Birmingham to Scotland in a campervan

I work for Rockin Vans, so I thought ‘why not give camping a try, in a campervan!’. I had been camping before, but never in a campervan! So, myself and my partner grabbed a van, and went from Birmingham.

As Birmingham isn’t the best holiday location, (you can’t really camp in Birmingham!), we headed up North. We really wanted to try some wild camping. As this isn’t allowed in England, we headed for Scotland. However, we found out that wild camping is allowed in the Lake District, as long as you are considerate about where you park and leave no sign of camping.

We found some lovely spots in the Lake District and ended up staying in different spots for two nights. The gorgeous scenery relaxed us no end! We found that this was the beauty of camping with a campervan…. No plan required!

As we carried on up North into Scotland, the scenery just carried on amazing us. Having never been to Scotland like this before, we were stopping every few miles just to take in the views. And the number of other campervans and motorhomes around – it’s a real community!

We found some beautiful places to camp in Scotland. We camped up in the Cairngorms National Park – My Gosh, the views! Even on our way home, around Edinburgh, words cannot describe! Being a capital city, you wouldn’t think it would be so amazing around Edinburgh, but it was!

We had to leave the campervan up in Edinburgh, but even that was so easy to do – with the Edinburgh depot just 10 minutes away from the airport, we were home quicker on the plane than we would have been driving the campervan!

All in all, we had a wonderful van-cation! We will most definitely be taking a campervan up to Scotland again.

Hey… next time, we might even take a motorhome so we can take showers in comfort, on the road!