Budget VW Campervan Hire Edinburgh

It’s almost September 1st; the day where Hogwarts students embark on the Hogwarts Express for their first day of school. If you want to celebrate the magical world of Harry Potter, why not visit the inspirations with our budget VW campervan hire in Edinburgh

Budget VW Campervan Hire Edinburgh

Any time is a good time to embrace the magic of Harry Potter. While there are fantastic attractions abroad or in England to celebrate the series, you can get an amazingly authentic fan experience from a visit to Edinburgh. This is because Edinburgh is where J.K. Rowling wrote a majority of the first book. The capital of Scotland was the inspiration for the wizarding world; with names and places within the city featuring in a number of books. We’d recommend that any Harry Potter fan make use of our budget VW Campervan hire in Edinburgh in order to get a new appreciation for the places that inspired the series.

There are a number of excellent tours within the city; tailored-made for fans of the Harry Potter books and films. However, you can make your own magical adventure if you know the right places to look.

Victoria Street

One of the first places you should visit with your budget VW campervan hire in Edinburgh. As soon as you step on the curved street with restaurants and stored piled together haphazardly, you’ll instantly know what this particular location inspired. While it isn’t confirmed to have been the inspiration for Diagon Alley, you will nonetheless feel like you have apparated into the Wizarding streets of Britain. It is a fantastic photography spot for fans keen to capture the magic without paying to go to London and see the Diagon Alley set.

Edinburgh City Chambers

After Victoria Street, you can continue down the Royal Mile until you encounter Edinburgh City Chambers. Now, we know this may not seem like the most exciting place to visit with your budget VW campervan hire in Edinburgh, but trust when we say it’s a place all hardcore Harry Potter fans should visit. In 2008, J.K. Rowling was awarded the Edinburgh award. Consequently, her handprints have been reproduced on a flagstone in the front of the City Chambers. It’s in a similar vein the Hollywood Walk of Fame as you’ll find some other cool handprints here from people like Ian Rankin and Sir Chris Hoy.

Greyfriars Kirkyard

You might be wondering why we’re suggesting you visit a graveyard with your budget VW campervan hire in Edinburgh. It’s a fair thing to wonder. However, we promise that Harry Potter fans will be delighted with a visit to this particular cemetery. As it is located to the cafe where Rowling visited frequently, it has been rumoured that she got a lot of inspiration from the gravestones that reside in Greyfriars. The most famous of the graves being Thomas Riddell who may have inspired Lord Voldemorts birth name; Tom Marvolo Riddle. Here, there is also the grave of William McGonagall and Elizabeth Moodie.

The Elephant House

Located in the old town, this is a place that cafe that every Harry Potter fan should visit at least once. It is known as the place that J.K. Rowling penned the first book. While there isn’t anything that initially screams ‘Harry Potter,’ if you take a visit to the toilets you will see a shrine to the series in the form of graffiti from thousands of fans. It’s also known to serve really great hot chocolate and coffee, so it is definitely worth a visit with our budget VW campervan hire in Edinburgh.

For more information on our vehicle rental, please feel free to get in contact. Our team is happy to help.

Midsize Motorhome Hire Scotland

Midsize Motorhome Hire

As of a couple of days ago, most Scottish schools are now back from their summer break. So, it’s the perfect time for tourists or adults to take advantage of our midsize motorhome hire in Scotland and peacefully enjoy the last of the warmer seasons

Midsize Motorhome Hire Scotland

Midsize Motorhome to hire from Rockin Vans

The summer holidays are a great time for families with kids to enjoy all the activities and sights that the country has to offer. There is so much to see and do during the summertime in Scotland, and it makes sense to take advantage. However, if you’re wanting a quieter experience, the school summer holidays can be a bit of a nightmare. A number of the fantastic attractions on offer are overcrowded; with screaming children vocalising their displeasure at the wait times this produces. It’s also slightly harder to enjoy the views of the magnificent Scottish Highlands when you’re stuck in amongst a crowd. The sweet spot between the end of summer and the school holidays being done is the perfect time for an adventure in our midsize motorhome hire in Scotland. 

