Our aim at Rockin Vans is simple: to help customers create their own memories, go on their own adventures, get off the track and experience the best that our country has to offer. We pride ourselves on delivering the best campervans or motorhomes possible. After every hire, our vehicles undergo a rigorous cleaning and inspection process, insuring that your van is of the highest quality possible. Below are some frequently asked questions, if you don’t see your question here, please get in touch and we would be happy to help [email protected]


Our insurance places restrictions on who can drive our campers.

We accept any of the following standard license’s:

UK, All EU, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

All other countries have to be considered via referral to our insurer.

For other countries, please contact [email protected] to see if we can

Employment- If you have one of the following professions you will not be covered under our insurance and cannot hire our vehicles. Persons should not be engaged in professional sports, racing, gambling, modelling or entertainment, other than a classical musician, hawking or general dealing, street or market trading, a student, a member of the armed forces ages under 25 or a member of the armed forces of any other country than the UK.

Specific restriction where cover could be provided but requires pre-notification to insurer-

Medical- has ever suffered from diabetes, fits, heart conditions or any other physical or mental infirmities.

Endorsements/Convictions/Pending for road traffic offences- has been convicted during the last 5 years of an offence (or has any such prosecution pending) for dangerous driving (all DD), Drink/drugs (all DR), taking/stealing (all UT), failing to stop/report (all AC), motor racing (MS50 or MS60), careless driving (all CD), or no insurance (all IN),  has been banned  from driving for any period during the last 5 years.

Penalty points- has accumulated more than 8 unexpired license endorsement penalty points.

Criminal convictions- has any criminal convictions.

Previous claims history- has had more than one accident in the past 3 years where he or she was to blame.

All drivers must have held a license for at least 2 years.

Mini Camper: 23 – 70

VW Camper: 23 – 70

Midsize Motorhome: 23 – 70

You can book using our Online Booking System. We require payment in full at time of booking. You can cancel with a full refund up to 30 days prior to your trip.

Rockin Vans is typically one of the first companies to become fully booked. We recommend booking at least a couple of months in advance for high season. If you haven’t managed that get in touch and we can see if we have something available.

Your hire cost includes 1 driver. You can add an additional driver at the time of booking. You can see costs here.

Our minimum hire period on all vehicles is 4 nights.

You can view our optional extras here:

Only our Redditch branch has onsite parking. For other locations we recommend Uber or Lyft. Alternatively public transport is easily available. You might also find paid parking nearby, for example at airports or train stations. Please email us and we might be able to recommend somewhere. [email protected]

We accept both credit and debit cards. Your security deposit DOES NOT have to be paid with the same card you booked on. This can be paid with either credit or debit card (under no circumstances can this be paid in cash)

We use your payment card as a second form of identification.

We are fully transparent with our costs. What you are quoted is your final price. There are no hidden costs added at any stage.

Like a hotel we charge by the night (not the day) Vehicles are collected between 14:00 – 16:30 and returned between 09:30 – 11:00.

If you would like to collect or return outside of these hours please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Yes! The staff at Rockin Vans are all passionate about campervans. Between us we have traveled all over the world in campervans. We have great suggestions all over the UK, from authentic pubs, to secret wild camping spots. Please get in touch if you would like any advice, the Rockin Vans rental reps would be happy to help – [email protected]

Yes! Due to the fact we have locations all over the UK Rockin Vans is possibly one of the best companies to book a one-way camper trip with. Check out the prices online or contact us for more information.

Yes! There is an extra charge to cover insurance and the EU driving pack. To travel to Europe we charge an additional fee of £15 per day which includes European insurance cover, roadside assistance and legal compliance (headlight light adjustment, spare bulb/fuse set warning triangle, high visibility vests, first aid kit, fire extinguisher etc).

the campers

None of our vehicles require a special license. We accept any of the following standard license’s:

UK, All EU, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

All other countries have to be considered via referral to our insurer.

For other countries, please contact [email protected] to see if we can accommodate you.

All of our vehicles are serviced to an extremely high standard. All of our campers are less than three years old.

Mini Campers: All automatic

VW Campers: Mixture (please get in touch to request a particular transmission)

Midsize: All manual

Adventurers: All manual

No. Some people make the mistake that the more berths there are in a camper or a motorhome the more space there is. This is not the case at all. If you are confused by which van is right for you, please get in touch with our Rental Reps, who will be able to guide you to the correct van for your trip!

Yes! Rockin Vans has some pet friendly vehicles available. We do charge a £30 cleaning fee. Just tick the ‘Pets’ option at checkout to tell us you are bringing your pooch along!


You will need to bring with you:

The Camping and Caravanning Club

Over a 100 Club Sites owned and managed by The Camping and Caravanning Club, we guarantee you’ll find exceptional standards of cleanliness and some of the friendliest places to camp in the UK. Rockin Vans is part of The Clubs, privilege scheme. Meaning you get access to the campsites without being a member.

To stay on a Camping and Caravanning Club campsites all you need to do is call the service centre on 024 7767 0091 for UK Club Sites or 024 7767 0279 for Camping in the Forest and let our advisor know that you are hiring a vehicle from Rockin Vans. A small deposit will be taken at the time of booking and the balance will be due upon arrival at the site where the discount will then be applied. Privilege customers are unable to book online at this time.

You can see the Club Sites that are included in the Privilege Membership here.