Midsize Motorhome Hire Scotland

As of a couple of days ago, most Scottish schools are now back from their summer break. So, it’s the perfect time for tourists or adults to take advantage of our midsize motorhome hire in Scotland and peacefully enjoy the last of the warmer seasons

Midsize Motorhome Hire Scotland

Midsize Motorhome to hire from Rockin Vans

The summer holidays are a great time for families with kids to enjoy all the activities and sights that the country has to offer. There is so much to see and do during the summertime in Scotland, and it makes sense to take advantage. However, if you’re wanting a quieter experience, the school summer holidays can be a bit of a nightmare. A number of the fantastic attractions on offer are overcrowded; with screaming children vocalising their displeasure at the wait times this produces. It’s also slightly harder to enjoy the views of the magnificent Scottish Highlands when you’re stuck in amongst a crowd. The sweet spot between the end of summer and the school holidays being done is the perfect time for an adventure in our midsize motorhome hire in Scotland. 

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds while travelling in a midsize motorhome hire in Scotland, we have some fantastic suggestions for locations. While we’re happy to advise you in person in one of our stores, we thought we’d list a few here to get you started on ideas.

The Isle of Tiree

If you’re wanting some peace and quiet this summer, the Scottish islands are the way to go. There are the most well-known islands like Arran and Skye, but those are more likely to have tourists as they are internationally recognised. The Isle of Tiree is ideal for people wanting a quiet journey in a midsize motorhome hire in Scotland as it has all the beauty of Skye and Arran; minus the tourists. It makes for a gorgeous summer location, as it has long stretches of golden beaches that make you feel like you’re in a significantly more exotic location than Scotland. There is plenty to see and do here if you’re not wanting one of those quieter holidays where you do nothing but relax. There are a number of Iron Age fortresses to be explored on Tiree and a ton of wildlife to appreciate. 


It’s really surprising that more people don’t visit Moray as, according to the Met Office, it is one of the drier and sunnier spots of the country. The East side of the country is known for being less wet and miserable than the West, but the East Lothian parts are significantly busier than Moray. While Lothian has the bigger tourist spots, Moray has a lot to offer to those wanting a more relaxed and unique trip in our midsize motorhome hire in Scotland. Not many people take a visit to this luxurious spot due to its proximity to Edinburgh, but those who do are greatly rewarded with stunning sandy beaches and quaint fishing villages. We’d highly recommend a trip here with a midsize motorhome hire in Scotland. 

Isle of Cumbrae

Wanting to visit a quieter spot isn’t necessarily synonymous with wanting to have a quiet holiday. Maybe you still want an action-packed time; just slightly away from flocks of tourists and families. The Isle of Cumbrae is the ideal location. It is just a ten-minute ferry ride off the coast of Largs. It’s well known for being a fantastic cycling location; people travel to the town of Millport to hire bikes and then cycle the circumference of the island. There are also many cafes, restaurants and seaside attractions to be enjoyed. It’s a fantastic island to visit with our midsize motorhome hire in Scotland as it is easily accessible. Vehicles are welcomed aboard the ferry, or you can opt to park in Largs. 

For more information on quieter places to visit with our midsize motorhome hire in Scotland, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be happy to help.