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds while travelling in a midsize motorhome hire in Scotland, we have some fantastic suggestions for locations. While we’re happy to advise you in person in one of our stores, we thought we’d list a few here to get you started on ideas.

The Isle of Tiree

If you’re wanting some peace and quiet this summer, the Scottish islands are the way to go. There are the most well-known islands like Arran and Skye, but those are more likely to have tourists as they are internationally recognised. The Isle of Tiree is ideal for people wanting a quiet journey in a midsize motorhome hire in Scotland as it has all the beauty of Skye and Arran; minus the tourists. It makes for a gorgeous summer location, as it has long stretches of golden beaches that make you feel like you’re in a significantly more exotic location than Scotland. There is plenty to see and do here if you’re not wanting one of those quieter holidays where you do nothing but relax. There are a number of Iron Age fortresses to be explored on Tiree and a ton of wildlife to appreciate. 


It’s really surprising that more people don’t visit Moray as, according to the Met Office, it is one of the drier and sunnier spots of the country. The East side of the country is known for being less wet and miserable than the West, but the East Lothian parts are significantly busier than Moray. While Lothian has the bigger tourist spots, Moray has a lot to offer to those wanting a more relaxed and unique trip in our midsize motorhome hire in Scotland. Not many people take a visit to this luxurious spot due to its proximity to Edinburgh, but those who do are greatly rewarded with stunning sandy beaches and quaint fishing villages. We’d highly recommend a trip here with a midsize motorhome hire in Scotland. 

Isle of Cumbrae

Wanting to visit a quieter spot isn’t necessarily synonymous with wanting to have a quiet holiday. Maybe you still want an action-packed time; just slightly away from flocks of tourists and families. The Isle of Cumbrae is the ideal location. It is just a ten-minute ferry ride off the coast of Largs. It’s well known for being a fantastic cycling location; people travel to the town of Millport to hire bikes and then cycle the circumference of the island. There are also many cafes, restaurants and seaside attractions to be enjoyed. It’s a fantastic island to visit with our midsize motorhome hire in Scotland as it is easily accessible. Vehicles are welcomed aboard the ferry, or you can opt to park in Largs. 

For more information on quieter places to visit with our midsize motorhome hire in Scotland, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be happy to help. 

Campervan and Motorhome Hire England

VW Camper Hire in England and Scotland

It’s July 25th, which means schools are officially off for the Summer in England. Are you stuck for things to do this school holiday? Why not set off on an epic adventure with our campervan and motorhome hire in England?

Campervan and Motorhome Hire England

VW Camper Hire at a campsite in England

Who doesn’t love a summer break? Sure, adults maybe can’t take off six weeks as they did in school, but those couple of weeks you do get are great. The memories you make with your family and friends over the summer, are memories you take with you for the rest of your life. You don’t have to go on an expensive holiday abroad in order to have a fantastic summer. England is full of fantastic attractions and locations for you to enjoy while the British sun is still playing ball. If you want to make the most of your summer, you should consider making use of Rockin Van’s campervan and motorhome hire in England.

Seriously, there are so many things to see and do and England. Did you know that there are over twenty theme parks spread across the UK? Most of them are situated in England. If you’re looking to emulate the excitement of going abroad without actually paying to hop on a plane and fork out for hotels; a theme park is a way to go. Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and Flamingo make for some of the top attractions in the UK. However, we’d also suggest The Pleasure Beach as a fantastic theme park. Not just because of the rides, but because it is situated within Blackpool. If you’re truly wanting to emulate an attraction filled holiday abroad with your campervan and motorhome hire in England; there is no better place to be than Blackpool. Here, you have Zoos, the Blackpool Tower, Sea Life, Madame Tussauds and an indoor waterpark.

