Campervan Hire Ireland: St Patrick’s Day

Looking for an excuse to visit Ireland?
Why not go on the 17th of March for St Patrick’s Day!

Campervan Hire Ireland: St Patrick’s Day

It’s the middle of March already. Where has the time gone? We’re hopefully almost past the worst now in terms of weather. So, you can start planning for some fantastic journeys with your campervan. The first of this month already brought around a great reason to visit Wales, with St David’s Day. Now, there is the perfect reason to visit Ireland; St Partick’s Day. Ireland is a stunning country that is worth that little extra effort you have to make to get there. There is so much to see and do, that it would be a shame to miss out. Why not make use of our campervan hire in Ireland this March 17th?

Who is St Patrick?

A ‘patron saint’ is a heavenly advocate of a nation, craft, class or clan. They are regarded as guardians over a certain aspect of life. It is largely a religious concept. In the UK, we have four patron saints; one for each country. There is St Andrew for Scotland, St David for Wales, St George for England and St Patrick for Ireland. St Patrick is a huge part of Irish culture. In fact, you could easily argue that St Patrick is the most widely celebrated of the four patron saints of the UK. Believe it or not, he wasn’t actually Irish. Maewyn Succat was born in Britain about 400 AD. At age 16 he was supposedly captured by raiders during an attack on his families estate and held in Ireland for six years. Following his release, he eventually went back to Ireland to become a missionary. When he became a priest, he changed his name from Maewyn to Patricius, which is derived from the Latin term for ‘father figure.’

He is most well-known for teaching Christianity to the Irish. St Patrick travelled throughout Ireland, preaching the Gospel and converting many people to religion. If you google, ‘when was Ireland was converted to Christianity’, you’ll usually see 432 AD as the answer. According to legend, it was largely due to St Patrick. With your campervan hire in Ireland, you can travel throughout the country as he did. Only in a much for comfortable and luxurious fashion. He was thought to have died on March 17th 493 AD, which is why he is celebrated on this date.

Why should I visit Ireland on St Patrick’s?

Really, any time is the perfect time to make use of our campervan hire in Ireland. However, St Patrick’s Day is a particularly great period in which to go. This is purely due to the festive atmosphere and the many fantastic events spread throughout the country. If you fancy a trip to Dublin, they run a St Patrick’s Festival between the 14th and the 18th of March. Along with parades and music, you’ll also be treated to guided history walks, film screenings, singing workshops and what is being cited as, the world’s largest céilí. We all know the cliché; St Patrick day is known around the world has an opportunity to drink. Which isn’t great if you’re the designated driver. However, if you’re driving in our campervan hire in Ireland, you can still take part in the festivities. The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin runs tours on St Patrick’s day. It’s like drinking, without drinking. Really, we’d advise parking at the nearest camping location and using public transport if you fear you may be tempted. Alcohol or no alcohol, a visit to Ireland on St Patrick’s day can lead to some fantastic memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Why utilise a Campervan hire?

Travelling during a busy festival can be a total nightmare. There is no way you’ll be able to find access to a cheap hotel, and transport prices tend to skyrocket at every opportunity. A Rockin Vans campervan hire is ideal for this reason. You’ll be travelling in a convenient home away from home. You have the comfort of a hotel, combined with the convenience of a car. All of our campervans come equipped with a comfortable double bed, a shower, a toilet, a fridge and a 2 hob gas stove. You’ll have everything you need to make the most out of your trip. Rockin Vans have depots dotted throughout the United Kingdom. Sadly, we don’t have any in Ireland yet. Thankfully, a trip to Ireland is just a ferry away in our campervans.

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So, if you fancy a trip to Ireland, why not go for St Patrick’s day? Our campervan hire in Ireland can allow you the freedom to explore Ireland at your leisure. For more information on our campervan rental, please feel free to get in contact. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have.