Couple explore the UK in a VW Camper

Couple explore the UK in a VW Camper

Nadia and Mike aka Couple Travel the World have been traveling the world together since 2008. They head out to explore the Great British countryside, in an orange VW Camper from Rockin Vans. Read about their adventures here.

Hi, we are Nadia and Mike, couple travel bloggers @coupletraveltheworld We are taking over the Rockin Vans instagram page to take you on an epic campervan journey of the UK! We have decided to name our camper Red Ned. Well, as you can see, Ned is in fact orange but nothing rhymes with orange and Red Ned has a better ring to it, don’t you think? Follow us (and Ned) as we explore some of the best places to travel in the UK! .

After Glasgow we visited Loch Lomond. We had seen pictures of the gorgeous Lodge on Loch Lomond and simply had to visit as we were passing by. Many Scottish people actually chose to get married here as the whole premises is absolutely stunning. The rooms are decked out in Scottish luxury with tartan trimmings and even private saunas! We were beyond impressed as we have never seen a hotel room with both a private sauna and a view to die for!

After Glasgow, we ventured with Red Ned (our rockin van) to Loch Lomond. We would highly recommend visiting Loch Lomond on a Scotland road trip, it is so picturesque, we could spend hours admiring the view

Winter Camper Road Trip To Skye

Winter Camper Road Trip To Skye

Chiara Guarino heads out into the Scottish wilderness during a harsh winter to celebrate her Mums birthday. Read about her trip here…

When it came to organising a surprise present for a special birthday for my mum I knew it was going to be a road trip around the Scottish Highlands but I needed something more, something that would really take this adventure to the next level – and that’s where Rockin Vans came in. My big brother, sister and I decided that we had to make this the ultimate road trip adventure, we had to do this properly and so, whilst fulfilling my own dream of a campervan road trip around Scotland, we got in touch with Rockin Vans and never looked back!

VW Camper Hire Scotland
VW Camper Hire Scotland

Why do people love campervans so much? Beyond functional when on the road, they are often beautiful and somehow very romantic, but the allure of a campervan is above all the pure sense of freedom it gives you. No other form of transport gives you so much potential for spontaneity, adventure and self-reliance. You have your own mobile accommodation, roadside café and the open road at your fingertips – the keys to your own adventure always at hand.

Picking up our VW campervan from Glasgow, the depot itself gets you in a mood for a road trip. A wonderful selection of top of the range campers and motorhomes, Rockin Vans ticks all the boxes!

Filling every single storage area in the campervan, we stored our hiking and snow gear, packed the fridge full of goodies and set out early doors. Leaving from Glasgow, we hit the road for the Isle of Skye, quickly realizing that we were in for a treat as it started snowing by the time we reach Loch Lomond.

By the time we get to Glencoe, we are in the middle of a snowstorm, navigating the road with almost zero visibility. The road through Glencoe is incredible, surrounded by mountains on all sides the feeling of adventure and serenity is immeasurable. Being in the van amid this storm was a whole new adventure!

Every road trip is always exciting, but being in the camper van brings a whole new dimension to the road; it is like you are driving the roads again for the very first time, every turn bringing a new perspective. Keen to make up good time and wary of the weather getting worse, we made our way through the mountains and winding roads, having our first pit stop up past Fort William down near the waters of Loch Lochy.

The time and freedom you get from the campervan is priceless. Travelling with all your necessities on board means you are ready to go at all times! Numerous storage compartments and the fridge/freezer allows you to prepare and cook food right on site, tea and coffee ready to go in minutes, everything you need at your fingertips! We didn’t have a toilet, but everyone was fine embracing the outdoors and doing it the old-fashioned way – also meant I didn’t need to clean it out…

After putting the roof up, turning the front seats around, preparing lunch and setting up the table, we had a lovely wee lunch by the water and clean up was super easy and fast. We hit the road again, tummies full and toes warm from the van’s heater, we were keen to avoid any more stops as we sought out a sunset on Skye at Kilt Rock – apart from this quick snap at Eilean Donan Castle!