However, if you’re not a fan of rollercoasters and candyfloss, you don’t have to worry. England has something for everyone. The number of museums available for you to visit with your campervan and motorhome hire in England is staggering. You have the National Railway Museum in York, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Musical Museum in Brentford; you also need to consider that this is just a really small sampling. We weren’t kidding when we said there was something for everyone. However, you don’t rent a campervan just to stay indoors all day. Thankfully, England is host to a number of fantastic outdoors spots.

With your campervan and motorhome hire in England, you could visit beaches, parks, stunning natural wonders and exciting historical sites. You could visit Stonehenge and then end your day relaxing on Bournemouth Beach. A campervan means you have the choice to create a bespoke holiday that is filled with activities that your family will love. Best of all, you aren’t held ransom by hotel fees and network rail. Instead, you can travel where you want, when you want. You’ll be free to explore in a home away from home; saving you a lot of money. Our campervans and motorhomes come equipped with a fully functioning kitchen, so you don’t have to pay for expensive restaurants or resign yourself to living off McDonald’s. For more information or travel tips, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be happy to assist.

Campervan and Motorhome Hire Glasgow

It’s officially summer! Now is the perfect time to go on an adventure with a campervan or motorhome hire. Glasgow residents have lucked out as they have easy access to a Rockin Vans depot!

Campervan and Motorhome Hire Glasgow

We would definitely encourage residents of Glasgow to utilise our campervan and motorhome hire in Glasgow to get out and see the rest of the country. However, those who don’t have the pleasure of living there should do the reverse. Why not make it a stop on your next campervan or motorhome journey? Glasgow has a ton of fantastic activities and some really cool locations to explore. As it is summer, there are also a number of fun events spread throughout the city that the whole family will love. If you’re still not convinced, we’d happily spend all day raving about the many positive aspects of the city. However, not many people will have a full day free to listen to us. So, here is a list of some reasons as to why you should visit Glasgow with your campervan or motorhome hire.

The Parks

Glasgow is home to a number of fantastic parks. Each has its own unique selling point, but all of them are beautiful and provide a much-needed contrast to the sights of the city. For those making of a campervan and motorhome hire in Glasgow, we’d highly recommend taking a visit to Pollok Country Park. It’s 146-hectares worth of stunning woodlands and filled to the brim with things to do. There is a play park for the kids, highland cows, woodland walks, walled gardens and even a museum. The Burrell Collection is a fantastic museum that displays the many unusual and fascinating artefacts collected by Sir William Burrell. Pollok Park is just one of the many superb parks within Glasgow, so definitely be sure to give a fair chunk of them a look.

The Cultural Sites

Despite what you may have heard Edinburgh doesn’t have all the fascinating Scottish cultural sites. While we would recommend taking a visit, you can just as much cultural enrichment with a campervan and motorhome hire visit to Glasgow. One such place is the Glasgow Necropolis. It’s somewhat of a grim visit, being that necropolis literally means ‘city of the dead,’ but it is an incredibly interesting location for a number of reasons. Not only is it home to 50,000 people from the past, but it also played an important role in the history of the medieval City of Glasgow. Tours are run daily for those interested. If a visit to the dead isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Glasgow has plenty of other cultural splendours to enjoy. You could take a visit to George Square or St Mungo’s cathedral to get your fix. Glasgow is also home to a number of museums that are free to enter.

The Food

If you’re a fan of food, Glasgow is the perfect city to visit. As it is such a diverse city with residents from all over the globe, there are restaurants that serve delights from every continent. Whether you love Chinese, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Indian, Polish or German cuisine, Glasgow will have the place for you. It’s well known that the city has an ever-evolving food and drink scene, with Finnieston recommended as a highlight in particular. For those campervan enthusiasts who have opted for a more eco-friendly way of life, Glasgow is also known as one of the UK’s most vegan-friendly cities.

