome rental for travel in Scotland, you could spend a day enjoying the museums and attractions Dundee has to offer and then round the time off by tasting some delicious seafood at The Ship Inn.

These are just a tiny sample of some of the great Scottish restaurants that are out there. There are many more to be discovered, and you can’t do that if you are limited to one city. With a motorhome rental, you could travel throughout Scotland without any limitations and get to taste some of the culinary delights that are right at your doorstep. For more information on how you can book a rental with us, please feel free to get in contact.