The winding roads of Scotland is something I will never get bored of, they look and feel different every time you drive through. Something so alluring about them, the endless opportunities that they present.

Driving through a snow storm we make it to Kilt Rock for sunset, only to find that our pursuit was in vain as visibility was non-existent. All was forgotten however, as soon as we see the spectacle that is Mealt Falls – an incredibly powerful waterfall fed from nearby Mealt Loch, plummets from the top of the cliffs to the rock-laden coast below, with the pleated cliffs of Kilt Rock in the back.

With the light falling fast under the thick clouds and more snow moving in, we jumped in the van and made a dash to Lealt Falls just further down the road, before heading home for dinner and movie night before the fire, not forgetting a wee dram or two.

The following day we rose early to venture out on a morning hike up to the Old Man of Storr to find that the weather has picked up and the sun making an appearance finally; though this was to be short lived. Snow gear back on and the campervan fridge packed full of our food and drink for the day, we set off precariously on the snowy roads that were layered with fresh snow that fell throughout the night.

We made our up the east coast of Skye and parked up in the lay by for The Storr hike. The views on the way up are spectacular, looking out over the harsh landscape and the waters of Loch Leathan.

The higher we climb and the closer we get to the Old Man, the more powerful the wind and intense the snow is, though we battle on hoping there will be a break in the weather.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature won this time and we had to turn back – going up we were caught in the middle of a blizzard and Storr still looked attainable at a push, but visibility was zero when you made to retreat. Not able to see your hand in front of your face, scrambling back down blind through the storm would have become increasingly dangerous the more we climbed, so we made a safety call on that one.

We shook off the snow, packed away our wet gear in the back of the van and refueled with some kendal mintcake before setting out for our second adventure of the day. I had been eagerly anticipating this hike for almost a year – the hunt for Ruhba Hunish, a bothy at the top of Skye that looks out over The Minch, Isle of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides.

We set off on the road, aiming for the northern most point of Skye, Kilmaluag. I couldn’t find a lot of information on this bothy, but I knew it was there to be found. I had vague directions to the starting point, a red phone box being the main point of interest. It was hard to get your bearings on the road as everything was covered in snow, but the views were superb along the way!

30 miles up the road we finally spot that red phone box, graft up a snow covered track to the car park and the start of the Ruhba Hunish trail. We park up, get all our gear back on and make a pact to have lunch in the campervan upon our return.

The first kilometer (5km round trip) or so was easy enough to navigate as it was a rough and ready trail to a wooden gate, through snow and bog nevertheless. But after the gate, it was difficult to see any sort of track or point of reference, instead an endless view of undulating hills of bog and snow. All we had to go on was to keep heading North, so we trudged upwards over the hills – again, the views were stunning.

Gaps started to appear in the group as the hike became increasingly strenuous with the snow level rising underfoot and a few bog incidents slowing us down. Every summit we came to another would appear, but we kept on going. Hailstones were plummeting from the sky, the most painful we have ever witnessed – you had to walk blind with your head down and completely covered otherwise risk the pain of one of these in the eyes! (which we all got to experience at one point!) The more the hail and wind battered us, the endless lines of hills in front of us, we began to doubt if we were ever going to find the bothy. Having not eaten since breakfast, some of us were becoming quite hangry (angry because you are hungry.) But we were too stubborn to give up, we knew we had to be close! So we rallied round and set off with my brother hill running ahead to see if he can see any sort of interest point. 10 or so minutes pass with no sign of him, us girls hoping he will return with some news, something in the landscape to show we are on track.

Finally, he appeared – he made it to the clifftop and found the bothy! It was a great moment for all, really lifting our spirits to make it that last steep kilometer for a well-earned rest and drink.

It was such a wonderful feeling to make it to the bothy and something I had been so looking forward to, since planning the trip out a year prior. The difficulty we had navigating and battling through the harsh elements and terrain made the discovery all the more special. And I finally got to photograph that beautiful bay window with my family around the table, just like I had envisioned.