The Music Scene

Glasgow is a fantastic place to visit if you’re a fan of music. It was named as the UK’s first UNESCO City of Music, as it has one of the most vibrant music scenes throughout the sovereign state. It’s a hotspot for live performance. Where other cities across the country are shutting down venues, Glasgow has only opened more. Bands from across the globe have been making a stop at Glasgow, the Hydro, in particular, so you’re sure to find a show that you’ll love every night of the week. It’s also well known for the many fantastic festivals held throughout the year. If you’re able to utilise a campervan and motorhome hire in Glasgow this weekend, you could give the Trnsmt festival a visit.

The Shopping

For those who enjoy a little retail therapy, Glasgow is the perfect spot to visit with a campervan and motorhome hire. Glasgow is a shoppers paradise. The mile between Buchanan Street and Argyle Street contains an immense amount of branded stores and smaller shops. It’s known as the Style Mile and you’ll be guaranteed to find what you’re looking for and more here. If you’re interested in more exclusive (expensive) stores, Glasgow also provides that. Princes Square is home to global brands such as Jo Malone, Vivienne Westwood and Kurt Geiger.

If you have the option to travel with a campervan and motorhome, Glasgow should be at the top of the list. If you’re a Glasgow resident wanting to make a trip outside of the city, get in contact for more information on our campervan and motorhome hire in Glasgow. Our team would be delighted to assist.

Campervan and Motorhome Hire Scotland

Midsize to hire from Rockin Vans London and Edinburgh

It’s almost International Day of Yoga. June 21st is dedicated to the holistic approach to body and mind. To celebrate, why not take a visit to some serene locations with our campervan and motorhome hire in Scotland.

Campervan and Motorhome Hire Scotland

Midsize Motorhome Hire

While we are big advocates of having an adventure in Scotland, there is a lot to be said for stopping to smell the roses. Yoga is all about having a calming mind and that’s something we believe everyone could with more of. Plus, it’s only a couple of days until the school summer holidays properly begin. So, there isn’t a better time for the parents of Scotland to try and cram in a more relaxing trip. Whether you have kids or you don’t, you deserve a relaxing trip to recharge for the second half of the year. Our campervan and motorhome hire in Scotland offers the perfect opportunity in which to relax in some of Scotland’s most relaxing locations.

To make your serene getaway even more relaxing, we’ve decided to take all the stress of finding locations away. We’ve prepared a small list of calming places in Scotland to visit with our campervan and motorhome hire to get you started.

Mainland, Orkney

If you want a quiet trip away with our campervan and motorhome hire in Scotland, you’re not going to get much quieter than a visit to Orkney. We’re not going to lie, it’s a wee bit of trial to get there. However, it is so worth it. The mainland is the main island of Orkney, but there are other small islands that you could visit if you so desired. Not that you’d really need to, the Mainland has a lot to offer. Here, you’ll be able to visit a number of significant archaeological sites and see a variety of wildlife. For those who find historical and mysterious monuments peaceful, the Orkney islands will be perfect. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its fascinating array of tombs, stone circles and Neolithic monuments. It’s the perfect location to visit with a campervan as it means you’ll have a guaranteed place to sleep. Just drive your rental vehicle to Scrabster and you can get a ferry to Stromness.

Galloway Forest Park, Dumfries and Galloway

For some, the most serene experience possible is just lying back and looking up at the stars. Unfortunately, light pollution has somewhat ruined this experience for most city dwellers. Which is why our campervan and motorhome hire in Scotland is the perfect opportunity. Scotland lucky enough to have a location that is perfect for viewing the night sky. Galloway Forest Park in Dumfries and Galloway has been honoured with the highly coveted Dark Sky Park status. These protected places are about as minimally affected by light pollution as possible in an inhabited area. To enhance the experience, the park even contains two powerful telescopes in the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory. It’s a relatively easy drive, making it a stress-free journey all around.

Jura, Inner Hebrides

Perhaps a serene trip for you is one full of inspiration. This secluded island must be full of inspiration as it is known to be the location in which George Orwell wrote his famous novel, “1984.” It is the perfect place to write a novel. It is a very quiet place to be; with the island only having 196 inhabitants. While you probably won’t find the time to be able to write a full best-selling novel while enjoying our campervan and motorhome hire in Scotland (feel free to prove us wrong), you’ll certainly be able to enjoy the quiet ambience. If you’re wanting to keep to a more relaxing trip, we’d advise staying away from the Corryvreckan whirlpool, otherwise, you should be fine to enjoy a peaceful time away.

