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Happy International Mother Language Day! Why not celebrate the diversity of language with a campervan rental in the UK?

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Despite English being the most commonly spoken language in the sovereign state; Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland all come along with their own set of unique languages. Some are maybe less spoken than others, but all deserve to be preserved and celebrated. The UN has set the 21st of February as ‘International Mother Language Day.’ Like with any holiday, we like to view this as an opportunity to go on a jaunt around the United Kingdom. It’s there and ready with tons of opportunity for adventure, education and great memories. Why not celebrate the many great languages of our wee island with a Rockin Vans campervan rental in the UK?

Scotland (Scots, Scottish Gaelic)


The first country on our list and already we’ve stumbled into the dialect versus language debate. There are no set criteria to distinguish a language from a dialect and depending on what scholar you ask, you’re going to get a different answer. Is Scots technically a language? Debatable, but it’s our blog and we say yes for now. It’s generally regarded as a slight variation on English, but it does change depending on the region all of which have their own distinct dialects. The Scottish language is well known throughout the world. After all, ‘Auld Lang Syne’ is used throughout the English-speaking world as a New Year’s Eve tradition. While you could celebrate by reading The Broons (Browns) comics, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to take a trip throughout Scotland with your campervan rental in the UK? While there you can also get a taste of the easier to define language, Scottish Gaelic.

Maybe we’re a little bias, but we believe Scotland is a fantastic country in which to utilise a campervan rental in the UK. There is such a staggering variety of things to do and see, that it is an impossibility to see it all in one trip. You have the popular highland views and scenery, but then you also have a wide selection of distinct cities. For those wanting to get the most out of a shopping experience, Glasgow is the place to be. Alternatively, Edinburgh is an amazing city for history enthusiasts. In Scotland, there is something for everyone.

England (English)


According to the 2011 Census, 98% of people in the United Kingdom speak English. It is by far the most popular language in the region. If you can read this, you probably have at least a basic understanding of the nuance of the language and how it works. Just to give you some extra insight though; it’s a West Germanic language that was originated back in the 5th century by Anglo-Saxon settlers. Like with any language, it has developed throughout the years and older iterations are now regarded as being extinct. That is to say, you’re not going to be able to go to London in a campervan and then learn how to speak Old English.

England has some of the most iconic cities in the world. London is known internationally for its fashion, tourist attractions and shopping districts. If you’re looking for a painfully British experience, it’s a place that even people from the country need to visit. Who doesn’t want to have a tea near the Queen’s house? However, that’s not all that England has to offer. Despite not being as well known for it as Scotland and Ireland, England also has some absolutely stunning landscapes. It’s also the home of Stonehenge, the mysterious yet magnificent stone ring monument that is known globally. It’s a place you have to visit with your campervan rental in the UK.

Keep an eye out on our blog, where we’ll soon post a look at the offerings of both Wales and Northern Ireland!

It’s also worth noting that due to the freedom of movement that modernity has brought about, these countries aren’t just limited to the languages that we’ve listed here. We’re a diverse nation with many languages from around the globe, all of which should be celebrated.

To get the most out of International Mother Language Day, why not travel in a Rockin Van campervan rental in the UK. For more information, please feel free to get in contact.