Short Hikes With Your Small Campervan Hire: Scotland

Short Hikes With Your Small Campervan Hire: Scotland


Scottish residents are pretty lucky all things considered. Adequate healthcare, free education, the best mix of takeaways you’ll find anywhere and a ton of fantastic natural sites to behold. There are some truly stunning locations scattered throughout the country. One of the best free activities to do is hiking. You get to explore some amazing locations all while getting great exercise. We believe our small campervan hire in Scotland is the best way to travel through the country.

By utilising our small campervan hire for travel around Scotland, you’ll be able to create the holiday you want without the hassle of booking travel and accommodation. You could, theoretically, visit all of the extraordinary hiking locations that we are about to list in one trip. This is something that probably wouldn’t be possible if you relied on hotels and trains. There are so many places just waiting to be explored, that we possibly can’t list them all. You’d get bored, and we’d run out of adequate adjectives. To get you started on ideas, here’s a small list of hiking locations to visit with your small campervan hire in Scotland.

The Bone Caves, Ullapool

This gorgeous walk leads you up to a limestone valley to visit the striking Bone Caves. It normally takes about two hours to make this four and a half kilometre walk. The Bone Caves have been named as such because they contain the remnants of a number of animals that once roamed. The relics of Bears, Reindeer, Arctic Foxes, Lynx and the only evidence of Polar Bears can be found in the Bone Caves of Inchadamph. There are even some human skeletons that date back thousands of years ago. It’s a fascinating look at natural history. The caves contain a snapshot of a time in which the landscape was very different. This, and you get some stunning scenery to look at on the way there. The bus services here are limited, so a small campervan hire in Scotland will be particularly useful for this hike.

The Birks of Aberfeldy, Aberfeldy

Another very manageable hike, the Birks of Aberfeldy, offer a three and a half kilometre walk that’ll take just over an hour and a half. It is an extremely popular walk, and for good reason. It’s gorgeous, with several views of waterfalls and mature trees to look forward to. It was at one point known as the Dens of Moness, but it was renamed after the poem of the same name by Robert Burns. It’s not too hideous a walk as the path is well waymarked. There are some steep drops, but handrails have been placed throughout the route so this isn’t too much of an issue. You’d usually have to get a bus to Aberfeldy, but with a small campervan hire, you could park at Birks car park and start from there.

Lost Valley Trail, Glencoe

Did we only include this one because it has a cool name? There might be a small element of truth to that. It does have a super cool name. It sounds like it could be a part of the ‘Land Before Time’ series, but it is also a spectacular walk. It’s not too long either, with a distance of three and a half kilometres. However, it is widely regarded as a ‘tough’ walk. Which is weird, considering that historically the Lost Valley was where the MacDonalds were supposed to hide cattle. Surely if they managed to get cattle up there, it can’t be that hard? Apparently, it is. You need to scramble up rocks and walk up steep paths in order to see the final stunning view. We’ve been told that the ‘finale’ is definitely worth any struggles you have during the walk.

Broch of Gurness, Mainland Orkney

This is a very small hike to go to with your small campervan hire in Scotland. However, what it lacks in distance, it makes up for in history. This one-kilometre walk takes you through the Iron Age Village of Broch of Gurness. It has been noted as being one of the most impressive examples of later prehistoric settlements to remain relatively well preserved. Visitors can see the broch, the broch village and a Viking cemetery if they choose to hike to this unique location. You’ll get to see some stunning historic structures, along with gorgeous views of the island of Rousay. This is one of the few walks/sites on this list that are seasonal, so we advise that you check out their website to ensure that it is open when you are planning on visiting.

This is just a tiny snapshot of the smaller hikes out there for less experienced hikers to enjoy. A Rockin Vans small campervan hire for travel around Scotland can allow you to experience all of these, and many more, at your convenience. You won’t have to worry about booking nearby hotels or attempting to find transport. Having the freedom to travel is a gift that shouldn’t be undersold. There some amazing places just waiting to be explored. For more information on our small campervan hire in Scotland, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be happy to help!