We did regret not bringing lunch as we were ravenous by this point. Nonetheless, we polished off some snacks, had a drink and hung out for a while. The clifftops along the North are breathtaking with the snow creating a magical scene.

We left a message in the bothy log book, explored the cliffs for a while and took some photographs, but it was so cold we had to quickly get going back to the van, get some blood flowing. A challenge all in itself on the way back down, but we knew where to go this time at least. Eventually we make it back to the van and its lunchtime – roof up, stove on for some tea, table out and chairs turned and you are ready to go. The ability to do this immediately after a big hike, right by the clifftops overlooking the North Sea is exactly why you need a campervan for your next road trip – they take it to a whole other level.

After a well-earned scran, we set our sights on the Fairy Glen on the East side of the island, so we had a long trip round. The sights along the way, well I don’t need to tell you…

By the time we reach the Fairy Glen, the snow is falling pretty heavily and we find a car abandoned at the top of a hill; apparently a couple of cars were stuck further down, so followed suit, parked up and made the rest of our way on foot. There were 3 cars stuck in the snow/ice with a Land Rover trying to pull them out with some rope and us thankful we listened to the friendly stranger at the top of the hill. Within 5 minutes, the snow is a full-blown storm, hail as hard as nails falling to the ground and the wind whipping snow around us, we dug deep for that bothy fighting spirit again and marched on through the blizzard. Quickly we realise it just isn’t going to happen, we can’t see a thing and with our snoods up to our eyes we regrettably have to turn back. As bad as the weather was around us, it was incredible to be smack bang in the middle of it all – I took my camera out from within my jacket and snapped these 2 shots which are among my favorites of the trip. These turned out to be the last photographs of the day as we battled the snow back to the van, made a pit stop at the Uig Hotel for a wee dram, then headed back to Portree for some food and a movie night.

Waking the next morning, the snow had stopped and the sun was peeking through the clouds casting a wonderful light over the landscape – a perfect morning for a trek to the Fairy Pools. Again, we packed the van with all our essentials and set out the far West coast of Skye, passing by Sligachan bridge before reaching the fairy pool car park.

Hiking to the bottom of Sgurr an Fheadain, I was determined to photograph the iconic scene of the Fairy Pools flowing benath the Cuillin Mountains:

This trail is a bit of a thigh burner but the best hikes usually are. It is a wonderful site to see these pools up close and hike through the glen of an incredible mountain range, together with the people that matter.

A quick refuel in the campervan before setting our sights this time on the Western most point of Skye, Neist Point. Most roads in Scotland are incredibly beautiful and this drive was no different.

However, by the time we made it to Neist Point, the wind is nothing like we’ve seen before – it was so powerful, it was whipping up sea spray hundreds of feet below clifftops. I was determined to get a decent photo of the famous lighthouse at the end of the peninsula, but the wind was out of control and gave you the feeling it could turn sinister at any moment – it was far too dangerous to be out on the open clifftops. Surrounded by sheep poop and sea spray whipping us in the face, my brother and I scrambled down part of the cliff and jammed ourselves in behind a rock together with my camera gear. Team work to set up the gear and tripod allowed me to take 3 photographs before we had to call it; the wind increasing by the minute and my camera soaked, we had to retreat further inland. The other 2 shots, the lens/image was covered in water droplets as the wind whipped the sea upwards, so given the circumstances and my odds, I was pretty damn chuffed to come out with the one and only image below. Scotland at its finest!

Next morning, we pack everything up and load the van with our bags and again, fill the fridge with food and drink for the long drive back to Glasgow. Before leaving Portree, we grabbed some breakfast and took a wee wander down to the harbour then hit the open road.

We decided to grab one last lunch together in the van on Skye and so stopped by the Talisker Distlillery and had lunch by the waters of Loch Harport.

The road out of Skye and across to Invergarry was a lovely bright, clear morning but as soon as we hit Fort William, it snowed heavily all the way to Loch Lomond. A daily ritual on our recent roadtrip, it was quite a site to see this much snow all at once. Everything was completely white, the trees and branches coated in feet of snow, drooping under the weight, much like the forests in Frozen Planet but the sun was out. Casting wonderful light over the landscape, the snow sparkled in the rays as we passed through the mountains.

