Film Fan Guide to Scotland: Trainspotting

Film Fan Guide to Scotland: Trainspotting

A Rockin Vans motorhome rental for travel around Scotland can open up a ton of possibilities – too many. There are so many awesome locations just waiting for you to discover them, that choosing somewhere to go can be tricky. We’ve discovered a unique take on picking out your next journey. All you have to do is pick one of your favourite films that feature Scotland and then you can visit the filming locations. Not only will you get to see where some iconic scenes were shot, but you may also discover a new favourite small-break destination.

The black comedy ‘Trainspotting’ (1996, directed by Danny Boyle) is an obvious choice as it entirely set in Scotland. We’ve selected a number of filming locations that you can visit with your motorhome rental, so you can see what Scotland has to offer.

Princes Street, Edinburgh

Seeing as the novel the film is based on is set in Edinburgh, you’d probably assume that most of the locations on the list are within Edinburgh. Well, you know what they say about assuming. As it turns out, most of the film was actually shot on the streets of Glasgow. That doesn’t mean that Edinburgh doesn’t show up at all. The film opens with Renton and his group raiding a bookstore and running down Princes Street. Princes Street house the main shopping district in Edinburgh, and you’ll be able to browse many high-street stores if you visit this area in your motorhome rental.

Calton Street Bridge, Edinburgh

The last part of Edinburgh you see in the film is Calton Road and the Calton Street Bridge, and this is the location in the film in which you see Renton get struck by a car. This is the area of Edinburgh in which the modern streets transition into the Old Town and the Royal Mile. Full of history and tourist attractions, this section of Edinburgh offers you a totally different experience than the one offered on Princes Street. There are a ton of museums here, all of them totally free and we would recommend the ‘Surgeons’ Hall Museum’ if you’re wanting something more niche than the National Museum of Scotland.

Firhill Health Complex, Glasgow

From here on out, most of the locations are within and about Glasgow. The infamous five-a-side match at ‘Calton Athletic’s Ground’ was filmed within the Firhill Complex, in Hopehil Road. The centre is still open, and they run a number of events throughout the year, such as a Gala Day that runs during the summer. This location is a great spot for football fans in generals, as not only is it still a great place for a wee game of five-a-side and the Partick Thistle Football Club is really close by so football fans can pop in for a quick visit.

Cafe D’Jaconelli, Glasgow

Fairly close to the Firhill Complex is the Cafe D’Jaconelli, the retro diner where Renton and Spud shared a milkshake before Spud’s mess of an interview. Amazingly, the Cafe D’Jaconelli is still there and it still retains the look that it had in the scene. A 1950s jukebox and classic red booths give the cafe a unique charm that is a nice location to visit in of itself. You can pop in and get a milkshake, just like in the film but minus the illegal drugs.

Corrour, Rannoch Moor

Going outside of Glasgow and Edinburgh, we have a rather unique location that takes you up towards the highlands. We get a shift from the ‘clydeism’ depicted throughout most of the film, and a look at the stunning Scottish landscape that tourists flock to the country for. Corrour station houses the spot in which Renton gives a legendary rant to his pals in “the great outdoors” scene. If you do choose to visit this area, please be aware that the main road stops seventeen miles away from the exact spot and you’ll have to access it by train or on foot. You can leave your motorhome rental and walk, or visit Scotland’s other stunning locations in the vicinity instead.

While the film is depicting a more grim view of Scotland, your trip through some of the films iconic locations can be anything but that. It’s a fantastic excuse to take a visit to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fort William and even London if you’re willing to venture outside of Scotland in your quest to see all of the filming spots. A motorhome rental in Scotland means that you can visit the iconic filming locations of tons of films, for more information on how our rental works, please feel free to get in contact.