Birmingham to the Lake District Camper

Land Rover Discovery to rent in Scotland

Arriving at Rockin Vans Birmingham

I recently hired a Motorhome from Rockin Vans. My family of 4, myself, husband and two toddler boys travelled from RVB (the Birmingham depot). There was, as you can imagine a lot of things to pack for the children! Nappies, clothes, coats, wellies and a fair amount of toys/games to cover the travel time! The location was easy to get to and the range of vehicles was great. We arrived to the showroom to see a VW Caddy but after sitting in a VW Campervan we fell in love. We came to find that Rockin Vans have 3 locations in which they hire from. Kilmarnock, Edinburgh and Birmingham. The largest depot being Birmingham. They also had a few Midsize vehicles but we’ve always wanted to try out a VW and the Campervan was more than enough for us. As we also had purchasing one in mind Rockin Vans offered us a try before your buy hire.

Our Trip to the Lake District

We set out from Birmingham in our VW in the morning heading towards the Lake District. We stopped off for a cup of tea which was very easy with our Campervan because of the leisure battery and gas that comes with the vehicle. We also popped to the Tebay service station before we arrived at our destination as my eldest was ‘desperate’ and couldn’t wait the 5 minutes we had until we arrived! The boys had a lovely time in the back during the travel there with their colouring books and even had a run about in the field next to where we parked when we had our cup of tea. When we arrived we set up for the afternoon and found a lovely spot in Angle Tarn. As we hired the Campervan in January it was quite chilly but this was easily combatted with the heating in the van. The views from the spot were amazing, we did contact Rockin Vans directly to ask where was best for wild camping, this was the spot they recommended and what a great location it was! We spent the night here, all the while the Rockin Vans Birmingham team were in contact to check everything was going well. Which it was! Whilst in the Lake District we visited ‘Windermere’ which is the home of Beatrix Potter. This was a fantastic experience, the boys really enjoyed themselves as well as they are very fond of ‘Peter Rabbit’, it did cost quite a bit but was well worth it! Even the souvenirs we purchased (toddlers are expensive) were worth the money as they haven’t been put down since! The next day we went over to ‘The Lakes Aquarium’ this wasn’t a long drive away and once again for a family with small children is ideal for a bit of fun. The attraction was lovely and clean and exactly what you would expect from an aquarium. This wasn’t as expensive as our previous destination and the boys again enjoyed themselves. We headed over to a local pub for our dinner that night, ‘The Woolpack Inn’, where we enjoyed a delicious well priced pub meal of fish and chips of course!

Onwards to Snowdonia

We then made our way over to travelled over to Snowdonia as it was always something we wanted to see and hopefully reach the top! We were a bit peckish as we left our Lake District location quite early to head to North Wales. We stopped off at ‘Caffi Gwynant’ right at the base of Snowdon for a gorgeous full English. Unfortunately we did not reach near the top of the mountain (I think this was a bit of an ambitious thought with the kids) but the views from the journey and where we did get to were absolutely beautiful. Whilst we were here we did visit ‘Gelerts Grave’ the story is heartbreaking. I have attached a link here be warned, it may invoke tears if your an emotional Mum like me! the trail was very interesting and was thoroughly enjoyable. Some of my family live in Porthmadog which is about a half an hour drive from this location so we stopped there overnight. Our Campervan was very suitable and extremely comfortable throughout the duration. Rockin Vans continued to check on us the whole time and gave us little tips and tricks which were very much appreciated.

Home Time 🙁

Regrettably after spending four days in our lovely little VW Camper it was time to travel back to Birmingham. The staff were very interested in what we got up to so we told them all about our time away, they even asked to see some pictures we took and took a genuine interest. Since our trip away we have been looking to purchase our own but we may head back to Rockin Vans Birmingham to hire a Midsize this time to get a feel for one of those before deciding on which one suits us best. We have never visited Scotland and would love to see the sights in Edinburgh! In short Rockin Vans have given me a new hobby and I can’t wait to return to the depot in Birmingham for our next adventure!

Wildworx Van Conversions in Birmingham


Wildworx Campervan Conversions and Vehicle modifications has opened in Birmingham. Offering conversion and modification services for vans, cars and Kombi vans.

Need anything doing to your Volkswagen T5, T6, T6.1 Wildworx will be able to help you achieve the vehicle of your dreams. Wildworx will work on any base vehicle you can name including Transit, Ford, Vauxhall, Mercedes.