The snow/weather on this trip just took everything to a totally different level of adventure, and Rockin Vans completed it. We were lucky enough to witness Scotland in the heart of winter, but it wouldn’t have been the same without the van. The comfort, functionality and the freedom a campervan gives you is like no other and I can’t recommend enough hiring one for your next road trip!

Photographer Explores Scotland in T6 Campervan

London to Scotland in a VW Camper Van

Laurie and Dave are a photographer couple who take truley amazing images. They went out in our brand new T6 orange campervan.

So it’s the week before Christmas and we are parked beside the Loch Ness in the Highlands of Scotland in a bright orange VW campervan. Adventures are the best!
This is no ordinary VW. It’s a brand new T6 which has been converted by the very talented folk at RV Campers.

It’s one of those dream machines that every adventure thirsty person drools about. It’s the possibility to take to the road with no real plan, no set destination and no strict time schedule.. and this is exactly what we did!

When we got in touch with Rockin Vans and told them the plan for this trip they really got behind our vision and provided us with an amazing piece of kit to travel & photograph all around Scotland. This is a trip we have thought about for a long time and getting to do it in such a perfect vehicle was a real bonus!

So as we sit here by the Loch Ness we take a moment… It’s 6pm, its pitch dark outside and the water is running up and down the slipway in front of where we parked. The van is toasty warm and a map filled with endless options of where tomorrow might bring us is laid out on the table. We are going to stay here tonight, wake up to the sound of the lake and a view that seems too good to be true. It’s hard not to think.. this ain’t a bad way to travel.

We can let the photographs do most of the talking for this one but to give you a rough idea of locations. We traveled from Glasgow – Fort William, across the boat at Mallaig to The Isle of Skye, did a loop of that then headed east over the high mountain road to Inverness. We then headed down the Loch Ness and through the beautiful Glencoe on the way back to Glasgow.

View the images here

Early Bird Hire Discount!

Early Bird Hire Discount!

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Whether it’s a romantic gesture for Valentines Day or simply just a long weekend in the wilds to escape the post Christmas blues, don’t miss the opportunity to save some cash!

Blue January isn’t all that bad..

Spend your extra dough treating youself and your chosen road trippers to lavish picnic treats or cosy fleece lined pjs.

This discount applies to both our Scotland and London branches & can be used in any of our motorhomes, budget camper or VW Campers. By using the code EB2018 you can take advantage of this limited offer today!

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Best of UK Family Camping Trips

Best of UK Camping Trips

Throw stones, not tantrums.

Healthy and affordable, taking the family camping will leave you feeling fresher, fitter and more familiar with the prettiest parts of the country.  

The great outdoors is arguably the perfect place to exhaust your children with endless forest trails to explore, mountains to climb, streams to splash in and beaches to chase waves. Camping is a no brainer. With a welcomed limit to the use of phones, ipads and video games it’s the perfect holiday to get back to basics and make some memories.  


1. Glenmore, Aviemore

In the picturesque surroundings of the Cairngorms National Park, this site sits close to the shores of Loch Morlich, which offers fun water based activities such as canoeing and sailing.  Perfect for learning new skills or improving on existing ones. The Cairngorms National is a vast expanse of natural beauty that will keep you and yours entertained for weeks. A popular spot for families, this park is very well facilitated with toilets, showers, dishwashing and laundry services all available.

2. Cloachtoll, Lochinver, Sutherland

For something a little more out there, try Clachtoll Beach Campsite in the far reaches of Sutherland. With white sandy beaches to explore and coastal trails to walk or cycle this camping trip will have you sleeping very well at night.  With a total of twenty service pitches supplying water and electrical hook-up it’s a small set-up perfect for a low-key nature getaway with the family. With Lochinver just a few miles away, there are plenty of sweet little eateries and picnic spots to discover.