These are just a small sample of the many stunning locations the dwell within Scotland. There are so many more waiting to be discovered. If you truly want to get into the spirit of yoga day, why not use our campervan and motorhome in Scotland to visit one of the countries many yoga retreats? For more information on our vehicle rentals, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be delighted to help.

Campervan and Motorhome Hire UK

You just missed World Oceans Day! On June 8th, the UN celebrated the lungs of our planet with a number of events. You could still get involved by planning a trip to the UK’s great coasts with a campervan and motorhome hire!

Campervan and Motorhome Hire UK

The ocean is one of the great unexplored areas of the planet. Did you know that more than eighty percent of our Earth’s oceans are currently unmapped and unexplored? There is so much still to be learned about what lurks beneath the depths. We’re a fan of adventure here at Rockin Vans, but we’re not suggesting that you hastily purchase a boat and go out without a clue. That could only lead to disaster. Instead, why not plan a trip to visit some of the stunning seaside locations that are dotted throughout the UK. Our campervan and motorhome hire in the UK will allow you the freedom to go where you want when you want.

However, we do know that this level of freedom does come along with its own set of problems. It’s hard to know where to begin when there are so many options out there. Being that the team at Rockin Vans is dedicated to helping our clients; we’ve compiled a small list of ideas for places in which to enjoy the seaside in the UK.

Rhossili Bay Beach, Swansea

We fear we may have peaked early by mentioning this one first, but you won’t regret taking a visit to this particular location with our campervan and motorhome hire in the UK. According to the kind folks who voted on TripAdvisor’s Travellers Choice Awards, Rhossili Bay is Wale’s Best Beach. It also took 3rd place in the poll for the UK’s best beach. It’s easy to see why, as the gorgeous three-mile long stretch of sandy shore encompasses a number of famous landmarks. If you want to properly appreciate the sea, this is the place to be. Due to its location at the western tip of the peninsula, it’s also a fantastic spot for surfers and paragliders. For those needing to transport equipment to enjoy the sea, making use of our campervan hire is a particularly smart choice.

Formby Beach, Liverpool

If you’re looking to celebrate the sea in a more educational way, Formby beach is the ideal location to visit with our campervan and motorhome hire in the UK. If you’re interested in natural history, this is a beach that you won’t want to skip. Due to the ongoing erosion of the shore, the tides reveal prehistoric mud layers. Apparently, if you scour the beach and take a close look, you have the chance of spotting some ancient animal footprints. Even if history isn’t your thing, the beaches are still gorgeous. On a clear day, you get a stunning view of the mountains of Cumbria. For those who like to be beside the sea, but don’t like the hassle of carrying a metric ton of sand with you, there is also a wooded area waiting to be explored. A campervan will allow you to easily carry picnic equipment, which means you can make use of the conveniently located picnic area.

Watergate Bay, Newquay

With two miles of golden sand and natural beauty; a visit to Watergate Bay with our campervan and motorhome hire in the UK will be liking driving into a postcard. The beach is set at the foot of steep cliffs, giving you a dramatic backdrop in which to enjoy the many thrilling activities of this shore. It’s a popular destination for watersports and a number of events are held in Watergate Bay throughout the year. Watergate Bay is well known as a surfing beach. However, due to the Extreme Academy, there are also the options of horse riding, kiting or even waterskiing. It’s a fantastic spot to take a campervan as you can carry apparatus for these activities with you.

For more information on seaside locations to visit with your campervan and motorhome hire in the UK, feel free to ask one of our team. When you pick you your rental vehicle, they’ll be happy to offer suggestions. Additionally, you can get in contact with us via our site for more information on our vans.