Wildworx Van Sales and Modifications are based in Redditch which is just outside Birmingham. Centrally located just off the major motorways, means they are easy to find for any conversions.

Vehicle conversion work they are specialising in includes pop top roof fitting. Heater installation and gas checked. All the team are fully qualified in electrics and gas meaning you have total peace of mind.

Get in touch for more information or check out their website here: 





Birmingham to Scotland in a campervan

I work for Rockin Vans, so I thought ‘why not give camping a try, in a campervan!’. I had been camping before, but never in a campervan! So, myself and my partner grabbed a van, and went from Birmingham.

As Birmingham isn’t the best holiday location, (you can’t really camp in Birmingham!), we headed up North. We really wanted to try some wild camping. As this isn’t allowed in England, we headed for Scotland. However, we found out that wild camping is allowed in the Lake District, as long as you are considerate about where you park and leave no sign of camping.

We found some lovely spots in the Lake District and ended up staying in different spots for two nights. The gorgeous scenery relaxed us no end! We found that this was the beauty of camping with a campervan…. No plan required!

As we carried on up North into Scotland, the scenery just carried on amazing us. Having never been to Scotland like this before, we were stopping every few miles just to take in the views. And the number of other campervans and motorhomes around – it’s a real community!

We found some beautiful places to camp in Scotland. We camped up in the Cairngorms National Park – My Gosh, the views! Even on our way home, around Edinburgh, words cannot describe! Being a capital city, you wouldn’t think it would be so amazing around Edinburgh, but it was!

We had to leave the campervan up in Edinburgh, but even that was so easy to do – with the Edinburgh depot just 10 minutes away from the airport, we were home quicker on the plane than we would have been driving the campervan!

All in all, we had a wonderful van-cation! We will most definitely be taking a campervan up to Scotland again.

Hey… next time, we might even take a motorhome so we can take showers in comfort, on the road!

Rent a campervan in Redditch – Rockin Vans newest depot

Rent a camper to travel to Wales

Rent a campervan in Redditch

Rockin Vans has opened a campervan and motorhome hire depot located in Redditch. This great new location will offer a mixture of 2, 4 and 6 berth motorhomes and campervans to hire. From Redditch there are many locations you are able to visit.

Rent a camper to travel to Wales

In your campervan you will be able to travel quickly to Brecon Beacons, in Wales as our location is just off the M42 motorway, just 15 miles south of Birmingham. From the wonderful Brecon Beacons you can then explore the fantastic and mountainous country of Wales.

Brecon Beacons Campervan Hire
Brecon Beacons Campervan Hire

Wales has 3 national parks, taking up 20% of its space. All within 3 hours of Rockin Vans Redditch Rental Depot. Pembrokeshire National Park is full of outstanding natural beauty, rugged coastline and full of wildlife. Snowdonia National Park is only 2 hours 40 minutes away from our depot in Wales. Within Snowdonia there is fantastic scenery and lots of activities, come rain or shine! The world’s longest Zipline is a great activity, as well as the largest underground cave system.

Snowdon National Park in a campervan
Snowdon National Park in a campervan

Heading south from the Redditch depot there is some fantastic scenery. Head into the Cotswolds for country pubs and true English countryside. Further south still, head to the Jurassic Coast, with Redditch only 3 hours away from this amazing coast in Bournemouth.  

Cotswolds Campervan Hire

The South East, has some wonderful little towns, full of independent and craft shops, as well as pubs and restaurants. Whitstable is only 3 hours away from our Redditch hire depot. The scenery here is lovely, don’t forget to try some of the famous Whitstable Oysters! 

Whitstable in a camper rental

The central location of our Redditch depot means that much of the wonderful UK countryside is within easy reach. Just pick up your campervan or motorhome and hit the road!

Rockin Vans opening new Birmingham depot and showroom

Rockin Vans opens new Birmingham campervan hire depot and campervan showroom

New Rockin Vans Birmingham Depot

Rockin Vans is pleased to announce the launch of its newest campervan hire depot in Birmingham. You will be able to collect your motorhome or campervan rental from our depot 15 minutes away from Birmingham airport, just outside Redditch. Our Birmingham depot will also have a large campervan showroom for any campers that we have for sale.

From our Birmingham depot you will be able to explore many of the local attractions.

Snowdon National Park is located just 3 hours away through wonderful Welsh scenery. Here you can have a go on the world’s longest zipline, and bounce in the underground trampoline park.