3. Tantallon, North Berwick

Close to the beautiful city of Edinburgh, North Berwick is as quaint as seaside towns come with beautiful views of Bass Rock (which also happens to be the largest nesting northern gannet ground in the WORLD), sailing club and golf club to keep the whole family entertained. For more fresh air exercise try walking the family friendly hill of Berwick Law and make a wish on the whalebone replica at the summit. If you’re visiting during August you can enjoy the extension of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at the harbor town known as the ‘Fringe by the Sea’ hosting face painting, great food, relaxed comedy shows and great music.  Tantallon campsite is situated in a beautifully quiet location with free centrally heated WC facilities, laundry, kitchen area and dishwashing facilities.  For a night away from the campfire dinners treat yourself at Tantallon Golfclub.

4. Brighthouse Bay Holiday Park, Kirkcudbright, Dumfries & Galloway

For a camping trip with a good dose of luxury while also supporting a campsite that puts the environment first, try Brighthouse Bay Holiday Park.  Over looking the Irish Sea and in the midst of beautifully lush, green walking country this secluded camping haven is perfect for families big and small. With child-friendly paddling pools you can sink into the jacuzzi or steam room in comfort. Want to get your fitness on? Say no more, there are fitness rooms and indoor games room at your disposal. With beautiful surroundings this camping spot gives you the option for indoor or outdoor activities so your family is always kept entertained regardless of the weather.

5. Glen Nevis Camping & Camping Park, Fort William, Highlands

Give your kids the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with concurring a mountain. With a very walkable trail to the summit, Ben Nevis is a climb they will not forget in a hurry. The Glen Nevis Camp Site sits at the base of the highest point in the British Isles with spectacular 360 degree views and a buzzing atmosphere. Close to the town of Fort William, you can stock up on toasting marshmallows and hot chocolate at your leisure.  Activities available in the area include hiking, mountain biking, canyoning, white water rafting and indoor climbing and ice climbing at the Ice Factor in Kinlochleven. Teaming with historical and cultural sites, camping in the heart of the highlands can’t really go wrong.


1. Red Shoot Camping Park, New Forest, Hampshire

Family run and family orientated, this forest campsite caters for families large and small with a whopping 100 pitches, 46 of which facilitated with electrical hook-up.  The magically peaceful woodland that surrounds the campsite ignites the imagination of kids that camp here and provides days on days of exploring nature.  In addition to nature walks in New Forest, there is a children’s play area equipped with everything from a fireman’s pole to swings and rope bridges. If you need a night off campfire cooking, the Red Shoot Inn is located right around the corner ready to serve you and your family a delicious hot meal after a day of fun adventures. This campsite is located in an area bursting with family day trips such as Marwell Zoo, Monkey World, Liberty’s Raptor and Reptile Centre and the New Forest Water Park. Plenty to do and see here for you and your little ones.

2. Arthur’s Field, Treloan, Cornwall

One of Britain’s best-known and most loved camping grounds, Arthur’s Field (also know as Treloan Coastal Holidays) offers families everything from spectacular coastal views and walks to camp site art workshops and sing songs.  The campsites owner, Debs runs a unique activity for the children staying every morning when she rings a bell to assemble the group who would like to join her collecting eggs from the chicken coop and feed the animals. The farmyard animals include chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits and pigs and the kids go crazy for them. This simple yet highly interactive and enjoyable activity sets this campsite apart from others and brings families back year after year.  Other activities available for the children that camp here include, willow work and charcoal cooking. Experiencing a forest forage with a wild food expert gives the kids a great appreciation for the food they eat everyday and a better understanding of nature. Campsite banquets are a common scene at Arthur’s Field where the atmosphere is that of making friends for kids and adults alike.  The Cornish Peninsula has so much to offer in terms of day trips. A favorite of ours in this area has to be the one-hour scenic coastal path to Place where you can get the foot-ferry to St Mawes for more exploring in the sandy dunes and surroundings.