Midsize Motorhome Hire UK

It’s the Spring Bank Holiday! While it might be too late to take advantage of our Rockin Van’s Midsize Motorhome hire today, you have the full summer to take a journey across the UK!

Midsize Motorhome Hire UK

Mini Camper hire

Hopefully, everyone is enjoying their extra day off of work and school. May is a pretty amazing month for extra days off, with there being a bank holiday on the first and last Monday of the month. Don’t worry if you didn’t take advantage of the time this year; there is always the next. However, we have to admit that three hundred and sixty-six days is a long time to wait (next year is a leap year). Instead, you could take this opportunity to plan an amazing summer excursion with one of our midsize motorhomes hires in the UK. There is nothing quite like being able to take full control of your own holiday. Instead of being held to the whims of hotels and train companies, you can travel where you want, when you want.

We know how it is. Your friends and family are jetting off to Orlando or Italy this summer, and you’re left to maybe plan a wee day trip to your local beach. We’re here to reassure you that there are better ways to enjoy the UK this sunny season. There are some amazing locations to enjoy throughout the various countries of the sovereign state. We have a blog full of them, but we’re happy to reiterate. In fact, you can feel free to ask the team for recommendations in person when you come in to pick up your midsize motorhome hire. UK residents are truly blessed as not only are there a number of historical marvels and some amazing natural landscapes to be enjoyed, but we also have a booming tourist industry that has led to a number of attractions being invested in.

To get you started on planning your trip with your midsize motorhome hire in the UK, we’re happy to suggest a few ideas for attractions to visit. There are the obvious suggestions, such as Blackpool. Honestly, you won’t find better seaside attractions anywhere else. Here you have access to the iconic Blackpool Tower, the Pleasure Beach, multiple piers and a number of Merlin attractions. For those looking for a more low-key escape, we would suggest somewhere like the Lake District or even the Scottish Highlands. No matter where you decide, a motorhome can give you the freedom to do more with your holiday. You could choose to explore multiple attractions within one area or even just make a trip of visiting cities throughout the UK.

Admittedly, we are a little bias here at Rockin Vans. Many of our team grew up enjoying many a Summer spent in an RV, campervan, caravan or motorhome. The memories created and special moments enjoyed, prompted a passion for this lifestyle that continued well into adulthood. What we’re saying, is that we are proof for just how much the freedom to travel can enhance your life. We know what makes for a fantastic van conversion, so our midsize motorhome hire in the UK is guaranteed to delight and inspire a love for motorhomes. For more information, feel free to get in contact.

Campervan Rental Kilmarnock

VW Camper Hire in Scotland London Edinburgh

Summer is almost here! To get the most out of the sun, why not start looking into booking a campervan rental with Rockin Vans?

Campervan Rental Kilmarnock

We’re inching ever closer to that wonderful time of year in which you suddenly need to figure out how to entertain your kids for six weeks in succession. You’ll need a holiday to recover from the school’s summer holidays. We’d say we’re joking, but we’re not. Summer as a parent is exhausting. Even if you don’t have children, the summer is a great opportunity for travel and enjoying the UK while we briefly have some sun. Planning these excursions though, again, are a nightmare. Thankfully for those with children and those without, Rockin Vans offer a campervan rental in Kilmarnock which will allow you to easily explore the country with minimum hassle.

While everyone would be able to fly abroad to enjoy their break, the sad reality is not everyone can afford to. Not only are you purchasing flight tickets, but you also have to purchase accommodation, a visa, a passport, luggage and tickets or entry to any activities you may desire to do while away. It’s certainly not cheap, and for some, certainly not a viable option. Fortunately, the UK has a wide array of fantastic place just waiting for you to visit. Best of all, many of the top things to see here are totally free. With a Rockin Vans campervan rental in Kilmarnock, you’re combining your travel and accommodation into one. Also, our vans come with a fully functional kitchen, meaning you can make your holiday even cheaper and more tailored to your exact requirements.