Closer to home the Cotswolds is just a short 1 hour drive away from our Birmingham camper hire depot. In the Cotswolds explore wonderful English scenery and check out the incredible local pubs. The Cotswolds Wildlife Park is a great day out for the kids.

If the ocean is more your scene, you are only 3 hours to the wonderful Dorset coast. Make sure you visit the awesome hippie towns of Bournemouth. And the more remote location of Lulworth Cove. Both will give you the full experience of the wonderful English coast.

If you are wanting to head further in your campervan hire, why not book a one-way rental. Rockin Vans has offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London. You are able to collect your campervan from our Birmingham offices and drop off in Scotland. Meaning you can explore the full length and breadth of the country. Check out our other blogs on what to do in Scotland.

Gorgeous Autumn Scottish Locations to Visit With Your Motorhome

Gorgeous Autumn Scottish Locations to Visit With Your Motorhome

Autumn is an absolute stunning time of year throughout the UK, especially if you manage to hit the sweet spot where the leaves are in dazzling shades of gold and red. If you’re wanting a more relaxing trip in your Motorhome, Scotland offers some of the best opportunities to see some amazing displays of Autumn foliage. Here are some recommendations of places you should visit to make the most out of Autumn.

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond is a great place for a visit all year round with lot of activities; walking routes, an aquarium, mini golf, and tons of family events. However if you’re wanting to go for the purpose of seeing the best views of the Loch, Autumn is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. The trees lining the Loch start turning shades of red and orange during the latter weeks of September, and produce an incredible sight for all of those visit.

The Luss Camping and Caravanning Club is located on the western shore of Loch Lomond, a convenient location for those wanting to visit with your Motorhome.

Rannoch Moor

It’s not just the trees throughout Scotland that change colour later in the year. The Scottish Moors also transform and become a breathtaking site, with the green grass turning shades of yellow and gold. While it is a challenging trek due to the rocky outcrops and boggy terrain; it is worth it for the animals, birds and fauna that you’ll find along the way. The Rannoch area does also offer less challenging forest walks for those wanting to embrace Autumn without too much effort.

While it’s not a Camping and Caravanning Club, Loch Rannoch Forestry Commission is a site licensed by the Local Authority. It is at the heart of Rannoch, giving you the freedom to travel around.


Perth Known as the ‘Fair City’ of Scotland, it was once the capital of the country and offered the Kings and Queens of Scotland a picturesque home. It boasts a number of scenic walks for visitors to embark on. For those travelling with kids (or adults) that have a short attention span and won’t find a walk through a gorgeous forest all that interesting, Perth offers something special with it’s ‘Enchanted Forest’ outdoor sound and light show. Running annually for the month between October and November, the event changes every year so it’s worth checking out every Autumn if possible.

The Scone Camping and Caravanning Club site is very close to Perth, and also gives you access to some amazing other locations nearby.
Glen Affric If you’re wanting to view the classic ideal of Scotland’s landscape in your motorhome, you won’t find a better place than Glen Affric. It is home to a large pocket of pinewood forest, consequently displaying some fantastic autumn shades in September through to November. Visitors also have the chance to spot some local wildlife; including roe deer and red squirrels.

Glen Affric

The Loch Ness Shores Club Site is an easily manageable 11 miles away from Glen Affric, and has the bonus of giving you the option to also explore Loch Ness while you are there. Edzell While admittedly one of the more awkward places to get to, Edzell is an endearing village within Royal Deeside, that offers some stunning Autumn sights.

Particularly gorgeous, is the Rocks of Solitude River Circuit. It is a long walk 10km walk along River North Esk, offering picturesque views with vibrant foliage. For those interested in fishing, it is also a popular salmon fishing area. This is a good place to take your Motorhome in Scotland, as to get there you are limited to bus or car otherwise. The nearest site is the Feughside Caravan Park, this is a Local Authority site so unfortunately you won’t get the Rockin Vans discount, but Edzell in Autumn is really not to be missed.

So if you’re interested in travelling around Scotland in a Motorhome this Autumn, get in contact with us and our experts will help you set off on your way.

Spooky Scottish Locations To Visit With Your Camper This Autumn

Spooky Scottish Locations To Visit With Your Camper This Autumn

The leaves are dying and falling off of the trees, and there is a distinct chill in the air.  While you don’t have to wait until Autumn to get into the spooky spirit, it certainly does help. We at Rockin Vans feel that the best way to take advantage of Scotland’s scariest locations is to take advantage of our VW Camper Van hire and see them for yourself. With a Rockin Van hire, you are free to travel around Scotland and see the best horror locations that this mecca for the paranormal has to offer.