3. Burnbake, Corfe Castle, Dorset

A super Zen, highly chilled campsite, Burnbake Campsite in Dorset is located in the beautiful surroundings of woodland and lush greenery.  A joy to explore for both adults and children, the woods provide den building and tire swinging fun for campers.  Close to the Purbeck Hills and the blue flag beach of Studland there’s plenty to keep you and your little ones going. With a healthy abundance of wildlife and natural beauty this campsite brings things back to basics. For a nature trail day out, the Arne RSPB Nature Reserve is a short drive away or for a walking history lesson you can check out the stunning ruins of Corfe Castle.  The campsite offers a mixture of hard standing and grass pitches, some of which are under a blanket of foliage from neighboring trees. You’ll never be short of snacks with the campsite shop just a stones throw away selling everything from fresh bread and fruit to newspapers and board games for the rainy days. Lulworth Cove and the awe inspiring Durdle Door on the Jurassic Coastline make for amazing days out and are right on the doorstep of this campsite waiting for you to explore.

4. Forgewood Camping, Danegate, Kent

Located in a magical wooded area, this campsite ignites the imaginations of the children that visit. With the 100-acre Ashdown Forest home of Winnie the Pooh close by an air of excitement is felt amongst the many forest trails and woodland huts. For a more vigorous day of exercise, a clamber up to the top of Harrisons Rock will exhaust anyone, no matter how much energy your kids have.  For walking, cycling and water sports Bewl Water Outdoor Centre is also on your doorstep.  This campsite has a capacity of 100 pitches, however, due to the spread-out layout there is a quaint and private feel to each pitch. Perfect for camping in conjunction with other families Forgewood Campsite offers a great opportunity for family fun. Scenic and bustling with wildlife there is a 300-acre country estate with a deer park and lake adjacent to the campsite.


1. Tyddyn Isaf, Anglesey

For a beautiful island get away without the hassle of ferry trips, visit the beautiful Welsh island of Anglesey. Also known as ‘Mon Mam Cymru’, this isdirectly translated to ‘The Mother of Wales’. The Tyddyn Isaf campsite is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty on the North East coast of the island. An award winning campsite, Tyddyn Isaf is a family owned and run park that caters to families large and small. The vifews of the site stretch over Lliigwy Bay and Lliigwy Beach right across to Great Orme and the Snowdonia National Park.  With 20-acres of naturally terraced land peppered with wooded areas and meadows this campsite offers families a vast expanse in which to explore. The coastal trails and beaches are clean and quiet, perfect for long, sunny, summer days. Tyddyn Isaf offers top of the range facilities to campers including a coffee shop, bar and children’s play area. Anglesey has a huge range of artisanal produce and local crafts as well as every outdoor activity you can think of. Horse riding on the beach or throwing a line out to catch your dinner, Anglesey has it all. Perfect for families, this area is a safe and scenic camping area where you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

2. Plassey Holiday Park, North Wales

Multi awarding winning and for good cause, this campsite is a cut above the rest when it comes to in-house facilities.  Ideal for energetic kids, the heated swimming pool provides hours of splashing about. The campsite continues it’s family orientated fun with a Welsh castle themed adventure playpark.  For some adult fun, there’s a retail centre, golf course, coffee shop, restaurant and mini brewery! Something for everyone this campsite in North Wales is a treat for families who want an outdoor adventure intertwined with some luxury.  A short drive from the stunning scenes of Snowdonia National Park there are endless day trips and family outings to discover not to mention the heritage sites and historical buildings peppered around North Wales.

3. Hafan Y Mor holiday park, Pwllheli

Staying within the stunning North Wales area Hafan Y Mor offers campers a wide variety of outdoor activities as well as indoor facilities for those rainy days. Winning Holiday Park Pool of the Year at the UK Pool and Spa Awards in 2017 the standards at this campsite continue to hold standards to an extremely high level.  Sporting a water park and pool with flumes and a wave machine this campsite will keep your children entertained for hours while you can relax in the spa.  Hafan Y Mor overlooks beautiful views of the Llyn Peninsula where there are a whole host of boating lakes and gardens to enjoy. For the adrenaline seekers out there, the Aerial Adventure high rope course is definitely something to try.

