Abandoned Scotland: Other-Worldly Spots To Visit With Your Campervan Hire

Abandoned Scotland: Other-Worldly Spots To Visit With Your Campervan Hire

Not everyone wants a campervan hire to visit Scotland’s more idyllic spots. Sure a trip to Helensburgh or Saltcoats is a great wee holiday, but it doesn’t lead to adventure and dramatic photographs. Scotland has some amazing abandoned locations that can give you a special look at history that has remained unaltered by humans. Instead, these buildings have been left to the mercy of nature and time. A campervan hire in Scotland can allow you to explore these amazing sites, without having to worry about finding travel or nearby accommodation.

Before we start with our small list of places to check out, we should say that we’re by no means suggesting that you enter any of the listed abandoned buildings. The exterior of these locations is excitement enough and the photographs you come away with will still look great. If you do choose to enter, please do so safely and legally.

Gartloch Asylum, Glasgow

Victorian-era asylums are terrifying, both in fiction and reality. If you’re wanting to go to a spot that will leave you with chills, there is no better place. Asylums have a horrific reputation for being a place of oppression and torture, perhaps unfairly so. Of course, the stories are larger than life, but that doesn’t make the spot any less creepy. Opened in 1896, the asylum also served as a tuberculosis sanatorium between 1902 and 1945. Most of the Gartloch buildings have been demolished and transformed into a nice residential area. However, the main reception building still looms over the new builds, the gothic architecture making it appear as if it came right from a horror story. It’s located right next to Drumpellier Country Park and is fairly easy to find.

Inchkeith Island, Fife

Located within the Firth of Forth, Inchkeith is a strangely sinister island that is shrouded in mystery. It has been inhabited for about 1800 years, but not consistently, very on again and off again like Ross and Rachel from Friends. It has prominence as both a military tool and a site for quarantine. In 1497, people with the disease that would be eventually known as Syphilis were transported to the island and left there and until “God provided for their health.” Basically, people were brought to the island and left there to die. This history of quarantine was repeated in 1589 when passengers of a plague-ridden ship were abandoned there and then again in 1609 with mainland plague sufferers being quarantined on the island. While the island technically belongs in Fife, at Rockin Vans, we advise accessing it via Edinburgh with your campervan hire.

St Kilda, Outer Hebrides

For those who don’t want to visit a place of suffering, but still want to experience the eery stillness of an abandoned place, the island of St Kilda is a fantastic option. It’s technically a group of volcanic islands, but they’re protected by the National Trust for Scotland. Along with a village that was abandoned in the 1930s, you’ll be able to visit the largest colony of Puffins in Britain. The opportunities for photographs and exploration are endless, but be aware that you don’t get phone signal on the island. Keeping safe while looking around is pretty important in general, but especially for this reason. Like Inchkeith, you cannot bring your campervan hire all the way to the island, so we recommend parking up in Skye and going via boat.

Bangour Village Hospital, West Lothian

Scotland seems to be full of abandoned psychiatric hospitals. Unlike Gartloch, this hospital took the style of a village rather than one big looming structure. It was based off a German asylum, one that is still currently in operation. When it was at its peak, the Bangour housed it’s own railway station, bakery and school. Since 2004, it’s been left abandoned. Most of the buildings still remain though, as they are A listed and protected. It’s located near Livingston, and while the temptation to explore is there, we would advise that you admire the structures throughout the village from the outside. Since 2005, security has been assigned to make sure people don’t enter the buildings as they been deemed unsafe.

A campervan hire in Scotland can grant you easy access to these awesome abandoned locations and many others that are spread throughout the country. As long as you remain safe, visiting abandoned spots can give you a special look at an untouched history. For more information on our campervan hires for Scottish travel, please feel free to get in contact with us. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.