We weren’t kidding when we said there were tons of free activities/places for you to enjoy with your campervan rental in Kilmarnock. For example, in Scotland, many museums are totally free of charge. This means that you could spend your days touring the country, visiting cities and enjoying a free activity. We would highly recommend The Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow and the University of Aberdeen Zoology Museum. Perhaps days at the museum isn’t your idea of a good time? Thankfully, Scotland has a lot more to offer. The country also boasts a number of award-winning beaches and historical sites waiting to be explored. With a campervan rental in Kilmarnock, you’ll have easy access to all of these and more.

If you’re looking for a place to make the best use of a weekend trip away with a campervan rental in Kilmarnock, we would suggest making the trip to Edinburgh. There is a reason that people all over the world flock to the capital. You could visit Edinburgh Castle, take a walk down the Royal Mile or even climb Calton Hill. Being a resident of the UK doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy the tourist attractions on offer. However, not only does Edinburgh have some fantastic tourist attractions within the main city centre, but the surrounding areas offer a lot too. With our campervan rental in Kilmarnock, you could take a visit to Cramond Island or Lauriston Castle. There are tons of places to visit with a campervan rental.

For more information, please feel free to get in contact with us. We’d be delighted to help.

Campervan Rental England: St George’s Day

On April 23rd it was St George’s Day, but who wants to celebrate on a Tuesday? Instead, you could explore the country with a campervan rental in England

Campervan Rental England: St George’s Day

We’re absolutely stunned that it’s almost the end of April. 2019 is coming in quick, and now we’re in the lead up to Summer. Here at Rockin Vans, we’re gearing up to help our clients create some amazing memories during the warmer months. However, you don’t have to wait until then to take a small break away. St George’s Day is the perfect excuse to plan a nice weekend trip to England. Our campervan rental in England can give you the freedom to explore at your own leisure and do exactly what you want to do while away. There are a number of fantastic and diverse cities and towns waiting for you to check out, so why wait?

Who was St George?

St George is the patron saint of England. According to historians, he was a Roman soldier that was born somewhere around 270 AD in the area that is now known as Turkey. Similar to the other patron saints of the UK, not much is know about his life. A lot of what is known was passed from person to person, so there is no set autobiography.  Instead, he is known for mythical heroic victories. St George is most famously known for fighting a dragon. The story goes that a dragon demanded human sacrifices until St George rescued a princess that was chosen as the next tithe. However, this famous tale wasn’t popularised until the late 13th century. It was included in a compilation about the lives of saints by Jacobus de Voragine. It was he who assigned St George the role of the dragon-slayer. Prior to that, other saints had been named in place.

St George went through the ranks of the Roman Army and eventually became a personal guard for Emperor Diocletian. However, at some point towards 300 AD, Emperor Diocletian ordered the persecution of Christians. St George refused to give up his Christian faith and what followed is significantly grimmer. Some say he was tortured for seven years, and legend says he was brought back to life on three separate occasions during this period. He became an early Christian martyr when he was beheaded in 303 AD. St George became the patron saint of England over one thousand years later due to King Edward III. He is celebrated on April 23rd as this is when he supposedly died.

Why should I visit England on St George’s?

You’ll be pleased to hear that you haven’t missed the festivities. The main St George’s Day events are being held over the weekend of the 27th and the 28th. A fantastic place to visit with your campervan rental in England would be Wrest Park. If you’re wanting to get the most out of a St George’s day event, this is the place to be. You’ll be treated to shows, games, performances and activities; with a reenactment of St George’s legendary battle with a dragon acting as a fantastic finale. There are tons of activities to keep children entertained. They can take part in; a circus skills workshop, a WWI obstacle course, junior jousting and Victorian games. There are many other places you’ll enjoy with your campervan rental in England, but you won’t find a better St George’s themed day out than at Wrest Park.