The capital city of Scotland has a dark and twisted past that makes it an attractive location for horror fans all year round. From plague to poverty, the cities grim past features many tales that will keep those interested in the occult highly entertained. Whether you are wanting to take part in one of the more flamboyant scary tours that take you around the city, or take a trip down to the genuinely creepy historical locations, there is something for everyone looking to get into the spirit this Autumn. You can take a trip down Mary King’s Close, a haunted lane that was bricked up due to a plague outbreak and one recently reopened, or a guided walk to Greyfriars cemetery. For those interested in a more ‘sedate’ scary experience, Edinburgh’s museums feature many horrifying historical artifacts for your perusal; from a pocketbook made from William Burke’s skin, to the bloodstain left from where David Rizzo (Queen Mary’s secretary) was stabbed 56 times.

With every Rockin Van’s VW Camper Van hire you get access to the Camping and Caravanning Club Privilege Scheme. The Lauder Campsite is just a short drive from Edinburgh.


There is no doubt that Glencoe is a gorgeous place to visit. Idyllic to the point of stereotype, it’s the place that everyone outside of Scotland pictures the entirety of Scotland to be. Magnificent hills, wildlife and stunning views. However, Glencoe has its own bleak history. In 1692, an estimated thirty-eight men, women and children were massacred while sleeping in their beds. To make the story even more grim it is said that the MacDonald clan hosted their murderers in the days following up to the event. To this day, “No Campbells” signs can still be found throughout inns in Glencoe. It is said that towards the anniversary, screams can be heard throughout the Glen. While still gorgeous, there is no doubt that the grim history makes it an eerie site to visit.

There is a Camping and Caravanning Club Site situated right at the foot of the mountains.


Stirling is a city every fan of the uncanny has to visit at least once with their VW Camper Van hire. This is because Stirling Castle, home to many of the Kings and Queens of Scotland, was the site for countless sombre tales. Wherever there is a ghastly story, there is of course accompanying reports of hauntings and ghost sightings. One of the most popular ghosts that live in the castle is the Green Lady. It is believed that she was burned to death while attempting to save Queen Mary from a fire in her bed chambers. Ever since, visitors have reported seeing her wandering throughout the castle. With frequent ghost hunts, and less spooky activities for those who are just interested in Scottish history, there is something for all the family making it a worthwhile trip.

Stirling Castle is just a small drive from the Camping and Caravanning Club, Milarrochy Bay Campsite.


Angus is a local government council area that borders Dundee, Perth, Kinross and Aberdeenshire. The location of particular interest is a village situated within Angus, Glamis. Glamis Castle is famous for being widely considered the most haunted location in Britain. A combination of a high volume of sighting reporting, and the folklore that surrounds the castle has led to it receiving this highly coveted occult honour. Arguably the most chilling ghost that can be encountered is ‘The Woman with a Tongue’, an apparition that can be seen wandering and gesturing towards her grotesquely wounded face. For those really interested in folklore, they can try and find the supposed hidden room in which the ghost of Earl Beardie can be found eternally playing cards with the Devil.

The Scone Club Site is just a short drive away from Glamis. It is only 23 miles if you go via the A94.

While you don’t have to wait until Halloween to visit Scotland’s spookiest locations in a Rockin Vans VW Camper Van hire, but it’s certainly a good excuse. For more information please get in contact with us.

Why A Motorhome Hire Is The Perfect Christmas 2018 Gift

Christmas Motorhome or Camper Hire

Campervans at Christmas

Why a Campervan or Motorhome Hire is the Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas Motorhome or Camper Hire

We’ve all been there, only a couple of months left until Christmas and absolutely no inspiration as to what to buy your nearest and dearest. Well have no fear, because we here at Rockin Vans have the perfect solution. A motorhome hire and a leisurely jaunt around Scotland is the perfect Christmas gift this year and it will give your loved ones an experience that they will remember for a lifetime. When buying other types of holidays as a gift, you either have to guess and hope its a location the group would want to go, or you have to ruin the surprise by explicitly asking them for ideas. Buying your loved one a motorhome hire means buying them the freedom to travel around
Scotland or the rest of the UK. They have authority over their own adventure. They can have a holiday packed with full of thrills, or they can have a relaxing time admiring the scenery and exploring the historic locations that Scotland has to offer. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg either, with our vans and motorhome hire starting from just £69 per night. Cheaper than most hotels, and the travel is already sorted. Ideal!