4. Three Cliffs Bay, Gower

Wake up to stunning views every morning when you camp here. This peaceful camping ground is perched on top of the hilltop overlooking the iconic Three Cliffs Bay where you can get all the sunrise and sunset fixes you could ever dream of. Dog friendly and family friendly, this campsite offers a relaxing beach holiday in a cultural location within close driving range of the beautiful towns and cities of Gower and Swansea. There are several awesome coastal routes to walk, cycle, run or rollerblade along with the views to match. The site offers Five Star touring sites, free Wi-Fi, a well-maintained toilet block with hot showers, toilets, washbasins, family rooms and disabled rooms. To keep you in snack supplies and a healthy level of caffeine the site has a shop loaded with fresh bread, milk, general groceries, dairy products, frozen foods, cold drinks, ice cream, home made cakes and toys and a coffee shop located in the heart of the campsite. Best of all, there is a recycling point for all your recycling needs so you don’t need to go source one!

Scottish Highland Games 2017

London to Scotland in a VW Camper Van

What is the Highland Games?

The Highland Games is a uniquely Sottish Summer event. The games traditionally include events such as the hammer throw and tug of war. As well as sporting events there is a lot of traditional Scottish music including piping and drumming. At one point during the games the musicians will come together marching and playing in unison. Some games will include Highland Dancing and Clan Celebrations. After a day at a highland games you will feel like you have well and truly experienced Scotland!

Where can I attend in 2017?

There are many different highland games every year throughout the Summer months. They are located around the country. The Scottish Highland Games Calendar kicks off with the Burntisland Highland Games, the oldest in the world, founded in 1652.

Burntisland Highland Games


17th July


St Andrews

30th July

The Isle of Skye Games


9th August

Luss Loch Lomond Highland Gathering

Games Park, Luss

1st July

Alva Games

Alva, Clakmannanshire

8th July

Ceres Highland Games

Ceres, Fife

24th June

Stirling Highland Games



Dufftown Highland Games

Dufftown, Aberdeenshire

29th July


Blairgowriem, Perth and Kinross

3rd September



5th August

Assynt Highland Games


11th August

Carmunnock International Highland Games


28th May

Clan MacNab International Gathering

Perth and Kinross

31st July & 1st – 3rd August

Durness Highland Gathering


28th July

Birnam Highland Games


26th August

Drumtochty Highland Games


24th June

Cowal Highland Gathering


24th – 26th August

Abernethy Highland Games and Clan Grant Gathering

Nethy Bridge

12th August

Bridge of Allan Highland Games

Bridge of Allan

6th August

Braemar Gathering


2nd September

Stirling Highland Games


19th Augusut

Dufftown Highland Games


29th July

Christmas Vouchers from Rockin Vans

Christmas Vouchers from Rockin Vans


VW Camper Hire with a pop top roof

Rather than purchasing tones of stuff which, by the time the crackers are pulled and you’re slumped on the sofa watching the Christmas specials, have been forgotten about.  

Rockin Vans wants to help as many people as possible get out there and enjoy your great outdoors. Whether this is your first tentative step into camping or you consider yourself to be more adventurous than Bear Grylls, we are here to help and have a camper or motorhome here for you.

Book your Christmas gift and we will send you a Rockin Vans gift voucher so you have something to give your loved one on Christmas morning.

Your Rockin Vans voucher can be spent in any of our locations or departments.

Email [email protected] for more information

Camper Heb Race Support

Camper Heb Race Support


Launched in May of 2001, the Heb Challenge incorporates the stunning scenery of the West of Scotland into an exhilarating and truly adventurous race unlike any other in the United Kingdom. Over water, ridges, beaches and country rounds, this race uses every muscle in your body as well as every ounce of energy. Covering the Outer Hebridean Islands of South Uist, Benbecula and North Uist the Heb Challenge is not for the faint hearted.

The race involves a variety of exhausting activities including cycling, hiking, navigating, scrambling, crying (maybe), laughing (probably) and a bit of kayaking for good measure over the course of two days.