Rockin Vans Campervans

We all know how it is. Travelling on a normal weekend can be an absolute nightmare, nevermind travelling on a festival weekend. Hotels fill up at a rapid price and prices hike right up. That’s why we believe utilising a campervan rental in England is the way to go. You’ll be able to travel around England without any limitations. You can choose where you want to go and you get to decide what activities you want to do and when. Our campervans all come kitted out with a comfortable bed and a fully functional kitchen. It’ll be going on a trip in a home away from home. For more information, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be happy to help!

Small Campervan Hire Scotland

Happy Earth Day! April 22nd is an ideal time to celebrate the planet and take note of the problems of air pollution, global warming and the like. Why not get involved with our small campervan hire in Scotland

Small Campervan Hire Scotland

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Isn’t there a certain irony in using a vehicle hire in Scotland to celebrate a day that is meant to be about protecting the environment? Yes, we see your point. However, did you know that a campervan holiday is a lot more environmentally friendly than holidays involving flying and hotel stays? According to a recent study, CO2 emissions from a motorhome holiday are significantly less than what is produced during a holiday abroad. Being that a campervan is significantly smaller and less heavy than a standard motorhome, that number drops further. Our small campervan hire in Scotland will allow you to get closer to nature this Earth day and remind you as to why we should work to protect Scotland’s natural beauty.

Earth Day is an annual event that is celebrated around the globe on April 22nd. While it had a small start back in 1970, there are now events held throughout the world in more than 190 countries. Common ways of participating include planting trees, attending climate-themed talks, or just taking a stroll through nature. Really, Scotland is one of the best places for the latter, as it is full of gorgeous natural sites. You and your small campervan hire in Scotland are free to explore whatever you desire. However, if you’re stuck on ways in which to celebrate Earth Day, we do have a couple of suggestions.

Caledonian Forest, The Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park

This country has hundreds of forests, so you might be wondering why we have recommended this one in particular for a visit with your small campervan hire in Scotland. The Caledonian forest makes for one of Scotland’s most iconic landscapes and is a really interesting spot of natural history. Believe it or not, it was once a temperate rainforest that colonised most of the country. This changed in 5000BC when the climate in Scotland changed to become a lot windier and wetter. From 2000BC onwards, the forest has continually reduced in size, and now it remains can only be seen in a relatively small area near Loch Lomond. Its rich eco-system and diverse and rare mammals and plant life have been under threat due to deforestation since the Neolithic times. The reason it’s such a great place to visit this Earth Day is to remind you that things can improve. ‘Trees for Life’ are an organisation that is dedicated to regenerating and restoring as much as the forest as possible. You can even volunteer to help if a visit inspires you.

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

What better way is there to celebrate Earth Day than to learn about it in a museum dedicated to the primaeval forces of nature that shaped our planet. It’s an extraordinary visitor attraction to visit with your small campervan hire in Scotland. It’s great for adult and children alike, as there is a range of interesting interactive exhibits. Rather than having to read giant walls of texts, you can go through the journey of the Earth starting all the way back to the Big Bang. There are tons of really cool things to see and do; you can even touch a man-made iceberg. It’s the perfect place to inspire a love of science and nature, and it also hosts a number of events that highlight how human actions have negatively affected the climate and what we can do to improve the situation. Best of all, you can follow it up with a trip to Arthur’s Seat, which is just minutes away on foot, so that you can observe exactly what you just learned about.

Rest And Be Thankful, A83

If you’re already on a road trip or already planning one, you can still get involved in the Earth Day festivities. There are many fantastic sites to be seen and stopped at so that you can appreciate some stunning views. If you happen to be heading along the A83 in your small campervan hire in Scotland this April 22nd, why not stop at the ‘Rest and be Thankful’ picnic and viewpoint. It’s named after an inscription on a stone placed there by soldiers who built the original military road back in the 1750s. This little spot offers drivers and walkers an absolutely gorgeous site that looks like it has been taken straight from a postcard. From here you’ll be able to see the peaks of Ben Arthur (known more commonly as ‘The Cobbler’) and rich shades of green. This is not the only natural sight that you can pause and take in this Earth Day, but it is certainly in the top ten.

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