Long Hikes With Your Adventurer Motorhome Hire: Scotland

Long Hikes With Your Adventurer Motorhome Hire: Scotland


Not everyone can afford to go on holiday abroad with their groups of friends. That’s okay, there are other options out there. Here at Rockin Vans, we know you can have a great time right here in Scotland. There are some fantastic long hikes that you can endeavour to complete with your friend group. If you want to save some money on travel and accommodation, a motorhome is a perfect home away from home. You can travel in comfort with up to four friends in our Adventurer motorhome hire in Scotland. It’s one of our larger vans, meaning you can bring as much equipment as is required to complete some of the more difficult trails throughout the country.

Scotland has blessed its residents with a number of stunning natural locations to visit and explore. We’ve selected a small number of long hikes that we feel are particularly worthwhile. By going to these awesome locations with one our Adventurer motorhome hires in Scotland, you’ll be making memories that’ll last for a lifetime in a comfortable travelling hotel.

Cateran Trail

We’ll start with a doozy of a walk. The Cateran Trail takes its name from the deadly band of cattle thieve known as the Caterans. They brought terror and bloodshed to the Highlands between the 1300s and the 1600s. You could say that the walk brings about similar feelings to overly ambitious walkers. Rather than a day trip, this one is a commitment. Sixty-five miles of great mountain views, moors and glens await those who attempt this walk. It’ll take you about five or six days at a leisurely pace. So, for those wanting a more challenging hike, this is perfect. The Cateran Trail is a circular loop that begins and ends in Blairgowrie, so you can drop in and out wherever you want. You’re never further than seven miles away from a village on the trail. This means that less experienced walkers can get a taste of the epic views from the full walk, without knackering themselves. It’s a relatively easy hike, distance aside. With your motorhome, you can opt to start at the official beginning or travel to whichever point you want conveniently.

The Borders Abbeys Way

Abbeys Way is a fantastic hike for those who like architecture and history. Walkers are treated to a long one hundred and seven-kilometre trek through some of the oldest historic abbeys in the country, hence the name. It was in fact developed around the four ruined Border Abbeys. While they are now abandoned, they are now stunning monuments to the monks who lived there throughout the 12th and 16th centuries. It’s compromised of five stages: Selkirk, Melrose, Kelso, Hawick and Jedburgh. You’ll travel through oodles of idyllic postcard-worthy villages and pass scenic rivers in Tweed and Teviot. Thankfully there are a lot of interesting things to visit on the route, as the entire thing could you between five or six days. With your Adventurer motorhome hire in Scotland, you could skip entire sections if you had less time, but still get a look at all the interesting sites. It’s entirely up to yourself.

The Loch Lomond and Cowal Way

This particular ninety-kilometre trek has been named as one of Scotland’s most scenic long-distance routes. Originally devised by James McLuckie, the trail runs the length of the Cowal peninsula. You start off at Portavadie and end your journey at Inveruglas within Loch Lomond Shores. Anyone who chooses to make this hike is treated to forests, hill-passes, shores of sea-lochs and stunning waterfalls. According to the ‘walkhighlands’ website, it’ll take you about twenty-nine hours. Three or four days at the very least, but again, shorter if you utilise the Adventurer Motorhome hire. Scotland is home to a number of fantastic quieter routes and this is one of the best. You have all the scenery of the more popular highland locations, without the abundance of tourists. It’s a long hike that we would definitely highly recommend.

The Cape Wrath Trail

If you’re really wanting to bond with four friends in one of our Adventurer motorhomes for hire in Scotland, why not really go for it. Who wants to go on a stunning four-day journey, when you could go on an epic two-week trek? To call it ‘long-distance’ is a tad of an understatement. This walk involves travelling from Fort William, all the way to the most northwestern point of mainland Britain in Cape Wrath. It’s a lot more difficult than the others on the list, purely because it isn’t officially marked. Three hundred and forty-eight kilometres await those who attempt this difficult hike, but it’s more than worth it. You’ll be rewarded with magnificent landscapes and the prestige of being able to say that you completed it. We do advise that you do extensive research before embarking on this hike.

Completing a long hike in on of our Adventurer motorhome hires in Scotland is the perfect way to see the best that Scotland has to offer while bonding with friends or family. You won’t be in discomfort either, as Rockin Van’s motorhomes are luxurious and spacious. They contain everything you need to have the perfect home away from home. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Our team will be happy to help!