The Heb Race is organised and run by Paul McGreal of Durty Events and winner of British Triathlon ‘Event of the Year’ 2012 and course planner Gary Tompsett. The water safety team is headed by Tim Pickering, one of the authors of the sea kayaking guide to the Hebrides. With these guys at the helm you will be in good hands.

The Calmac ferry trip over allows you to see the extensive course form the viewpoint of the water; giving you an appreciation of the feat you’ll be undertaking. The Scottish weather will more than likely provide a ‘variety’ of different types of rain, brief spells of sunshine and possibly some snow/hail/other ice age weather patterns so make sure you dress appropriately. Islanders in general tend to be a friendly bunch, however, there are many people who claim that the islanders of the Outer Hebrides are especially welcoming. The natural beauty of the Outer Hebrides is enough to put anyone in a good mood I guess.

The best way to undertake this tremendous feat is by renting a Rockin Vans VW campervan. The perfect size for comfort and convenience, a VW campervan will get you there and keep you cozy in the intervening race times. Comfortable and practical, seeing the western isles from a VW campervan is an easy and unique way to camp. The VW campervan sleeps four, however we recommend, for complete comfort and some stretching space, 2 adults and 2 children are a nicer fit. The campervans are equipped with a heating system, gas cooker, 45lt fresh water tank and electrical sockets for all your charging needs. The pop-top roof allows for some extra space in the evenings for you to relax and have a well-deserved beer after the intense exercise of the day. Depending on the weather, a barbeque could be on the cards. What better way to celebrate your achievement than with a hot sausage and cold beer?

Rockin Vans Launches London Camper and Motorhome Rental Depot

Rockin Vans Launches London Camper and Motorhome Rental Depot

Rockin Vans is excited to announce the launch of its newest branch in London.

Our Chalfont St Peter depot will be hiring our Midsize motorhomes as well as our Rockin Vans VW T6 Campers.

After our huge success in Scotland, we are excited to be spreading the Rockin Vans vibe all over the UK. We have no doubt the vans will be frequenting places like the Cotswolds, the Jurassic Coast & Cornwall, as well as mainland Europe. Callum Johnson, Director of Rockin Vans says,

“…we are strong believers that campers and motorhomes are the best way to soak up any destination. In a world where people are craving experiences rather than spending money on useless possessions, a camper or motorhome fits perfectly into that lifestyle. Allowing people to really get off the beaten track.”

Emma Narramore is Rockin Vans’ newly appointed Branch Manager, with two very excitable children she knows there is nothing better than getting out there and exploring. Emma is not new to the world of camping, having has toured Australia in an RV as well driving a yellow Ford Capri back from Malta, pitching tents on different beaches all the way home!

“I am truly excited to be bringing this young, fresh brand from Scotland to London…I can’t wait to get people out and about exploring the amazing sites that England and the rest of Europe has to offer.”

Emma is from Salisbury, the home of Stone Henge, and now lives in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside, she has loads of recommendations to help you make the most out of your adventure.

Our launch of one way rentals now means that customers can now collect in England and return in Scotland, giving you the chance to get the full UK experience. Interested in a one way rental? Have a look at our list of locations, or contact us for more information.

Rockin Vans London will be opening from 1st May. Bookings are now being taken for the 2017 season.

Drive through the Cornish country side stopping into some of the many quaint sea side towns for a pastie along the way. Driving through Cornwall will show you first hand what it is about this beautful place that has inspired generations of writers from DH Lawrence and Charles Causley to Sir John Betjeman and Daphne du Maurier.

Rockin Vans goes romantic with second camper proposal of the year

Rockin Vans goes romantic with second camper proposal of the year

Camper van proposals are not new to Rockin Vans. Our company director Callum Johnson proposed to his now wife on the banks of Loch Ness in one of our Escape motorhomes. Our second proposal this year comes from a German couple who have been away in our midsize camper. During their trip the couple also became Lord and Lady of Glencoe by purchasing their own slice of Scotland!

The couple said, ‘she is so overwhelmed by the scenery, finally seeing what I experienced during my first visit.’