Campervan Hire Wales: St David’s Day

Looking for an excuse to visit Wales?
Why not go on the 1st of March for St David’s Day!

Campervan Hire Wales: St David’s Day

The year is flying in. We’re now almost in March. Where has the time gone? Anyway, March is a fantastic month for travel. Well, any month is, but March also offers a great excuse to take a visit to Wales. St David’s day falls on the 1st of March and is a fantastic reason to take advantage of our campervan hire in Wales. It’s a gorgeous country to visit with an interesting and diverse culture. Not to mention, there are tons of things to see and do. Whether you’re looking for an adventure holiday or a visit to see some stunning world heritage sites; Wales has everything you could possibly want.

Who was St David?

To understand who St David is and why he gets a day dedicated to him, you need to be familiar with the concept of patron saints. According to Historic UK, a ‘Patron Saint’ is someone the nation “calls upon in times of great peril.” It’s also very religious based. The UK has four patron saints; St Andrew for Scotland, St for George for England and St Patrick for Ireland. St David is the patron saint of Wales. He is a big part of Welsh culture, but surprisingly little is known about his life. It is thought that he lived to be one hundred, but the first writing on his life only appeared five hundred years after his death so no one knows for certain. Supposedly, he came up with the idea of Welsh soldiers wearing a leek so as to distinguish them from the Saxon invaders they were combating with. The Welsh won the battle and St David was canonized by the Catholic church after his death. March 1st is now a national holiday as it regarded to be the date that he died.

Why should I visit Wales on Saint David’s?

We truly believe that St David’s day is a fantastic time to utilise our campervan hire in Wales. If you’re wanting a proper cultural experience in which you get to fully embrace Welsh mythos and tradition, it is the perfect time to go. In Wales, many people attend parades, church services or choral recitals in celebration. The National St David’s Day Parade in Cardiff is an event not to be missed. Here you’ll find a spectacle full of dragons and theatre, and apparently, the crowd gets together to sing the Welsh national anthem ‘Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau.’ Plus, you’ll get to see a host of daffodils, as people usually wear them to commemorate the day. You can begin to leave Winter behind you and embrace the Spring. You seriously won’t find a better time to go.

Why use a Campervan hire?

Travelling can be a nightmare. Booking a hotel and trying to find a cheap mode of transport can seem impossible. That’s why a campervan hire in Wales is ideal. All of our campervans come equipped with a fully functional kitchen, a very comfortable bed and ample storage space. So, you get the luxury of a hotel combined with the travel capabilities of a car. No longer will you be constrained by booking websites. You’ll be free to come and go as you please.

Why use Rockin Vans?

The team at Rockin Vans are passionate about campervans and motorhomes. We are a business that started out as a hobby. One that we loved so much that we made it our lives. Most of our rental vehicles are converted in-house so that you can sure you’re travelling in a fantastic and reliable campervan. Our vans have been tried and tested by many highly satisfied customers over the years so we are confident that we offer a campervan service that delivers a great experience. While we don’t have a pick-up point directly in Wales, Rockin Vans are still a fantastic option You can collect one of our campervan hires for Wales travel from Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Birmingham or Redditch. Our new Redditch depot is only three hours away from Wales!

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