At Rockin Vans we have a motorhome or campervan available for hire for every occasion; be it a trip with the whole family, or a romantic retreat for two. Our motorhomes up for hire give all the comfort you need to withstand a long trip; including very comfortable beds, a fully functioning kitchen, a shower and a toilet. Included with all of our hires is insurance for one driver, vehicle support, a kitchen pack and access to the UK Camping and Caravanning Club Privilege Scheme; meaning you don’t have to worry about giving someone a gift that comes with tons of hoops to jump through. All they have to worry about is picking up the motorhome and having a great time doing whatever they want to do. If you’re feeling really adventurous and are planning on buying for already seasoned travellers, you can bypass Scotland entirely and offer them a journey around Europe for just a small additional charge. The possibilities are endless when you gift loved ones with a holiday that they
have ownership of.

So if you’re looking to win the award for best gift this year, consider buying your loved ones a motorhome hire so they can explore Scotland at their leisure. For more information, or to receive a quote on any of our vans available to hire, please get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to help.

Christmas in your Camper Van: 2018 UK Events

Christmas in your Camper Van: 2018 UK Events

We here at Rockin Vans feel there is no better way to spend Christmas, than at a nice spot in the UK with a camper van or motorhome.

You can still have all the traditional fun of Christmas, combined with the freedom to access some amazing locations throughout Britain. Throughout the UK there are a number of events over the christmas season that you can attend and campout near to make the most of your travels over the holidays. From Christmas markets to seasonal craft workshops, there is guaranteed to be an event that everyone will enjoy. Hiring one of our camper vans this winter means that you can make the most of the events that the UK has to offer. To get you started on finding an event that will suit you, here is a small list of some of our favourites.

Candlelit Dartmouth (30th November – 1st December)
Candlelit Dartmouth is an annual event that launches the start of Dartmouth’s Christmas Market. Alongside the market that can provide you with a variety of gift ideas, Candlelit Dartmouth boasts a wide array of musicians and entertainers to keep the full family entertained. Also included on the Saturday (the 1st) is a “Candlelit Kids” event which includes a Santa’s grotto and a craft workshop. Concluding with a lantern procession through town, Candlelit Dartmouth is an event not to be missed. For those wanting a convenient mode of travel while keeping their camper van at a site, there is a free minibus shuttle service.

Edinburgh Christmas Market (16th November – 5th January)
Edinburgh’s Christmas Market is world-renowned. People travel all over to go to this event at the heart of the city, and you should be no exception. Alongside a market offering a diverse range of gifts and food items from around the globe, the Edinburgh market prides itself on having a wide range of events and activities that everyone can get involved in. From an 100ft ferris wheel, to circus shows, and ice skating, the Edinburgh Christmas festivities is a variety-packed event that isn’t to be missed. For those looking to get easiest access to the city, it is best to leave your camper van or motorhome at the site near the Firth of Forth.

The Dickens Christmas Festival (30th November – 2nd December)
The Dickens Christmas Festival is a truly unique Christmas experience for those who appreciate history, particularly the Victorian era. Set at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, The Dickens Christmas Festival is a celebration of Dickens and features many of the characters that he created; from Scrooge to Oliver Twist. This event offers a true traditional Christmas experience, with a traditional green Father Christmas to accompany Dickensian street performance. For camper van owners or renters, the Southsea Leisure Park is the best option if you’re looking for easiest access to the city centre.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland (22nd November – 6th January)
A spectacular seasonal event, with a variety of unique attractions. If you can only make one trip with your camper van this holiday season, the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland should be at the top of your list. From ice sculpting workshops, to ‘The Enchanted Forest in The Magical Ice Kingdom,’ to a gigantic ice-skating rink, this event is a lot more pricey than the others on this list but it is definitely worth it. Having the camper van to cut the costs of travel and hotel expenses will be a bonus if you are looking to attend what is one of the best Christmas events in the UK. The Crystal Palace Caravan Club Site, sits just 7 miles away from Hyde Park. If you’re looking to attend any of these fantastic UK Christmas events and are in need of a camper van or motorhome, please feel free to contact Rockin Vans.

Drive through the Cornish country side stopping into some of the many quaint sea side towns for a pastie along the way. Driving through Cornwall will show you first hand what it is about this beautful place that has inspired generations of writers from DH Lawrence and Charles Causley to Sir John Betjeman and Daphne du Maurier.