Budget VW Campervan Hire Edinburgh

It’s almost September 1st; the day where Hogwarts students embark on the Hogwarts Express for their first day of school. If you want to celebrate the magical world of Harry Potter, why not visit the inspirations with our budget VW campervan hire in Edinburgh

Budget VW Campervan Hire Edinburgh

Any time is a good time to embrace the magic of Harry Potter. While there are fantastic attractions abroad or in England to celebrate the series, you can get an amazingly authentic fan experience from a visit to Edinburgh. This is because Edinburgh is where J.K. Rowling wrote a majority of the first book. The capital of Scotland was the inspiration for the wizarding world; with names and places within the city featuring in a number of books. We’d recommend that any Harry Potter fan make use of our budget VW Campervan hire in Edinburgh in order to get a new appreciation for the places that inspired the series.

There are a number of excellent tours within the city; tailored-made for fans of the Harry Potter books and films. However, you can make your own magical adventure if you know the right places to look.

Victoria Street

One of the first places you should visit with your budget VW campervan hire in Edinburgh. As soon as you step on the curved street with restaurants and stored piled together haphazardly, you’ll instantly know what this particular location inspired. While it isn’t confirmed to have been the inspiration for Diagon Alley, you will nonetheless feel like you have apparated into the Wizarding streets of Britain. It is a fantastic photography spot for fans keen to capture the magic without paying to go to London and see the Diagon Alley set.

Edinburgh City Chambers

After Victoria Street, you can continue down the Royal Mile until you encounter Edinburgh City Chambers. Now, we know this may not seem like the most exciting place to visit with your budget VW campervan hire in Edinburgh, but trust when we say it’s a place all hardcore Harry Potter fans should visit. In 2008, J.K. Rowling was awarded the Edinburgh award. Consequently, her handprints have been reproduced on a flagstone in the front of the City Chambers. It’s in a similar vein the Hollywood Walk of Fame as you’ll find some other cool handprints here from people like Ian Rankin and Sir Chris Hoy.

Greyfriars Kirkyard

You might be wondering why we’re suggesting you visit a graveyard with your budget VW campervan hire in Edinburgh. It’s a fair thing to wonder. However, we promise that Harry Potter fans will be delighted with a visit to this particular cemetery. As it is located to the cafe where Rowling visited frequently, it has been rumoured that she got a lot of inspiration from the gravestones that reside in Greyfriars. The most famous of the graves being Thomas Riddell who may have inspired Lord Voldemorts birth name; Tom Marvolo Riddle. Here, there is also the grave of William McGonagall and Elizabeth Moodie.

The Elephant House

Located in the old town, this is a place that cafe that every Harry Potter fan should visit at least once. It is known as the place that J.K. Rowling penned the first book. While there isn’t anything that initially screams ‘Harry Potter,’ if you take a visit to the toilets you will see a shrine to the series in the form of graffiti from thousands of fans. It’s also known to serve really great hot chocolate and coffee, so it is definitely worth a visit with our budget VW campervan hire in Edinburgh.

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